Talisman Guide (Part 1)

by DK on October 23, 2018
Talisman Guide (Part 1)
December 14, 2018

Welcome to PlayL2R’s Talisman Guide!

— In this article, we will discuss the uses and effects of Talismans and how they can contribute to strengthening your character.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Talismans
    • Importance
    • Basic requirements in Equipping a Talisman
      • Slot Details
  • Talisman Types and Stats
    • List of Talismans (Color and Main stats)
    • Innate and Random Effects
  • Where to Acquire / Drop Locations of Talismans
  • Combination Techniques and Application


Talismans are items bound to a character that give bonus stats to the wielder, making them even stronger. They can be acquired via Monster/Boss drops, as well as the Binding and Summon Shop.

Example of bound items are: Runes, Elixirs, and Mount/Pet.

Owning a good talisman set, especially in the end-game, is extremely important because it provides an addition to both basic stats and effects. Example of effects are “Bonus damage towards Elite monsters” and “Rare Skill damage decrease” which are quite distinct for bound items since we only usually receive additional basic stats from them.

Miss Solo’s Video Guide on Talismans

The Importance of Talismans

In PvP, Rare skills like Meteor Shower being able to deal overwhelming damage that can instantly burst down enemies, one of the many purposes of talismans is to counter and drastically reduce the damage received from those type of rare skills. Of course, each type of talisman gives unique individual effects to help you in offense and defense, depending on which type of talisman suits your class and playstyle.

Likewise in PvE, Attribute Talisman’s innate effect adds bonus damage against Boss/Magical/Elite/Normal monsters. To sum it up, talismans are essential on both PvP and PvE content.

When can I equip a Talisman?

Your character must reach level 180 to unlock the first Talisman Slot. It has up to 8 slots to equip a Talisman in. All slots are fully unlocked at level 280 and after the 2nd Class Transfer.

Talisman Slot Details

Slot1st2nd3rd4th5th6th7th8th (Attribute Slot)
Level180180200220240260280280 (2nd Class)

Talisman Type and Stats

There are two types of talismans.

Normal Talisman: Talismans imbued with normal stats, such as Atk. and Def.

L2R Normal Talisman

Attribute Talisman: Talismans imbued with special attribute effects.

L2R Attribute Talisman

List of Normal Talismans

Normal Talisman List
NameColorMain Stats
Hunter's TokenBlueRare Skill Damage Decrease
Guillotine's Iron Armor FragmentBlueRare Skill Damage Decrease / Resilience
Pixie's PromiseBlueRare Skill Damage Decrease / Max HP
Scar of OrenPurpleEvasion
Promise of AventoPurpleEvasion / Crit Resist
Silent HunterPurpleEvasion / Rare Skill Damage Decrease
Garden PebbleRedCrit Resist
Pixie WingsRedCrit Resist / Resilience
Zaken's RingRedCrit Resist / Rare Skill Damage Decrease
Light of BattlefieldRedRare Skill Damage Decrease Ignore
Conqueror's GloryRedRare Skill Damage Decrease Ignore / Penetration
Countess's NailsRedRare Skill Damage Decrease Ignore / Max HP
Aftermath of BattleYellowCrit Rate
Conqueror's ChallengeYellowCrit Rate / Accuracy
Countess's RingYellowCrit Rate / Rare Skill Damage Decrease Ignore
Pride of OrenPurpleCrit Rate
History of AventoPurpleCrit Rate / Max HP
Marlox's HornPurpleCrit Rate / Penetration
Guillotine's CrownYellowPenetration
Marlox's ClawsYellowPenetration / Max MP
Whisper of MadnessYellowPenetration / Accuracy
Hunter's GloryRedResilience
Marsha's FanRedResilience / Evasion
Temptation of MadnessRedResilience / Max HP
Hunter's ProtectionBlueP. Def
Voice of AventoBlueP. Def / Max HP
Zaken's EyeBlueP. Def / M. Def
Blue Talisman of Blessing (Rare)BlueRare Skill Damage Decrease / MP Cost Decrease Rate / Rare Skill Damage Decrease
Red Talisman of Destruction(Rare)RedRare Skill Damage Decrease Ignore / Rare Skill Damage Decrease Ignore / Crit Damage Increase Rate
Gold Talisman of Clairvoyance (Rare)YellowAtk Speed Increase Rate / Accuracy / Accuracy
Purple Talisman of Wind (Rare)PurpleEvasion / Speed Increase Rate / Evasion

