Swordsinger / Sword Muse Guide

by DK on January 31, 2020
Swordsinger / Sword Muse Guide
February 28, 2020

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 Welcome To The Ultimate Swordsinger Guide!

Swordsingers are Elves (Warrior) who can be selected after finishing the Class Transfer quest at lvl 31. They specialize in Spears or Dual Swords and wear Heavy Armor. Unlike their race counterparts (Warlords, Bladedancers, and Slayers), Swordsingers perform best as a Support Buffer and are skilled mid-range attackers. As Elves, they utilize their advantage in movement speed and evasion.

Because Swordsingers’ skills improve their allies’ abilities, they are best suited for a support role. The buffs increase attack, defense, crit rate and crit damage (from Rhythm of Combat and Song of Hunter). They are perfect companions in a party, as they increase the overall value of a team, especially when paired with nukers/glass cannons.

In PvE, Swordsingers are average at best. They lack burst damage and are slow to  clear monster waves compared to other classes, but despite this deficit, their survivability is top-notch, thanks to their buffs, which help them survive enemy attacks. However, when partied with glass cannons, you can leave them in elite dungeons for AFK farming. Your team can survive without a dedicated healer, thanks to the Swordsinger’s naturally high Evasion and Defense, which also compensates for their lack of HP.

In PvP Arena, Swordsingers are great to use against Rogue and Mystic classes. A Swordsinger’s skill can knock down enemies mid-range, which means they can easily get close to them after the target is disabled. However, with their lack of burst damage, Swordsingers might have trouble against tankier classes like Warriors. In group PvP events such as Siege, the Swordsinger is a great asset for Crowd Control, because she does not need to be close to knock down enemies.

If you enjoy playing a support attacker and being able to damage the enemies at mid-range, then this is a great class for you!

Character Review


  • Party player with strong buffs. Works best in team settings, although she’ll do just fine solo
  • High damage multiplier on her active skills (Sonic Blaster and Sonic Storm)
  • Has good sustained DPS from her passive skills and active buffs.
  • Popular in parties and large-scale fights
  • High evasion and move speed rate compared to other races


  • Some players find Swordsingers to have underwhelming damage end-game. While considered a DPS class, the damage isn’t as high as more offensive classes
  • No high burst damage
  • Weak in 1v1 scenarios, especially against tanks
  • Some people might consider you as a buff mule rather than a DPS class


Best Equipment

WeaponDunamiss Dualsword (PvP / Overall 1st priority)
Dual StormBringers (PvE magical monsters)
Dual Samurai Long Sword (PvE normal monsters)
Dynasty Dualsword (Boss hunt)
Dual Sword of Revolution (elite monsters)
ArmorDominus Set

AccessoriesNassen Set (Chasing / Movement increase / Manual Evasion)

Black Ore Set (Tanky / Anti-Crit)

Elven Set (Highest ATK stat of all accessories / Stun resist)

Skill Priority and Usage

Be sure to obtain Level 1 on all your skills before following the prioritization (specifically Esprit). Prioritize your Passives first that adds up to your attack stats (Warrior Weapon Mastery, Attack Aura and Combat Mastery). Then you may start upgrading your Active skills Sonic Blaster and Sonic Storm. For your active buffs, you may choose one of the 2 to prioritize. If want to  have defensive stance in battle, then Rhythm of Combat is a better choice while Song of Hunter is good if you prefer an offensive stance. To compensate for the lack of HP, allocate points on Heavy Armor Mastery. Lowest priority to upgrade is the Esprit skill as the increase per level is low, Level 1 compared to Level 30 is only a difference of 2.5% Crit Rate increase.

