Warlord / Dreadnought Guide

by DK on February 19, 2020
Warlord / Dreadnought Guide
February 19, 2020

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Warlord / Dreadnought Guide

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 Welcome To The Ultimate Warlord Guide!


Warlords are Warriors (Humans) who can be selected after finishing the Class Transfer quest at lvl 31. They specialize in Dual Swords and Polearms, and wear Heavy Armor. Warlords have an adept TANK + ATTACK build with balanced stat distribution which makes them strong attackers, and excellent for both parties and solo play. Warlords are beasts in PvP because of their Crowd Control skills, capable of containing and dealing heavy damage. They often strike wide arcs that cleave through many targets to knock down and stun enemies, making them great in both PvE and PvP.

Their balanced class skills make them exceptionally versatile, as they deal very high damage and also have 2 AoE skills, Thunderstorm and Judgment, which are great for Crowd Control. Against swarming monsters, Warlords are able to disable and kill groups much faster, which leads to higher survivability in Elite Dungeons. They are also also exceptional front-line damage dealers in PvP scenarios such as Fortress and Open Sieges because of their ability to push forward in close combat battles.

Their Wide Sweep attack gives them a good amount of ATK Speed, which is uncommon for Warrior classes, and can help them clear enemies more quickly. Additionally, their Revenge skill helps them attack numerous enemies simultaneously, as it buffs them with additional P. Attack that stacks up to 5x. However, Warlords aren’t the fastest of Warriors, and unlike Bladedancers, they often find themselves lagging behind a bit when they need to chase enemies. They also have a high kill steal rate, due to how slowly they sometimes move across fields.

This character will suit your playstyle if you enjoy a high damage melee combatant that has good survivability in the frontlines.

Character Review


  • More damage-centric class compared to Paladin.
  • Great CC capability. Active skills will either knock down or stun the enemy.
  • Excellent mobbing skills with a great attack party buff.
  • High HP, although not the highest.
  • Ideal in 1v1 scenarios due to respectable damage and a tanky build, but also great in group PvP.
  • Strong in Fortress Siege because Warlords excel at running deep behind the enemy lines.


  • Moves slowly across the field, making it easy to get KSed (kill-stealed).
  • Still less-damage compared to other heavy hitters but lies in between damage dealer and tank.
  • Attacks even slower when using a spear.


Best Equipment

WeaponDunamiss Dualsword (PvP / Overall 1st priority)L2R Dunamiss Dualsword
Dual StormBringers (PvE magical monsters)L2R Dual StormBringers
Dual Samurai Long Sword (PvE normal monsters)L2R Dual Samurai Long Sword
Dynasty Dualsword (Boss hunt)L2R Dynasty Dualsword
ArmorDominus SetL2R Dominus Headgear

L2R Dominus Armor (Human)

L2R Dominus Gloves (Human)

L2R Dominus Boots (Human)
AccessoriesNassen Set (Chasing / Movement increase / Manual Evasion) L2R Nassen Necklace

L2R Nassen Earrings

L2R Nassen Ring
Black Ore Set (PvP wise / Anti-Crit)L2R Black Ore Necklace

L2R Black Ore Earrings

L2R Black Ore Ring
Arbol Set (Retain Combo Duration)L2R Arbol Necklace

L2R Arbol Earrings

L2R Arbol Ring


Skill Priority and Usage

Prioritize passive skills first then figure out which one is best for active skills depending on your play style.

ActiveJudgmentL2R skills JudgmentSwings the weapon in a large arc to deal damage and knockdown enemies.1st / 2nd2nd / 3rd
Thunder StormL2R skills Thunder StormSlams the ground with great force to deal damage and stun nearby.1st / 2nd2nd / 3rd
Wide SweepL2R skills Wide SweepIncreases Atk. Spd. and the number of enemies hit at once.3rd1st
PassiveWarrior Weapon MasteryL2R skills Warrior Weapon MasteryIncreases Atk, when you equip a Sword & Shield, Spear.2nd / 3rd2nd / 3rd
Heavy Armor MasteryL2R skills Heavy Armor MasteryDecreases damage taken when Heavy Armor is equipped. This effect stacks up to 4 times.5th5th
Attack AuraL2R skills Attack AuraIncreases the Atk of you and your party members. This effect is region-wide.1st1st
Revenge L2R skills RevengeHas a chance of generating a buff that increases Atk when a Crit.Atk lands.4th4th
Combat MasteryL2R skills Combat MasteryFurther increases Atk. when a Spear or Dual Swords is equipped.2nd / 3rd2nd / 3rd
Human PotentialL2R skills Human PotentialHuman’s firm resolve gives them higher Atk. against enemies. (Bonuses to P. Atk. and Crit. Resist.)InnateInnate
RareMissile BoltThis powerful skill deals critical damage to a few enemies.X
Meteor ShowerThis skill is ideal for attacking many enemies in a large area.X
Absolute ShieldThis skill greatly improves your Def. so you are able to withstand powerful enemies.X
Healing StrikeThis skill is a very effective means of healing to extend your HP effectively for a duration of time.X

Specific Skills Usage

  • Attack Aura (Passive) is best if you plan on regularly joining parties in dungeons and PvE.
  • For the Rare skills in PvE: Use Absolute Shield and Healing Strike if you are having a hard time with monsters. Otherwise if you are killing them easily, use Missile Bolt and Meteor Shower.
  • Wide Sweep should be prioritized in PvE for faster levels and farming.
  • Thunderstorm, Judgement, Weapon Mastery & Attack Aura are also key skills. Go for Heavy Armor Mastery & Revenge after that.


