The 52 Talismans of L2R! (feat. Schuttgart White Talismans)

by DK on January 3, 2019
The 52 Talismans of L2R! (feat. Schuttgart White Talismans)
January 3, 2019

Welcome to PlayL2R’s Talisman Guide!

With the addition of Schuttgart Territory, there are now a total of 52 Talismans that further elevates our character’s basic stats and effects. 11 of these Talismans can be found in the Field and Dungeons of Schuttgart. Also, White Talismans are introduced! These new Talisman color have a unique set of Innate and Random effects which are ideal for PvP battles.

Previously in our Talisman Guide Part 1, we have discussed the Talisman’s basic concept and importance, the different types and stats, combination techniques and battle applications. In Part 2, we will consider an in-depth strategy towards making a suitable Talisman set based on different battle situations. Prioritization also varies depending on your Character type and playstyle.

Table of Contents

  • The 52 Talismans
    • by Color, Grade, Type
    • Talisman Codex Stat Bonuses
    • Effects
  • Random Effect Sets
  • Talisman Drop Locations / Acquisition
  • Recommended color combination effect set per class playstyle


The effectiveness of a Talisman does not reflect solely on its Combat Power, you have to see whether its effects complement your character. Furthermore, you must strongly consider the whole Talisman System in choosing: Talisman, Codex, and Combination Effect. First, let’s break down all the 52 Talismans of Lineage 2: Revolution.

The 52 Talismans

TalismanColorGradeInnate EffectRandom EffectTypeCodex
Pixie's BlessingBlueIIBonus Damage to NormalSet 2AttributeMax MP
Hunter's ProtectionBlueIP. DefSet 1NormalAccuracy
Hunter's TokenBlueIRare Skill Dmg DecreaseSet 1NormalEvasion
Fate of SchuttgartBlueIIMax MP / PvP Crit Damage DecreaseSet 1NormalAccuracy
Voice of AventoBlueIIP. Def / Max HPSet 1NormalAccuracy
Pixie's PromiseBlueIIIMax HP / Rare Skill Dmg DecreaseSet 1NormalResilience
Blue Talisman of Sincere BlessingBlueIIIResilience 2x / Rare Skill Dmg DecreaseSet 2NormalHP Regen
Blue Talisman of BlessingBlueIIIMP Cost Decrease Rate / Rare Skill Dmg Decrease 2xSet 1NormalMax HP
Guilloitine's Iron Armor FragmentBlueIIResilience / Rare Skill Dmg DecreaseSet 1NormalP.Atk / M.Atk
Dragon Hunter's CrownBlueIIIBonus Damage to DragonsSet 2AttributeMax HP
Zaken's EyeBlueIIIP. Def / M. DefSet 1NormalCrit. Resist
Fairy Wing FragmentRedIBonus Damage to EliteSet 2AttributeMax MP
Eternal HonorRedIIBonus Damage to EliteSet 1AttributeCrit. Resist
Golden Gargoyle ScaleRedIIIBonus Damage to EliteSet 1AttributePenetration
Light of BattlefieldRedIRare Skill Dmg Decrease IgnoreSet 2NormalPenetration
Garden PebbleRedICrit ResistSet 2NormalAccuracy
Hunter's GloryRedIResilienceSet 2NormalMax MP
Conqueror's GloryRedIIPenetration / Rare Skill Dmg Decrease IgnoreSet 2NormalResilience
Pixie WingsRedIICrit Resist / ResilienceSet 2NormalMax HP
Marsha's FanRedIIEvasion / ResilienceSet 2NormalResilience
Countess's NailsRedIIIMax HP / Rare Skill Dmg Decrease IgnoreSet 2NormalCrit. Rate
Temptation of MadnessRedIIIMax HP / ResilienceSet 2NormalP.Atk / M.Atk
Zaken's RingRedIIICrit Resist / Rare Skill Dmg DecreaseSet 2NormalP.Atk / M.Atk
Red Talisman of DestructionRedIIIRare Skill Dmg Decrease Ignore 2x / Crit. Dmg Increase RateSet 2NormalP.Atk / M.Atk
Red Talisman of Sincere BlessingRedIIIP. Atk / M. Atk / ResilienceSet 2NormalMP Regen Rate
Dragon Scale ShardYellowIIIBonus Damage to BossSet 1AttributeEvasion
Fairy TearsYellowIIBonus Damage to BossSet 1AttributeCrit. Rate
Aftermath of BattleYellowICrit RateSet 2NormalResilience
Spirit's Dark FlameYellowIIMax HP / Rare Skill Dmg Decrease IgnoreSet 2NormalMax MP
Marlox's ClawsYellowIIMax MP / PenetrationSet 2NormalPenetration
Conqueror's ChallengeYellowIICrit Rate / AccuracySet 2NormalCrit. Resist
Komabor's FangYellowIIICrit Rate / Rare Skill Dmg Decrease IgnoreSet 2NormalCrit. Rate
Whisper of MadnessYellowIIIAccuracy / PenetrationSet 2NormalMax HP
Freyja's CurseYellowIIIPenetration / Rare Skill Dmg Decrease IgnoreSet 2NormalCrit. Resist
Countess's RingYellowIIICrit Rate / Rare Skill Dmg Decrease IgnoreSet 2NormalEvasion
Guillotine's CrownYellowIPenetrationSet 2NormalMax HP
Gold Talisman of ClairvoyanceYellowIIIAtk. Spd. Increase Rate / Accuracy / AccuracySet 2NormalCrit. Rate
Ancient Bone ShardVioletIBonus Damage to MagicalSet 2AttributeMax HP
Demon's TraceVioletIIBonus Damage to MagicalSet 2AttributeAccuracy
Scar of OrenVioletIEvasionSet 1NormalMax MP
Pride of OrenVioletICrit RateSet 1NormalP.Def / M.Def
History of AventoVioletIICrit Rate / Max HPSet 1NormalMax HP
Promise of AventoVioletIICrit Resist / EvasionSet 1NormalCrit. Rate
Silent HunterVioletIIIEvasion / Rare Skill Dmg DecreaseSet 1NormalEvasion
Marlox's HornVioletIIICrit Rate / PenetrationSet 1NormalP.Def / M.Def
Deadman's ChestVioletIIEvasion / Crit RateSet 1NormalPenetration
Purple Talisman of WindVioletIIIEvasion / Speed Increase RateSet 1NormalPenetration
Wind of RevengeVioletIIICrit Rate / Max HPSet 1NormalCrit. Rate
Gladiator's Iron Wall ShieldWhiteIIIEvasion / ResilienceSet 1NormalAccuracy
Courage TokenWhiteIIIMax HP / PvP Crit. Damage DecreaseSet 1NormalEvasion
Dragon ClawWhiteIIIBonus Damage to DragonsSet 1AttributeResilience
Komabor's ThornWhiteIIICrit Resist / Rare Skill Dmg Decrease IgnoreSet 1NormalP.Def / M.Def

