Scavenger Guide

by DK on June 7, 2018
Scavenger Guide
June 17, 2018

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 Welcome To The Ultimate Scavenger Guide!

Scavengers are Dwarves (Rogue) who can be selected after finishing the Class Transfer quest at lvl 31. They specialize in Daggers and wear Light Armor. While Scavengers boast high HP and DEF, making them a tank oriented class, as  Rogues, they also have added points in Evasion, which allows them to survive most hits. Although having lackluster damage compared to the likes of Abyss Walker, Plains Walker, and Treasure Hunters, Scavengers have the highest survivability out of all comparable classes, and offers debuffs (Sonic Star) that slow and silence enemies, making them quite valuable in teamfights.

Scavengers have a unique skill set. One particular skill, Adena Search, increases Adena acquired when defeating monsters. Since Adena is a scarce resource, Scavengers have a huge advantage by being able to acquire more than others, thus having much lower upgrade costs. The Adena Search buff will always be up when you use the auto-battle function; its duration lasts for 60s and the re-skill cooldown is only 50s. This means that farming overnight is easy money, so utilize it to your advantage!

Scavengers also have a very useful support skill that penetrates through the enemy’s defense, allowing them to secure critical hits. the Blade Rush skill not only deals a good amount of damage, but also reduces the enemy’s Critical Resistance, which makes any Scavenger a good counter to tanks equipped with Black Ore accessories. Scavengers also provide more damage for your party members that heavily rely on Critical Hits, such as Abyss Walkers and Silver Rangers.

Scavengers rely on drawn out PvP Arena fights, since they lack the raw power for a burst combo. However, they can take advantage of being able to tank most normal hits from the enemy. In group PvP events such as Siege, they provide an opening for the team by being able to silence enemies, reduce their movement speed and critical resistance. They are a nightmare for Mystic classes, because they disrupt spells, including heals. In PvE, Scavengers truly shine, due to possessing two AoE skills and Adena Search skill. They are also reliable in Elite Dungeons, thanks to being simultaneously tanky and evasive.

If you enjoy playing a unique game style and a dagger wielding class that can tank and provide significant party utility, then Scavenger is the perfect character for you.

Character Review


  • High survivability for a Rogue class
  • Has one of the highest potential movement speed in the game
  • Serves as a good harasser in PvP by targeting enemy with debuffs
  • AoE silence is a strong skill in PvP fights
  • Good sustained damage, making her suitable for longer fights
  • Good setup class by landing debuffs on enemies before your allies use their skills


  • Lacks disabling skills for Crowd Control
  • Lowest damage of any Rogue class
  • Passives don’t really work well against bosses
  • One of the least popular classes in the game
  • Not a high ranking class in Arena


Best Equipment

WeaponCerberus (PvP / Overall 1st priority)
Mithril Dagger (PvE magical monsters)
Doom Dagger (PvE normal monsters)
Crystal Dagger (Boss hunt)
Dark Screamer (elite monsters)
ArmorReggios Set

AccessoriesBlack Ore Set (Tanky / Anti-Crit)

Arbol Set (Increase Combo Duration)

Nassen Set (Chasing / Movement increase / Manual Evasion)


Skill Priority and Usage

Be sure to obtain Level 1 on all your skills before following the prioritization (specifically your passive buffs). The only passive skill that needs priority is Rogue Weapon Mastery, so max it out first. Next is to focus on 3 of your active skills, Blade Rush, Sonic Star and Adena Search respectively. The Passive buffs have marginal returns and do not scale well, so it is better to invest in Light Armor Mastery first, then Lucky Fatality, followed by Quickstep and Esprit.

PvP Skillset – Assault Slash or Mortal Blow / Blade Rush / Sonic Star

PvE Skillset – Adena Search / Blade Rush / Sonic Star

ActiveAssault SlashL2R skills Power ThrustDashes through enemies while attacking, briefly stunning them.4th (choose 1)X
Mortal BlowL2R skills Mortal BlowCharges up, then attacks at full power and knocks down the enemy.4th (choose 1)X
Blade RushL2R skills Blade RushCharges forward, penetrating enemies, making them more vulnerable to Critical Attacks.2nd/3rd2nd
Sonic StarL2R skills Sonic StarMoves swiftly in a pentagram shape while attacking enemies. Affected enemies have their Speed decreased and can't use their skills.2nd/3rd3rd
Adena SearchL2R skills Adena SearchIncreases Speed and Adena when battling, while has a chance to debuff enemies are poisoned and slowed in 60 secs.5th4th
PassiveRogue Weapon MasteryL2R skills Rogue Weapon MasteryIncreases Atk. when a Dagger or Bow is equipped.1st1st
Light Armor MasteryL2R skills Light Armor MasteryIncreases Evasion Rate when Light Armor is equipped. This effect stacks up to 4 times.6th5th
Quick StepL2R skills Quick StepIncreases the Speed of you and your party members. This effect is region-wide.8th7th
EspritL2R skills EspritHas a chance to generate a buff that increase Critical Rate when successfully evaded.9th8th
Lucky FatalityL2R skills Lucky FatalityIncrease Damage and Critical Rate when attacking movement speed reduced enemies.7th6th
Dwarven PotentialL2R skills Dwarven PotentialTheir bodies are blessed by the heavens, presenting them with high HP. (Bonuses to P. Def. and Max HP.)InnateInnate
RareMissile BoltThis powerful skill deals critical damage to a few enemies.X
Meteor ShowerThis skill is ideal for attacking many enemies in a large area.X
Absolute ShieldThis skill greatly improves your Def. so you are able to withstand powerful enemies.X
Healing StrikeThis skill is a very effective means of healing to extend your HP effectively for a duration of time.X
Poison StrikeL2R poison strikePuts an enemy to a poisoned state, reduces damage and movement speed for a certain amount of time. Additional damage during debuff duration.✔ (Alternative for M. Bolt)X
Defense ZoneL2R defense zoneA protective zone is set up to reduce damage received by party members, and you are immune to your condition for a while.✔ (Siege)X

