Silver Ranger / Moonlight Sentinel Guide

by DK on January 31, 2020
Silver Ranger / Moonlight Sentinel Guide
January 31, 2020

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Welcome to the Ultimate Silver Ranger Guide!

Silver Rangers are Elves (Rogue) that can be selected after finishing the Class Transfer quest at lvl 31. Silver Rangers specialize in bows and subdue enemies with supreme movement speed. However, while they can cause high damage, they are also fragile and susceptible death, making them glass cannons.

Silver Rangers are capable of dealing high Damage-Per-Second (DPS) to enemies using fast and hard-hitting attacks. Silver Ranger players frequently prioritize ATTACK as the main stat priority, leaving HP and DEF as auxiliary stats, since her skills scale well in damage. This character performs best in PvP, as she can quickly kite enemies with her fast movement speed from Double Quick Step, which allows her to put distance between herself and her attacker, and take them down at a distance with her bow. The buff also gives her additional Atk. Speed increase, which pairs well with with Snipe to increase Crit. Rate.

The downside of using a Silver Ranger is her low survivability in the Elite Dungeons, as well as fighting Field Bosses and named monsters on auto-mode, which does not utilize the Silver Ranger’s high speed mobility advantage. Unlike the Warrior class, Silver Rangers cannot afford to tank heavy attacks due to low base HP, especially when numerous mobs charge in.

The Silver Ranger is the character for you if you enjoy inflicting high damage in PvP. In a party, Silver Rangers are usually the top damage contributors.

Character Review


  • High damage class with excellent buffs
  • Great mobility, allowing for easy kites around the battlefield
  • Backline DPS /Nuker capable of dealing high damage output in Clan and Siege Wars
  • Strong in chasing down weaker enemies thanks to CC (Crowd-Control) and long-range attacks
  • Excels in 1v1 combat, and also performs well in AoE (Area-of-Effect) scenarios.
  • Double Shot and Double Wide Shot will penetrate multiple enemies, making the Silver Ranger great for narrow halls and lanes
  • Wanted by players for Fortress Siege because Silver Rangers can deal heavy damage from the backlines like no other class can. Her skills are a perfect fit for an Assault team is Sieges.
  • Considered to be the best Archer class in the game overall due to her insane movement speed and fast attacks


  • Weak against bosses and players if you’re fighting them at close range. You need to establish a good attack position from afar to be effective, which can only be done fighting manually.
  • Mobility is not utilized enough when fighting in auto mode.
  • Dies easily if disabled by enemies


Best Equipment

WeaponUpitear (PvP / Overall 1st priority)L2R Upitear
Elven Bow (PvE magical monsters)L2R Elven Bow
Crystallized Ice Bow (PvE normal monsters)L2R Crystallized Ice Bow
Akat Long Bow (Boss hunt)L2R Akat Long Bow
Light Crossbow (PvE elite monsters)L2R Light Crossbow
ArmorReggios SetL2R Reggios Headgear

L2R Reggios Armor Elf

L2R Reggios Gloves Elf

L2R Reggios Boots Elf
AccessoriesNassen Set (Movement increase / Kiting / Manual Evasion) L2R Nassen Necklace

L2R Nassen Earrings

L2R Nassen Ring
Elven Set (Highest ATK stat of all accessories / Stun resist)L2R Elven Necklace

L2R Elven Earring

L2R Elven Ring


Skill Priority and Usage

Max first in order of priority. Start and build around Rogue Weapon Mastery (Passive) and Active buffs then work on disabling skills for PvP or AOE skills for PvE.

ActivePower ShotL2R skills Power ShotFires an arrow that damages and knocks down the enemy.4th/5th9th/10th
Double ShotL2R skills Double ShotFires two arrows at enemies in front to deal powerful damage.10th4th/5th
Lethal ShotL2R skills Lethal ShotFires a sharp, penetrating arrow to deal damage and stun enemies.3rd9th/10th
Double Wide ShotL2R skills Double Wide ShotFires two arrow-shaped energy bolts, dealing damage to the enemies they penetrate.6th/7th3rd
Mind’s EyeL2R skills Mind's EyeGreatly increases Crit. Rate.4th/5th4th/5th
Double Quick StepL2R skills Double Quick StepIncreases Atk. Spd. and Speed.2nd2nd
PassiveRogue Weapon MasteryL2R skills Rogue Weapon MasteryIncreases Atk. when a Dagger or Bow is equipped.1st1st
Light Armor MasteryL2R skills Light Armor MasteryIncreases Evasion Rate when Light Armor is equipped. This effect stacks up to 4 times.6th/7th6th
GuidanceL2R skills GuidanceIncreases the Accuracy of you and your party members. this effect is region-wide8th/9th7th/8th
SwiftL2R skills SwiftHas a chance of generating a buff that increases Speed when a Crit. Atk. lands.8th/9th7th/8th
Elven PotentialL2R skills Elven PotentialAgile movements allow them to have higher Evasion against enemy attacks. (Bonuses to Evasion, Speed, and M. Atk.)InnateInnate
RareMissile BoltL2R missile boltThis powerful skill deals critical damage to a few enemies.X
Meteor ShowerL2R meteor stormThis skill is ideal for attacking many enemies in a large area.X
Absolute ShieldL2R absolute shieldThis skill greatly improves your Def. so you are able to withstand powerful enemies.X
Healing StrikeL2R healing strikeThis skill is a very effective means of healing to extend your HP effectively for a duration of time.X

