Soul Crystals Guide

by DK on November 19, 2017
Soul Crystals Guide
March 24, 2018

Intensify your power by adding Soul Crystals to your equipment! Soul Crystals are one of the most important components of your equipment to level up, and will help provide you with the competitive edge you need, as they help to build your stats. Having a good understanding of Soul Crystals, how to upgrade them, and why to use them is essential for any player.

All equipment items have sockets to install Soul Crystals; the number of sockets depend on your Equipment Grade. Soul Crystals can be obtained by means of hunting in the field and in clan dungeons.

Let’s take a look and learn about Soul Crystals: their types, grades, levels, placement compatibility, and why this item separates hardcore players from others.

Table of Contents:


  • 9 Types of Soul Crystals
  • Soul Crystal Grades
  • Soul Crystal Levels
  • Slot Placement
  • Secondary Stats
  • Equip / Unequip
  • Pro Tips


9 Types of Soul Crystals

Each type of Soul Crystal has a name and can be only be socketed to a specific equipment.

Soul Crystal of HP -> Only for Headgear and Armor
Soul Crystal of Evasion -> Only for Boots and Necklace

You cannot change the type of Soul Crystals.

 NameEquipment PartColor
L2R Soul Crystal of Attack
Soul Crystal of Attack

Weapon / Gloves

L2R Soul Crystal of Critical Rate
Soul Crystal of Critical Rate

Weapon / Gloves

L2R Soul Crystal of HP
Soul Crystal of HP

Headgear / Armor

L2R Soul Crystal of Defense
Soul Crystal of Defense

Headgear / Armor

L2R Soul Crystal of Accuracy
Soul Crystal of Accuracy

Boots / Necklace

L2R Soul Crystal of Evasion
Soul Crystal of Evasion

Boots / Necklace

L2R Soul Crystal of Resilience
Soul Crystal of Resilience


L2R Soul Crystal of Critical Resistance
Soul Crystal of Critical Resistance


L2R Soul Crystal of Penetration
Soul Crystal of Penetration





Soul Crystal Grades

Soul Crystals grades range from C to SR, with each level increasing the base stat of the crystal significantly. Always try to level up and equip SR-grade Soul Crystals.

Similar to Equipment, you can also upgrade Soul Crystals to a higher grade (From A-grade to S-grade and so on).

Upgrading Soul Crystals costs Adena and needs to be at max level.

L2R Soul Crystals Grade

Soul Crystal GradeCBASRSR



Soul Crystal Upgrade

Upgrade your Soul Crystals to increase their stats. By using Soul Crystal level-up materials, you can combine them to upgrade the stats. Bear in mind that you can upgrade a Soul Crystal that is equipped. Simply click on the crystal you’d like to upgrade in your equipment, and then select “Upgrade.” As long as you have enough materials to upgrade the crystal, you do not have to remove it! This will save you a ton of Adena.

How to Upgrade

L2R Soul Crystals level-up how to

① Tap Level Up to go to the Soul Crystal level up window.
② Select the Soul Crystal you want to raise the level of.
③ Choose the material Soul Crystals to level up the selected Soul Crystal with.
④ Check the box to use unbound Soul Crystals to level up the Soul Crystal with.
⑤ Check the Soul Crystal’s Exp. and stats after level up.
⑥ Look at the amount of Adena required to level up the Soul Crystal and tap to level up Soul Crystals.
⑦ Automatically select material Soul Crystals.



Slot Placement

As seen in the game, each of the different equipment have specific slots for their respective Soul Crystals. As the items are upgraded, the individual slots will open up and allow for the player to have much stronger gear.

Equipment / Grade CBASRSR
WeaponPurple OrangePurple OrangePurple Orange
GlovesPurple OrangePurple OrangePurple Orange
BootsCyan GreenCyan GreenCyan Green
NecklaceCyan GreenCyan GreenCyan Green

How to:

L2R Soul Crystal slot placement

① Select the equipment, as you can see Headgear has a Soul Crystal color pattern of Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red, Yellow, Red.
② You can see the color code from the outline color. 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th slot is open.
③ 6th slot is still unlocked until the equipment is upgraded into SR-Grade.



Secondary Stats (Not applicable in NA/EU servers)

Besides its main stat, all Soul Crystals also comes with a Secondary Stat, which can be seen right below the primary stat. These secondary stats will increase each time the Soul Crystal is leveled up, and will be kept constant through Upgrades.