Specific Skills Usage

  • Prioritize Rogue Weapon Mastery for added damage, Light Armor Mastery for additional points in evasion.
  • Adena Search, while useful, shouldn’t be added until much later into the game. The skill points invested to this skill at the start is much better used elsewhere. Also, this skill is more widely used in PvE than in PvP.
  • Lucky Fatality is a good combination with Sonic Star and Adena Search. You also gain additional damage from the slow debuff that your party members apply to the enemy.
  • Assault Slash or Mortal Blow should be used on PvP battles instead of Adena Search because being having a disabling skill is crucial.


Main Stats and Sub-stats Priority

EquipmentSoul Crystal (Not applicable in NA/EU servers)Pet Mount
Weapon - Critical Rate / Attack Speed / Critical Damage or P. AtkPurple - Critical Damage (All)Helmet - Critical Rate
Helmet - P. Def / M.Def / Evasion or PenetrationOrange - Critical Damage (All)Armor - Critical Rate
Armor - P. Def / M.Def / Speed or EvasionRed - Critical Damage (All)Saddle - Critical Resist or Evasion or Resilience (user preference)
Gloves - P. Atk / Evasion / PenetrationYellow - Critical Resist or Evasion or Resilience (user preference)Boots - Critical Resist or Evasion or Resilience (user preference)
Shoes - P. Atk / Atk. Speed / Speed or EvasionCyan - Critical Damage (All)
Necklace - P. Def / Atk. Speed / HP Drain or Critical ResistGreen - Critical Resist or Evasion or Resilience (user preference)
Earring - Speed / Penetration / HP Drain or Critical ResistBlack - Critical Resist or Evasion or Resilience (user preference)
Ring - Critical Rate / Critical Damage / P. Atk or HP DrainBlue - Critical Resist or Evasion or Resilience (user preference)
Silver - Critical Damage (All)


Other Useful Class Tips

  • Black Ore, Arbol and Nassen Accessory sets are recommended for this class. Black Ore allows you to be extremely tanky, which is uncommon for a Rogue class. Arbol, on the other hand, is suited for PvE and helps maintain your combo bonus damage, while Nassen boosts your already-great movement speed.
  • For Rare Skills, use Missile Bolt and Meteor Shower in Arena PvP. In Sieges, use Healing Strike and Defense Zone to add survivability. While Healing Strike and Absolute Shield are the ideal set of rare skills while farming in AFK mode.
  • In PvP Siege:
    • Defense Zone > Charge through enemies especially casters > Sonic Star > Blade Rush > Assault Slash / Mortal Blow > Tank enemy hits > Healing Strike when your HP falls at around 50% > Move out and wait for skills to reset its cooldown.
  • In PvP Arena
    • Assault Slash / Mortal Blow > Blade Rush > [IMMEDIATELY] Missile Bolt and Meteor Shower > Sonic Star > Normal attacks
    • Sonic Star > Assault Slash / Mortal Blow + Blade Rush or vice versa > [IMMEDIATELY] Missile Bolt and Meteor Shower > Normal attacks


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  • November 20, 2018 at 7:03 pm

    - Most Annoying Class, especially against mage
    - King of debuf, all skill Provide Debuff (Slow/Knockdown/Stun/Crit. Res Decreased)
    - Sonic Star now provide Damage imunnity over 1.2 second
    - Extra 30%++ adena. Farm Gold with easy


    - Need Manual Skill Control for maximize (PVP)
    - Deal little Damage
    - Unpopular Squad
    - Manual kitting (again)

    Ease of Leveling6
    PvE (Field & Dungeons)5.5
    PvP (1v1)7
    PvP (Siege)7.5
    PvP (3vs3 Honorable Battlefield)7

    Say Hello to Unpopular Fella

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Ease of Leveling
PvE (Field & Dungeons)
PvP (1v1)
PvP (Siege)
PvP (3vs3 Honorable Battlefield)

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