List of Attribute Talismans

Attribute Talisman List
NameColorMain Stats
Pixie's BlessingBlueAdds Bonus Damage when attacking Normal monsters
Fairy Wing FragmentRedAdds Bonus Damage when attacking Elite monsters
Eternal HonorRedAdds Bonus Damage when attacking Elite monsters
Golden Gargoyle ScaleRedAdds Bonus Damage when attacking Elite monsters
Fairy TearsYellowAdds Bonus Damage when attacking Boss monsters
Dragon Scale ShardYellowAdds Bonus Damage when attacking Boss monsters
Ancient Bone ShardPurpleAdds Bonus Damage when attacking Magical monsters
Demon's TracePurpleAdds Bonus Damage when attacking Magical monsters

Talisman Colors

Every talisman has a specific color, and the color is used for Combination Codex, Bind, and obtaining Talisman Essence.

Talismans come in four colors: Red, Blue, Purple, and Yellow as seen on the Talisman Tables.

Innate and Random Effects

L2R Talisman Effect Info

Talisman Stats: Innate Effect / Main Stat

  • Talismans have a fixed Innate Effect. From 1 to 3 Innate Effects can be applied.

Note: The number of Innate Effects and the effect type of each talisman is fixed.

Talisman Stats: Random Effect

  • Talismans have a Random Effect that is randomly applied after obtaining them. From 0 to 6 Random Effects can be applied.

Note: The number of Random Effects applied to each Talisman is random.

Values of both Innate and Random Effect are decided from a set range of values. Make sure to equip the high-end values for the guaranteed effectiveness of the Talisman. You will notice it from the difference in Combat Power and font color of its name

Where to acquire / Drop locations of Talisman

You can acquire Talismans from Field and Boss Monsters at a certain rate.

Talisman NameAcquisition
Whisper of MadnessAltar of Madness: Nightmare
Temptation of Madness
Light of BattlefieldArena / Clan Shop
Aftermath of Battle
Eternal Honor
Conqueror's Glory
Conqueror's Challenge
Pixie WingsAvento Field Monsters
Pixie's Blessings
Promise of Avento
Silent Hunter
Hunter's Protection
Golden Gargoyle Scale
Voice of Avento
History of Avento
Countess's NailsCountess of Blood's Boudoir: Nightmare
Countess's Ring
Dragon Scale ShardDragon's Cave Catacomb 1 and 2 / Depths
Ancient Bone Shard
Demon's Trace
Garden PebbleExtraction Dungeon
Fairy Wing FragmentForest of Secrets Canopy / Understory / Slaughter Site
Fairy Tears
Guillotine's CrownGuillotine
Guillotine's Iron Armor Fragment
Marlox's HornMarlox
Marlox's Claws
Marsha's FanMarsha
Pixie's PromiseOren Field Monsters
Hunter's Token
Hunter's Glory
Pride of Oren
Scar of Oren
Zaken's EyeZaken
Zaken's Ring

Combination Techniques and Application

Talisman Combination Effect

Talismans of different colors and attributes can be equipped and form a combination to get bonus effects. Before applying the set combination from the list, first, you need to acquire the different effects by binding specified talismans in the Combination Codex.

Talisman CombinationTalisman Combination

When you complete the Codex, then the Bind Effect will light up on the list and you can now form the specific combination.

Talisman Combination

How to Apply the Bind Effects

Talisman Combination

① Requirements for the Bind Effect you wish to apply can be found here.

② Heroes can find the required color here.

Talisman Combination

Upon fulfilling the requirement of the Bind Effect, you will see that the Bind Effect will be applied as the image above.

Combination Codex has rare, uncommon, and normal grade. If the required colors are the same, then they can be applied together.

Talisman Combination

① Heroes can see that Normal Bind Effect is applied.

② Heroes can check the color of the Talisman currently equipped.


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