*Note: Higher Talisman Grade means higher maximum stat values.

Random Effect Sets

Each talisman, as shown above, has an assigned Random effect set. There are mainly 2 sets and up to 6 random effects are selected where each value is selected from a set range of values. Similar to cloaks, you can have a duplicate random substat on your Talisman (Ex: Resilience, Evasion, Evasion)

Set 1 – Offense oriented (Blue/Red/Yellow/Violet), PvP Oriented (White)

Set 2 – Defense oriented (Blue/Red/Yellow/Violet)

White Talismans have its own set of Random Effects, mainly focusing on PvP particularly Crit. Dmg. Decrease.

Set 1Set 2Set 1 (White)
P. AtkP. DefP. Atk
M. AtkM. DefM. Atk
Crit. ResistCrit. RateCrit. Rate
Rare Skill Dmg (Attribute)Ignore Rare Skill Dmg (Attribute)MP
Rare Skill Dmg Decrease Ignore (Normal)Rare Skill Dmg Decrease (Normal)PvP Crit. Dmg. Decrease
HP Regen (Normal)MP Regen (Normal)
*Note: Values of Attribute Talismans are in Percentage (%) while Normal Talismans are in Actual Values

Talisman Drop Locations / Acquisition

There are a total of 11 Schuttgart Talismans that can be acquired in the Field and Elite Dungeon

Field (Northern Immortal Plateau, Schuttgart Snow Field, Spine Mining Zone)

Elite Dungeon (Cave of Trials B1F, B2F, B3F)