PvP (Siege) Skillset – Rhythm of Combat / Sonic Storm / Sonic Blaster or Song of Hunter

PvP (Arena) Skillset – Rhythm of Combat / Sonic Storm / Sonic Blaster

PvE Skillset – Sonic Storm / Sonic Blaster / Rhythm of Combat or Song of Hunter

ActiveSonic BlasterL2R skills Sonic BlasterFires the sword aura forward to deal damage to distant enemies.5th5th
Sonic StormL2R skills Sonic StormFires sword aura forward that ultimately explodes, damages, and knocks down enemies.4th4th
Rhythm of CombatL2R skills Rythm of CombatIncreases the Atk & Def of you and your party members6th/7th (Defensive Stance)7th/8th
Song of HunterL2R skills Song of HunterIncreases Crit. Rate of you and your party members.6th/7th (Offensive Stance)7th/8th
PassiveWarrior Weapon MasteryL2R skills Warrior Weapon MasteryIncreases Atk, when you equip a Sword & Shield, Spear, Dual Swords2nd2nd
Heavy Armor MasteryL2R skills Heavy Armor MasteryDecreases damage taken when Heavy Armor is equipped. This effect stacks up to 4 times.8th6th
Attack AuraL2R skills Attack AuraIncreases the Atk. of you and your party members. This effect is region-wide.1st1st
EspritL2R skills EspritHas a chance to generate a buff that increase Critical Rate when successfully evaded.9th9th
Combat MasteryL2R skills Combat MasteryFurther increases Atk. when a Spear or Dual Swords is equipped. 3rd3rd
Elven PotentialL2R skills Elven PotentialAgile movements allow them to have higher Evasion against enemy attacks. (Bonuses to Evasion, Speed, and M. Atk.)InnateInnate
RareMissile BoltThis powerful skill deals critical damage to a few enemies.X
Meteor ShowerThis skill is ideal for attacking many enemies in a large area.X
Absolute ShieldThis skill greatly improves your Def. so you are able to withstand powerful enemies.X
Healing StrikeThis skill is a very effective means of healing to extend your HP effectively for a duration of time.X
Poison StrikeL2R poison strikePuts an enemy to a poisoned state, reduces damage and movement speed for a certain amount of time. Additional damage during debuff duration.✔ (Alternative for M. Bolt)X
Defense ZoneL2R defense zoneA protective zone is set up to reduce damage received by party members, and you are immune to your condition for a while.✔ (Siege)X

Specific Skills Usage

  • Attack Aura is the first priority out of your passives because because it provides a global attack buff to your party
  • Combat Mastery’s attack boost gets more significant as you subsequently upgrade Warrior Weapon Mastery and Attack Aura
  • Heavy Armor Mastery is important to reduce incoming damage and compensate for your lack of base HP


Main Stats and Sub-stats Priority

EquipmentSoul Crystal (Not applicable in NA/EU servers)Pet Mount
Weapon - Critical Rate / Critical Damage / P. Atk or Attack Speed or HP DrainPurple - Critical Damage (All)Helmet - Critical Rate (All)
Helmet - P. Def / M. Def / Evasion or Penetration or CC ResistOrange - Critical Damage (All)Armor - Critical Rate (All)
Armor - P. Def / M. Def / Speed or Evasion or ResilienceRed - Critical Damage (All)Saddle - Evasion or Critical Resist or Resilience (user preference)
Gloves - P. Atk / Penetration / Evasion Yellow - Evasion or Critical Resist or Resilience (user preference)Boots - Evasion or Critical Resist or Resilience (user preference)
Shoes - P. Atk / Speed / Evasion or Resilience or Attack SpeedCyan - Critical Damage (All)
Necklace - Crit Resist / Resilience / HP Drain or CC ResistGreen - Evasion or Critical Resist or Resilience (user preference)
Earring - Speed / Critical Resist / Penetration or CC Resist or HP DrainBlack - Evasion or Critical Resist or Resilience (user preference)
Ring - Critical Rate / Critical Damage / P. Atk or HP DrainBlue - Evasion or Critical Resist or Resilience (user preference)
Silver - Critical Damage (All)