Main Stats and Sub-stats Priority

EquipmentSoul Crystal (Not applicable in NA/EU servers)Pet Mount
Weapon - Critical Rate / Critical Damage / Attack Speed or HP DrainPurple - Critical Damage (All)Helmet - Critical Rate (All)
Helmet - P. Def / M.Def / Evasion or HP DrainOrange - Critical Damage (All)Armor - Critical Rate (All)
Armor - P. Def / M.Def / Speed or Evasion or ResilienceRed - Critical Damage (All)Saddle - Critical Resist or Resilience or Evasion (user preference)
Gloves - P. Atk / Penetration / Ignore def damage or Evasion Yellow - Critical Resist / Resilience / Evasion Boots - Critical Resist or Resilience or Evasion (user preference)
Shoes - P. Atk / Atk. Speed / SpeedCyan - Critical Damage (All)
Necklace - HP Drain / Atk. Speed / Crit ResistGreen - Critical Resist / Resilience / Evasion
Earring - HP Drain / Speed / Critical Resist or PenetrationBlack - Critical Resist / Resilience / Evasion
Ring - HP Drain / Critical Rate / Critical DamageBlue - Critical Resist / Resilience / Evasion
Silver - Critical Damage (All)

*Note: If you are aiming to level fast, prioritize Bonus Exp. Gain substat above all else, then follow the priority list above.

Attack Aura > Warrior Weapon Mastery > Combat Mastery are your staple passive upgrades that boosts your overall damage to progress fast. Upgrade in the given order.

Other Useful Class Tips

  • Before: Force Mastery only applies to Spears and Polearms. Now: The passive was changed to Combat Mastery and also gains bonus damage using dual swords. It’s up to you as to which type of weapon you’d want to use as a Warlord.
  • Difference: Spear attacks slower, making dual swords more ideal for DPS. However, the spear has a longer range.


Special thanks to Sados (SainT) for content contributions and allen12370 for the substat references!


Share your character spotlight and user submission in the comments section below!

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  • UmbraVenator
    December 28, 2017 at 1:54 pm

    For Arena (1v1) PVP, I would say that Rush Impact is a greater value over Wide Sweep. The 18s cooldown and hard-hitting knockdown is invaluable against ranged enemies! Not to mention that having THREE CC skills is incredibly useful in all PVP scenarios.

    For PVE, Wide Sweep may be more effective but not for field mob grinding, since most mobs are too spread out to make the primary benefit worthwhile (increased number of mobs hit). The attack speed boost is great for mass PVP and could be very beneficial in elite dungeons to maximize efficiency, however, for the greatest benefit, I think you’ll need to have attack speed as your main substat on most of your gear.

    -UmbraVenator, lvl 104 Warlord, 290k CP, Method Clan (Aden01 – NA)

  • DK
    December 31, 2017 at 6:22 am

    +1 and thanks for the input. Rush impact is undeniably great for PvP 🙂

  • Zarot
    February 11, 2018 at 12:31 am

    Use; Rush Impact / Thunder Storm / Judgement / Meteor Storm.
    2x stun, 2x knockdown - what a beast!


    Bad skill leveling conditions on Wipe Sweep. Not worth investing in!

    Ease of Leveling8
    PvE (Field & Dungeons)9

    Warlord is one of the most balanced classes. No true DPS, but has ‘tankish’ capability. Best crowd controller in the game. Period.

    Wide sweep should not be leveled!
    Lv 1 = 3% attackspeed, +3 targets, 15 sec
    Lv 30 = 4.24% attackspeed, +3 targets, 15 sec
    MP cost lv 1 = 524
    MP cost lv 30 = 4519

    Keep it at level 1 and use it on groups. Wide Sweep ‘+3 target’ hit also works on other skills. You can use Thunder Storm and stun 7 targets or Missle Bolt which hits 3 targets. Stun/Knockdown big groups in Open- and Fortress Siege.

    It’s advised to level Rush Impact instead, for distance closing, escaping, damage and knock down. A must have in 1vs1 PVP!

    • Reyawen
      May 22, 2018 at 12:56 pm

      Where I can find more about skills? Like the stats of the skill in max lvl for example. Thank You

  • Sarah Syechbubakar
    March 16, 2018 at 3:18 am

    Balanced Class, Best Berserker


    Slightlty slower attack speed compared to Bladedancer, but it has been compensated with a bulky defense and HP.

    Ease of Leveling10
    PvE (Field & Dungeons)10


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PvE (Field & Dungeons)
PvP (1v1)
PvP (Siege)
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