Plains Walker / Windrunner Guide

by DK on January 31, 2020
Plains Walker / Windrunner Guide
January 31, 2020

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 Welcome To The Ultimate Plains Walker Guide!

Plains Walkers are Elves (Rogue) that can be selected after finishing the Class Transfer quest at lvl 31. They specialize in Daggers and wear Light Armor. Plains Walkers have the fastest attack speed in the game, with very high burst-damage from attack combos. However, they are also glass cannons, which means they are very delicate due to their low HP and DEF. With regards to their playstyle, they excel in single target damage, which is particularly ideal in killing PvE bosses by continuously weakening them in drawn out fights. They also gain an increase in damage from the momentum of consecutive hits.

Plains Walkers’ active skill buff (Planeswalk) allows them to move and attack fast. They also gain a portion of their damage as HP, which increases their survivability. Their active skill, Blade Hurricane,  allows you to attack multiple enemies in an area. This attack also provides a 3 second stun, which is longer compared to most classes. This skill will be widely used to initiate battles. With the help of her passive skills, Rapid Anger and Critical Chance,a Plain Walker dominates drawn out fights in head-on combat.

Field farming is an effortless task for Plains Walkers. They excel when opponents are scattered and positioned far away from each other. However, ganks and clustered opponents are Plains Walkers’ greatest weaknesses, due to the fact that attacks tend to hit one target, which allows the other enemies to inflict damage upon you. Being that Plains Walkers are very squishy, anyone who finds themselves fighting clustered opponents need to be careful.

While Plains Walkers excel in 1v1 battles, the limitations of their attack makes it difficult for them to fight in group PvP events such as Sieges. You’ll discover that your Plain Walker  will be murdered and an easy kill, as you attempt to charge through opponents. In Arena, despite having an advantage in 1v1, you still need to be careful of getting caught by enemy skills. If you manage to avoid any attempt to disable you, you will usually win the fight, thanks to a high DPS output.

Unfortunately, Plain Walkers lack party buffs, which lowers their team contribution. However, despite this drawback, a Plains Walker can still be a good asset because of the high DPS that leads to increase in productivity and party damage.

You would enjoy playing a Plains Walker if you take pleasure in dealing high solo damage in both 1v1 PvE and PvP, especially Field Farming, Boss, and Arena battles.

Character Review


  • Very high damage due to strong damage buffs and multipliers
  • Powerful single-target damage and thus excels in 1v1 fights
  • Scales well from party buffs, making attack aura classes her best friends
  • Very high attack and movement speed. Great class for kiting the enemy
  • An ideal class for players that like to see fast movement and damage.
  • One of the stronger dagger-wield classes in the game, but still has lower damage than Abyss Walkers


  • Overall, a rather squishy class, so it’s vital to have good positioning in fights to prevent a quick death
  • Low HP is mitigated by Planeswalk due to HP drain and increase speed
  • Does not give party buffs aside from Quick Step, which is one of the last skills to level up
  • Not a good Siege character due being too squishy

Best Equipment

WeaponCerberus (PvP / Overall 1st priority)
Mithril Dagger (PvE magical monsters)
Doom Dagger (PvE normal monsters)
Crystal Dagger (Boss hunt)
Dark Screamer (elite monsters)
ArmorReggios Set

AccessoriesArbol Set (Increase Combo Duration)

Nassen Set (Chasing / Movement increase / Manual Evasion)

Elven Set (Highest ATK stat of all accessories / Stun resist)

Skill Priority and Usage

Be sure to obtain Level 1 on all your skills before following the prioritization (Quick Step, Critical Chance and Planeswalk). Prioritize leveling up the passives that contribute to attack power, since these will constitute most of your bulk damage (Rogue Weapon Mastery and Rapid Anger).

PvP (Arena) Skillset – Planeswalk / Assault Slash / Blade Hurricane

PvE Skillset – Planeswalk / Triple Splinter / Blade Hurricane

ActiveAssault SlashL2R skills Power ThrustDashes through enemies while attacking, briefly stunning them.6th/7thX
Triple SplinterL2R skills Triple SplinterRapidly attacks forward 3 times, dealing massive damage and decreases Def., Atk. Speed and Move Speed of affected enemies6th/7th6th
Blade HurricaneL2R skills Blade HurricaneLaunches a flurry of attacks forward that damages enemies in the area consecutive times.5th5th
Planes WalkL2R skills PlainswalkerGreatly increases Atk. Speed and Speed. Also increases HP Drain Rate during the duration.3rd3rd
PassiveRogue Weapon MasteryL2R skills Rogue Weapon MasteryIncreases Atk. when a Dagger or Bow is equipped.1st1st
Light Armor MasteryL2R skills Light Armor MasteryIncreases Evasion Rate when Light Armor is equipped. This effect stacks up to 4 times.8th7th
Quick StepL2R skills Quick StepIncreases the Speed of you and your party members. This effect is region-wide.9th8th
Rapid AngerL2R skills Rapid AngerIncrease attack speed and movement speed depend on number of hits (stack up to 10). If not attacked within 5 seconds, Buff will disappear.2nd2nd
Critical ChanceL2R skills Critical ChanceIncreases Critical Chance4th4th
Elven PotentialL2R skills Elven PotentialAgile movements allow them to have higher Evasion against enemy attacks. (Bonuses to Evasion, Speed, and M. Atk.)InnateInnate
RareMissile BoltThis powerful skill deals critical damage to a few enemies.X
Meteor ShowerThis skill is ideal for attacking many enemies in a large area.X
Absolute ShieldThis skill greatly improves your Def. so you are able to withstand powerful enemies.X
Healing StrikeThis skill is a very effective means of healing to extend your HP effectively for a duration of time.X
Poison StrikeL2R poison strikePuts an enemy to a poisoned state, reduces damage and movement speed for a certain amount of time. Additional damage during debuff duration.✔ (Alternative for M. Bolt)X