Other Useful Class Tips

  • Go for supportive stats like HP increase if you want to be a sustainable damage/support hybrid in Siege. You can survive longer and thus, buff your party more
  • Get HP Drain substats (preferably a total of 3% lifesteal) on your weapon to make it easier to auto as a solo unit
  • Attack Aura and Warrior Weapon Mastery is your topmost priority to max out so it will speed up your progression early-mid game.
  • Since Swordsingers are Elves, they are abundant in base MP, so mana potions won’t be an issue.
  • There are a lot of Accessory sets that are compatible with Swordsingers. Nassen is a good Accessory set to boost up your already high movespeed. You can use Black Ore set to be more Tanky and Elven Set for more damage and stun resistance.
  • In PvP Siege:
    • Rhythm of Combat > Sonic Storm > [IMMEDIATELY] Meteor Shower > Sonic Storm > Use Defense Zone to or Absolute Shield to penetrate enemies while attacking normally.
    • Rhythm of Combat > Song of Hunter > Sonic Storm > [IMMEDIATELY] Meteor Shower > Use Defense Zone to or Absolute Shield to penetrate enemies while attacking normally.
  • In PvP Arena
    • Rhythm of Combat > Sonic Storm > [IMMEDIATELY] Meteor Shower + Missile Bolt > Sonic Storm > Tank and attack normally
  • For Rare Skills, use Missile Bolt and Meteor Shower in Arena PvP. In Sieges, you can replace Missile Bolt for Defense Zone or Absolute Shield to add survivability. Healing Strike and Absolute Shield are must haves for Elite Dungeon Farming.

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  • Eternal
    February 4, 2018 at 10:14 pm

    Thanks for the guide! What do you think about Spear instead of Dual Swords on SWS?

    • DK
      February 5, 2018 at 2:11 pm

      User preference actually, spears have longer range but a bit slower hence lesser DPS. Her skillset does not rely on attack speed though so using a spear won’t be a high disadvantage, unlike Bladedancers. 🙂

  • Eternal
    February 9, 2018 at 8:21 pm

    I noticed an error in the guide with regard to Esprit:

    “Has a chance to generate a buff that increase Critical Rate when successfully evaded.”

    Should be

    “Increases Crit. Rate continuously.”

    Does this have any effect on your ranking? I personally think your guide underrates Esprit and overrates Sonic Blaster, especially in PvE.

    • DK
      February 10, 2018 at 2:07 am

      Hi Eternal! You get more from the Sonic Blaster level upgrades though. Esprit has marginal returns and poor scaling with just 2.5% difference from level 1-30, you can just get it from substats and soul crystals instead. We still stand by the rankings but thanks a lot for your insights 🙂

  • Frost
    March 27, 2018 at 1:46 pm

    Party members benefits from your buff skills.


    Squishy, cannot dish more damage as a blade dancer. cannot land skills more accurate than warlord. not as cute as slayer. Pretty useless for a warrior class.

    This guide is good but forget about the guide. Swordsinger/Sword Muse is useless in all aspect. Better to choose other class.

  • SWS241
    June 12, 2018 at 10:00 pm

    + OK..ish at Player vs. Environment, you probably won't have any difficulty leveling or completing dungeons with it.
    + Not many people play Swordsinger, so it's kind of a unique class, lol.


    - AWFUL at Player vs. Player (siege, 1v1 or 3v3, it doesn't matter), I cannot stress this enough, it is abysmal in this area..
    - Songs are really bad compared to Bladedancer dances.
    - Ranged skills might sound good for combat initiation at start, until you realize they are SO slow (both casting and travel animation) that you won't be hitting anything that is moving.
    - It lacks damage and HP and they didn't fix that by adding amazing critical rate, evasion or anything you would expect.
    - Agility-wise, despite being an Elf it feels like a Paladin, wich is bad considering you can't tank.
    - Esprit (critical chance passive) is garbage.

    Ease of Leveling5.5
    PvE (Field & Dungeons)5.5
    PvP (1v1)2.5
    PvP (Siege)3
    PvP (3vs3 Honorable Battlefield)3.5

    Like Frost said, good guide, thanks for it!

    This class is VERY disappointing.

    It doesn’t excel in any area.
    You won’t have damage to be considered a DPS
    Your buffs are awful so you are not a support class either
    You can’t tank because of low HP and your evasion is useless
    Your critical rate should be good to counter some of those problems but Netmarble managed to mess that too, so yeah..

    Don’t play Swordsinger. As it is right now, it is garbage.

    • DK
      June 15, 2018 at 12:40 pm

      I agree this class is underwhelming compared to her warrior counterparts. -.- Hopefully game devs will see this to buff her 🙂

  • Shaft
    July 10, 2018 at 10:32 am

    - Very good at clearing solo content.
    - Great "Additional" buff.
    - Fastest warrior class.
    - Character for whom loves playing solo.


