PlayL2R Discord Bot

by Law on April 6, 2018
PlayL2R Discord Bot
April 6, 2018

After weeks of development and testing, the PlayL2R Discord Bot is finally available! One of the convenient and practical use of this bot is the Core Party Matching feature. You can team up with players in the #cores channel on PlayL2R’s Discord, or in your own clan’s Discord, and use this bot to help you figure out and decide the available cores for your team to farm. This tool can also help you keep track of your core progression as well. Moreover, you can use this tool to search PlayL2R articles including class guides and featured content. Further details will be explained below.


Table of Contents

  • Features
    • Core Party Matching
      • How To Use Core Party Matching
      • Adding To Your Server
    • Class Guides
    • PlayL2R Search


Core Party Matching

Tell the bot who is in your Summoning Stone (Monster Dungeon) party, and it will tell you which cores are still open for everyone in the party. This search can also be filtered by Stone or Map

Command: -c <map> @<party_member_name_1> @<party_member_name_2> @<party_member_name_3> @<party_member_name_n>

Example: -c gludio @Law @Cat @Akashi.4 @subtextually


How To Use Core Party Matching

In order to use the party matching, the bot first needs to know which cores are already completed by each player. Some commands are available to do this.

  • cores_close (shortcut: cc)
    • This command tells the bot which cores are already completed. Monster names, maps, or entire stones can be marked as completed, and should be entered without spaces.
    • Example: -cc blackfang [This will mark Black Fang as completed]
    • Example: -cc dion [This will mark the entire Dion stone as completed]
    • Example: -cc shriekinghallows [This will mark the entire Shrieking Hallows map as completed]
  • cores_open (shortcut: co)
    • This command tells the bot which cores still need to be completed, if they are already marked as completed. When used together with cores_close, this makes it easier to tell the bot which are done, as the user can mark an entire map as completed, and then open the ones that they still need. As with the cores_close command, monster names, maps, or stones can be entered here.
    • Example: -co crumacore [This will mark Cruma Core as incomplete]
    • Example: -co antnest1 [This will mark the Ant Nest 1 map as incomplete]
    • Example: -co gludio [This will mark the entire Gludio stone as incomplete]
  • cores_regions (shortcut: cr)
    • This is a convenience command which displays a list of available maps and regions that can be used as filters.
  • cores_reset
    • This is a convenience command that will automatically mark all of a users cores as incomplete, allowing them to start over. The bot will ask for confirmation to make sure the user really wants to reset all of their core entries.


The easiest way to enter all the cores, is to first close a map or a stone, and then open the ones that still need to be completed.


  • To close the entire Shrieking Hallows map, except for Shrieking Treant and Guillotine.
    • -cc shriekinghallows [Closes the map Shrieking Hallows]
    • -co shriekingtreant [Opens the monster Shrieking Treant]
    • -co guillotine [Opens the monster Guillotine]
  • To close the entire Giran stone, except for Marsha.
    • -cc giran [Closes the stone Giran]
    • -co marsha [Opens the monster Marsha]


Once the user’s cores are are entered they can now run a search by themselves, or together with their party to see which cores are still open. The command used to perform the search:

  • cores (shortcuts: core, c)
    • Using the command without tagging anybody will only show the user’s own open cores.
    • Once tagging a user, only the tagged user’s cores will be displayed.
    • A region filter can be used to isolate the search only to a specific map or stone
    • Example: -c [This will show only this user’s open cores]
    • Example: -c dion [This will show only this user’s open cores in the Dion stone]
    • Example: -c gludio @Law @subtextually [This will show open cores in the Gludio stone for the 2 users, Law and subtextually]

Adding To Your Server

Click on this button to add the bot to your clan’s discord server: Discord Bot


Class Guides

Users can automatically link directly to a Class Guide on the PlayL2R website. This convenience feature allows users to quickly find information about specific classes without the need to search.

Command: -<character_class>

Example: -warlord


PlayL2R Search

Use the search command to quickly search across all articles on the PlayL2R website.

Command: -search <keywords>

Example: -search open siege information


There is also a ‘featured’ command that displays the latest featured articles from PlayL2R by typing -featured.

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  • Departure
    June 3, 2018 at 11:06 am

    is the CP/Core how much CP you get per core?

    • DK
      June 17, 2018 at 5:36 pm

      For each stat, you get different CP value increase:
      P. Atk – 2.5x
      M. Atk – 2.5x
      Ignore P.Def damage – 2.5x
      Fixed Damage Decrease – 2.5x
      P. Def – 2x
      M.Def – 2x
      Penetration – 2x
      Resilience – 2x
      Max HP – 2x
      Crit Rate – 1.5x
      Crit Resist – 1.5x
      Evasion – 1x
      Accuracy – 1x
      Max MP – 1x

      Penetration value of 20 increases your CP by 40.
      P.Atk/M.Atk value of 50 increases your CP by 250 (both Atk is multiplier of 5x).

  • R M
    November 21, 2018 at 2:03 pm

    Hey, this is super helpful, so thanks! Do you have any estimate for when the bot will be updated to include the 320 patch recently released in the US servers?

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