Specific Skills Usage

  • Aim for Planeswalk for added DPS, Atk. Speed Increase and Life Drain are keys for survivability
  • Triple Splinter and Blade Hurricane should only be added with excess points
  • Passive Skills (Rapid Anger and Critical Chance) is top priority for greater DPS


Main Stats and Sub-stats Priority

EquipmentSoul Crystal (Not applicable in NA/EU servers)Pet Mount
Weapon - Critical Rate / Attack Speed / Critical Damage or P. AtkPurple - Critical Damage (All)Helmet - Critical Rate (All)
Helmet - P. Def / M.Def / EvasionOrange - Critical Damage (All)Armor - Critical Rate (All)
Armor - P. Def / M.Def / Speed or EvasionRed - Critical Damage (All)Saddle - Evasion or Critical Resist or Resilience (user preference)
Gloves - P. Atk / Evasion / PenetrationYellow - Evasion or Critical Resist or Resilience (user preference)Boots - Evasion or Critical Resist or Resilience (user preference)
Shoes - P. Atk / Atk. Speed / Speed or EvasionCyan - Critical Damage (All)
Necklace - HP Drain / Atk. Speed / P. Def or ResilienceGreen - Evasion or Critical Resist or Resilience (user preference))
Earring - Speed / Penetration / HP Drain or Critical ResistBlack - Evasion or Critical Resist or Resilience (user preference)
Ring - Critical Rate / Critical Damage / P. Atk or HP DrainBlue - Evasion or Critical Resist or Resilience (user preference)
Silver - Critical Damage (All)


Other Useful Class Tips

  • Aim for Arbol Accessory set if you want to focus on PvE. You stack up the combo bonus pretty quickly, because of your naturally high attack speed. Elven and Nassen sets are better to equip for PvP.
  • Prioritize Atk Speed and Evasion stats to increase survivability.
  • P.Def and M.Def stats should also be your option to mitigate damage.
  • In PvP, Assault Slash is more valuable than Triple Splinter because it adds Crowd Control capabilities
  • In PvE, Triple Splinter has more DPS compared to Assault Slash and is also perfect for boss raids (lowers defense, attack speed, and movement speed.
  • Getting HP drain on your equipment will significantly boost your survivability.
  • In PvP:
    • [Keep close and kite to manually evade enemy Rare skills] > Planeswalk (as you prepare to charge the opponent) > Blade Hurricane > [IMMEDIATELY] Missile Bolt and Meteor Shower > Assault Slash > Normal attacks
  • For Rare Skills, use Missile Bolt and Meteor in Arena PvP. Healing Strike and Absolute Shield are must haves for AFK-farming and added survivability.


Share your character spotlight and user submission on the comments section below!

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  • Max
    March 24, 2018 at 8:09 pm

    how can you have 4 active skills if there are only 3 slots?

    • DK
      March 25, 2018 at 4:48 pm

      There are only 3 slots for active skills. Please refer to the recommended skillset depending on PvE/PvP:

      PvP (Arena) Skillset – Planeswalk / Assault Slash / Blade Hurricane

      PvE Skillset – Planeswalk / Triple Splinter / Blade Hurricane

  • Je
    May 23, 2018 at 3:53 am
    Ease of Leveling2.5
    PvE (Field & Dungeons)6.6

    for arena setup i think the following setup to be superior:

    PvP (Arena) Skillset – Assault Slash / Triple Splinter / Blade Hurricane

    enemy usually does not get to land even one hit

  • Xc
    May 30, 2018 at 6:50 am

    I wanna ask which one is better for PvP beside assault slash and mortal blow? Coz i watch on YouTube they all use mortal blow for PvP skill set

    • DK
      May 31, 2018 at 7:15 am

      Choosing between the 2 is mostly on user preference. Assault Slash has more DPS but Mortal Blow is better in terms of Crowd Control capability (since knock down can’t be negated by stun-resist).

    • hf
      August 2, 2018 at 11:56 am

      you can’t stun lock someone with multiple cc of the same type. you have to alternate between stun and knockdown. That’s why so many go for mortal blow.

  • October 25, 2018 at 10:35 am

    whoah this weblog is great i love studying your posts.
    Keep up the good work! You realize, lots of individuals are
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    whoah this weblog is great i love studying your posts. Keep up the good work!
    You realize, lots of individuals are hunting round for
    this information, you can help them greatly.

    whoah this weblog is great i love studying your posts. Keep up the good
    work! You realize, lots of individuals are hunting round for this information, you can help them

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