Talisman NameAcquisition
Whisper of MadnessAltar of Madness: Nightmare
Temptation of Madness
Light of BattlefieldArena / Clan Shop
Aftermath of Battle
Eternal Honor
Conqueror's Glory
Conqueror's Challenge
Pixie WingsAvento Field Monsters
Pixie's Blessings
Promise of Avento
Silent Hunter
Hunter's Protection
Golden Gargoyle Scale
Voice of Avento
History of Avento
Countess's NailsCountess of Blood's Boudoir: Nightmare
Countess's Ring
Dragon Scale ShardDragon's Cave Catacomb 1 and 2 / Depths
Ancient Bone Shard
Demon's Trace
Garden PebbleExtraction Dungeon
Fairy Wing FragmentForest of Secrets Canopy / Understory / Slaughter Site
Fairy Tears
Guillotine's CrownGuillotine
Guillotine's Iron Armor Fragment
Marlox's HornMarlox
Marlox's Claws
Marsha's FanMarsha
Pixie's PromiseOren Field Monsters
Hunter's Token
Hunter's Glory
Pride of Oren
Scar of Oren
Zaken's EyeZaken
Zaken's Ring
Fate of SchuttgartSchuttgart Field Monsters
Wind of Revenge
Gladiator's Iron Wall Shield
Dragon Hunter's Crown
Spirit's Dark FlameCave of Trials B1F, B2F, and B3F
Deadman's Chest
Freyja's Curse
Courage Token
Dragon's Claw
Komabor's ThornKomabor
Komabor's Fang
Blue Talisman of Sincere BlessingSummon Box (Shop)
Blue Talisman of Blessing
Red Talisman of Destruction
Red Talisman of Sincere Blessing
Gold Talisman of Clairvoyance
Purple Talisman of Wind

Recommended color combination effect set per class playstyle

There are 3 types of Talisman combination set you can create:

  • Normal – combination of 3 Talismans
  • High-grade – combination of 4-5 Talismans
  • Rare – combination of 7 Talismans

You can fill up to 8 Talisman Slots and combine different color combination sets that suit your playstyle. Here are some of our recommendations for each character role:

Full Tank / Defensive Support

5x Red / 3x Blue
(Rare) Mysterious Blessing Combination – 5x Red / 2x Blue – Rare Skill Dmg. Dec. / Resilience / Evasion
(High-grade) Sincere Blessing Combination – 3x Blue / 2x Red – Rare Skill Dmg. Dec. / Resilience
(Normal) Blue Blessing Combination – 3x Blue – Rare Skill Dmg. Dec.
(Normal) Red Destruction Combination – 3x Red – Rare Skill Dmg. Dec. Ignore

Tanky Attacker

5x Blue / 3x Violet
(Rare) Cold Storm Combination – 5x Blue / 2x Violet – Rare Skill Dmg. Dec. / Resilience / Evasion
(High-grade) Noble West Wind Combination – 3x Violet / 2x Blue – Crit. Rate / Resilience / Evasion
(Normal) Blue Blessing Combination – 3x Blue – Rare Skill Dmg. Dec.
(Normal) Purple Wind Combination – 3x Violet – Evasion

Full Attacker / Glass Cannons

5x Yellow / 3x Red
(Rare) Ruthless Destruction Combination – 5x Yellow / 2x Red – Rare Skill Dmg. Dec. Ignore / Penetration / Accuracy
(High-grade) Blood-red Destruction Combination – 3x Red / 2x Yellow – Rare Skill Dmg. Dec. Ignore / Penetration
(Normal) Gold Clairvoyance Combination – 3x Yellow – Accuracy
(Normal) Red Destruction Combination – 3x Red – Rare Skill Dmg. Dec. Ignore

Damage Utility / Offensive Support

5x Violet / 3x Yellow
(Rare) Ferocious Rage Combination – 5x Violet / 2x Yellow – Rare Skill Dmg. Dec. Ignore / Penetration / Accuracy
(High-grade) – Flaring Rage Combination – 3x Yellow / 2x Violet – Crit. Rate / Penetration
(Normal) Purple Wind Combination – 3x Violet – Evasion
(Normal) Gold Clairvoyance Combination- 3x Yellow – Accuracy

PvP Tank / PvP Defensive Support

4x White / 3x Violet / 1x any color
(Rare) Radiant Silverlight Imprint Combination – 4x White / 3x Violet – PvP Crit. Damage Decrease / Evasion / Max MP increase
(High-grade) Moonlit Grace Combination – 3x White / 2x Violet – PvP Crit. Damage Decrease / Evasion
(Normal) Divine Protection Combination – 3x White – PvP Crit. Damage Decrease
(Normal) Purple Wind Combination – 3x Violet – Evasion

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