    - Low damage and less tanky than other warrior.
    - Other class can do your job better.
    - Active skill are hard to aim.
    - PvP is not for her ...

    Ease of Leveling7.5
    PvE (Field & Dungeons)7.5
    PvP (1v1)4.5
    PvP (Siege)4
    PvP (3vs3 Honorable Battlefield)4

    Good class for who want to play solo a lot or just want to play rare class. She runs faster than other warrior, thanks to elven racial bonus.
    Solo contents are easy for Sword Singer, no problem with being in party too, thanks to her buff.
    But, combination of elder’s and blade dancer’s (which are everywhere and easy to find) buff will makes her rythym of combat as additional buff.

    Though advancement from warrior, sword singer can’t tank big damage or deal big damage like other warrior, which make her strugle when facing harder content like rift or hard clan dungeon.

    Bad at PvP, rely only on active skill and rare skill 1 combo. Don’t think about defeating someone ho has higher CP than you.

    I like to play sword singer, but higher my level, get less useful she is. I hope NCSoft buff this character so at least can do decent damage.

  • D
    July 18, 2018 at 7:26 am

    The biggest party character in the game.


    Takes a while to gain strength and become relevant when you compare it to bladedancers or any other major dps class.

    Ease of Leveling8
    PvE (Field & Dungeons)8
    PvP (1v1)7.5
    PvP (Siege)7.5
    PvP (3vs3 Honorable Battlefield)8

    It’s a cool class but you need the gear to run with it. While other classes might have an easier time progressing with the SWS you need gear with the correct sub-stats on it. For example a good PVE weapon needs HP Drain, ATk. Spd., and Crit Rate/DMG. This combo makes sure that you survive on the field(or elite dunogeon) and it compliments your bigest strength…THE CRITS. The class is build around the idea that after you do your skill combo(which can lock people on the ground for a stable 5 seconds) you can dish out allot of damage just with auto attacks which crit…allot.
    But the class takes time to grow and understand how to play and it’s definitely harder to play then any other DPS class but more interesting.

  • Cap
    August 30, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    -has a bit of everything so you can deal with all situations
    -very good at PVE


    -has a bit of everything but master of none
    -a PVE-oriented ton in a PVP-oriented game…

    Ease of Leveling7.5
    PvE (Field & Dungeons)7.5
    PvP (1v1)4
    PvP (Siege)5.5

    Song of Hunters is Way more useful than Rhythm of Combat in both PVP and PVE since it boost crit rate and crit dmg in Percentage. Noy only can it push teammates’ burst damage to an insane level (especially Abyss Walker), but also provide SwS herself decent burst damage to make up for her already-low attack. While Rhythm of Combat is just “additional buff” like everyone agrees, it just makes more sense to level SoH instead of RoC.
    SwS receive the least p.atk boost from passive skills among all warriors. So she really needs to be focusing on active skills before going to passive, in order to deal decent damage. Attack Aura should be the LAST skill to level for SwS. Because the p.atk boost is so minimal, it’s just more efficient to put skill point into elsewhere. When solo, that little boost doesn’t help her much; when partied, well… you’ll get the same buff from other warriors. Esprit is not as bad it shows: it’s not 2.5%, it’s 2.500%! also consider all crit rate boost (crystal, substat, etc) are in actual NUMBER…

  • Sashimi
    April 4, 2019 at 11:50 pm

    - desired by clans due to active buffs + ulti skill
    - good to have in party for clearing TOI and party related content


    - terrible in pvp, arena, 3v3, etc
    - active skills hard to lock down or hit anything that is running

    Ease of Leveling7.2
    PvE (Field & Dungeons)7
    PvP (1v1)4.4
    PvP (Siege)6
    PvP (3vs3 Honorable Battlefield)5.5

    To progress in 3v3, need to party with ghost hunter, spectral dancer, basically high dps or class that have stun skills. Sword Muse active skills can’t hit anyone that is running, have to complement with poison strike to slow the enemy.

    You won’t see SM in top 5 of arena ranking or top dps in major clan dungeon. This class is pretty much to complement other class to make them stronger.

    Pretty underwhelming. I tried the Tyrant and it is a breeze compared to SM.

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