Specific Skills Usage

  • Aim for Double Quick Step as an Active skill first since that’s where the main bulk of your damage lies
  • Swift and Guidance can be left at level 1 due to low returns after that. Swift should be one of the last skills you level up.
  • For PVP, you will be using Lethal Shot and Power Shot to disable the enemy.
  • For PvE, you will be using Double Shot and Double Wide Shot very often.


Main Stats and Sub-stats Priority

EquipmentSoul Crystal (Not applicable in NA/EU servers)Pet Mount
Weapon - Critical Rate / Critical Damage / Attack SpeedPurple - Critical Damage (All)Helmet - Critical Rate (All)
Helmet - P. Def / M.Def / EvasionOrange - Critical Damage (All)Armor - Critical Rate (All)
Armor - P. Def / M.Def / Speed or EvasionRed - Critical Damage (All)Saddle - Evasion or Resilience or Critical Resist (user preference)
Gloves - P. Atk / Penetration / Evasion Yellow - Evasion or Resilience or Critical Resist (user preference)Saddle - Evasion or Resilience or Critical Resist (user preference)
Shoes - P. Atk / Atk. Speed / SpeedCyan - Critical Damage (All)
Necklace - HP Drain / Atk. Speed / Crit ResistGreen - Evasion or Resilience or Critical Resist (user preference)
Earring - HP Drain / Speed / PenetrationBlack - Evasion or Resilience or Critical Resist (user preference)
Ring - HP Drain / Critical Rate / Critical DamageBlue - Evasion or Resilience or Critical Resist (user preference)
Silver - Critical Damage (All)

*Note: If you are aiming to level fast, prioritize Bonus Exp. Gain substat above all else, then follow the priority list above.


Other Useful Class Tips

  • Important to move around often to maintain some distance from enemies. Nassen accessory set is highly recommended for fast mobility in positioning for attacks.
  • A common strategy for quick wins in PvP is to use your CC skills to immobilize the target before raining down your rare skills, such as Missile Shot and Meteor Shower.
  • Alternatively, the Elven Accessory Set also works to decrease the likelihood of being stunned. A stunned Silver Ranger is guaranteed to lose in PvP.


Special thanks to Sados (SainT) and CASTILLO (OMFG) for their content contributions!


Share your character spotlight and user submission on the comments section below!

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  • Dlugi
    January 5, 2018 at 11:57 am
    Ease of Leveling9.6
    PvE (Field & Dungeons)9.1

    Mind’s Eye is not worth lvling as crit rate bonus is not that high vs bosses and its almost useless in regular pve/pvp.
    Double Shot lvl to 3 lvl and then leave this skill for regular field pve, bosses as it’s have then low mana consumption to dmg ratio.
    For regular long time farm: Double Quick Step and Double Shot.
    For hot time: Double Quick Step, Lethal Shot and Double Wide Shot.
    For bosses use: Double Quick Step, Lethal Shot and Double Wide Shot.
    For field pvp: Double Quick Step, Lethal Shot and Power Shot.
    For Area: Lethal Shot, Double Wide Shot and Power Shot.

    Also IMO Elven set is batter as there is too many bugged skills that you cannot evade – as it’s written you are dead then so you should resist it :).

    Kan Rauhel07 top 1 sr

    • DK
      January 5, 2018 at 8:53 pm

      Thanks for your valuable input! 🙂

    • Sam
      February 28, 2018 at 5:47 pm

      What are your suggestions for the 5 attacks buttons?

      • DK
        February 28, 2018 at 6:11 pm

        You can follow top suggestion for the 3 basic skills, then for rare skills:

        PvP Arena – Meteor Shower + Missile Bolt / Healing Strike
        PvP Siege – Missile Bolt / Meteor Shower + Absolute Shield
        PvE – Missile Bolt + Meteor Shower / Healing Strike

  • November 12, 2018 at 3:28 pm

    Hi. I wonder if anyone has a guide/post/entry with the list of all armors and weapons images in the game

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PvE (Field & Dungeons)
PvP (1v1)
PvP (Siege)
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