The list of stats includes:

  • P.Atk – Base modifier for Physical Attack value
  • M.Atk – Base modifier for Magical Attack value
  • P.Def – Base modifier for Physical Damage reduction
  • M.Def – Base modifier for Magical Damage reduction
  • HP – Health Point
  • MP – Magical Point
  • Crit. Rate – Chances of landing a critical hit when attacking
  • Critical Resistance – Reduce the chances of being inflicted with a critical hit
  • Critical Damage – Base modifier for total Critical Attack value base of P.Atk/M.Atk
  • Penetration – Decrease defense value of target
  • Resilience – Decrease attack value of target
  • Accuracy – Base modifier to determine the chance to land a hit
  • Evasion – Base modifier to determine the chance of target not hitting you
  • HP Regen – Increase the amount of hp recovery per tick
  • MP Regen – Increase the amount of Mp recovery per tick
  • Ignore Defense Damage – Unknown
  • Fixed Damage Decrease – Unknown

How to:

L2R Soul Crystal secondary stats

① Select the equipment, in this case I have selected Gloves.
② You can see the secondary stat right below (different shade of color) which is P. Atk +47.



Equip / Unequip

While you can equip Soul Crystals without any cost, a certain amount of Adena needs to be spent to unequip them.

Soul Crystal Grade CBASRSR


How to Equip:

L2R Soul Crystals equipping how to

① Select the item to equip Soul Crystals onto.
② Shows the Soul Crystals on selected items.
③ Soul Crystals that can be equipped on selected items are highlighted to make it easier for you choose among eligible Soul Crystals.
④ Check the box to select only unbound and eligible Soul Crystals.
⑤ Tap “Auto-Equip” to select Soul Crystals automatically.
⑥ Tap “Level Up” to move to the Soul Crystal level up window.
⑦ Select “Equip” to equip Soul Crystals. There is no separate cost to equipping Soul Crystals.
⑧ Tap to cancel equipping Soul Crystals.
⑨ Check all equipment that Soul Crystals can be equipped onto.

How to Remove:

L2R Soul Crystals removing how to
① Select the equipment to remove Soul Crystal from.
② Select the equipped Soul Crystals.
③ Tap “Auto-Remove” to remove all Soul Crystals in slots
④ Select “Remove” to use a certain amount of Adena to remove a selected Soul Crystal.
⑤ Tap to sell an equipped Soul Crystal.



Pro Tips:

    • Do not sell low-Grade Soul Crystals (B & C), instead use them as materials to level up your existing Soul Crystals.


    • During early game progression, fill all your Equipment with Soul Crystals even if it is low-Grade. This is to maximize the increase in Combat Power. Soul Crystals are rare to find and it is a common mistake for players to leave empty slots. Just replace when you find better Soul Crystals as you progress.


  • Take note of the secondary stats. Invest in Soul Crystals with a stat that brings the best out of your Character. Remember you cannot change secondary stats, ever! For example I would want my Bladedancer to have a Soul Crystal with a secondary stat of Crit Dmg Increase Rate or Crit Rate or P. Atk.



1. The higher your equipment grade, the more Soul Crystals you can socket. (Maximum of 6 for SR-Grade equipment).
2. Bonus stats are given based on the equipped Soul Crystals’ types and grades.
3. The grades of Soul Crystals range from C to SR and max level Soul Crystals under SR-grade can be upgraded to become higher grade Soul Crystals.
4. Using a tradeable and an untradeable Soul Crystal together makes the leveled up Soul Crystal untradeable.
5. If you use equipment and Soul Crystals that differ in their tradability, the resulting item becomes untradeable.

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  • Werena
    February 15, 2018 at 11:03 am

    This needs updated, especially the NA versions.. upgrading the Soul Crystals is an entirely different process.

    There’s other wierdness too – like you can sell an equipped soul crystal for ~50-1500 adena, but it costs 5000-100,000 to remove it if you want to keep it.

    You can upgrade them in-place (from B to A for example) as well.

  • Ivan
    February 21, 2018 at 6:13 pm

    We’re do you find the penetration crystals?

    • DK
      February 21, 2018 at 9:48 pm

      Mainly from Elite Dungeons. You can also get it from Clan Shop and Events. Penetration Crystals are the most rare out of them all.

    • Murdox
      April 30, 2018 at 1:46 am

      Soul Crystal Selection boxes, Server Events, and a very rare occasion C grade may drop in Elite Dungeons. Resilence soul crystals are same rarity.

  • Agus
    March 22, 2018 at 2:29 pm

    I play in Indonesia server, and i can change the substat, the cost is 90 red diamonds.

  • put at chog
    July 22, 2018 at 12:37 pm

    i am thinking what soul stone to use for a hawkeye or a temple knight, would a m.atk for them? i am thinking that only p.atk would work on them.

    • DK
      July 23, 2018 at 5:15 am

      You are right. normal attacks from swords, dagger and bow are P. Atk while staff is M. Atk. So for Hawkeye and Temple Knight, choosing P. Atk is ideal. 🙂

  • RankUp
    July 26, 2018 at 3:20 pm

    When are you going to update eu servers ?
    These soulcrystals secondary stats is really important .
    Its unfair that korean servers have everything and we dont .. we also pay a lot in this game like them ..
    We invest money and time in it ..
    And i love this game for real i got all my friends in it =(

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