SEA Server Welcomes the Noble Orc Race!

by DK on September 13, 2018
SEA Server Welcomes the Noble Orc Race!
September 13, 2018

Lineage 2 Revolution Noble Orcs v3.0 SEA UpdateExciting news for players of the Lineage 2: Revolution SEA server! V.3.0 is now out, featuring a new race called Noble Orcs! They have high base Defense and Critical Resist, which will make for an enjoyable class for players that like a brute character!

Along with this update is the Server Merge of Aden, Baium, Dion, Giran, and Gludio – now called Magnadin! Players, especially in the competitive scene, are very excited to finally battle against other players from previously different servers. This is going to be intense! A new server, “Schuttgart,” is also available for players who want to start things fresh and be on equal footing with others.

Let’s dig into this article to tackle more details of this update!

Table of Contents

  1. “Noble Orc” Class
    • Class Tree / Characteristics of each class
    • Benefits of playing the Noble Orc class
  2. New / Merged Servers
    • Detailed information
    • Characters and Clans after the merge
  3. 300 Blessed Scroll Event
  4. Other Improvements
    • Sub Accessory slot added
    • Power Saving Mode

Noble Orc Class

Noble Orcs’ exclusive passive skill endows them with high DEF and CRIT RESIST. With their overwhelming strength and endurance, they are different from the NPC orcs we regularly see on the map. Thus, they are highly renowned in the world of Aden, on par with Humans, Elves, Dark Elves and Dwarves, worthy of being categorized as a race. An additional 5th character slot is also given to all players, so you can still create one even if you already have four characters. Unique to the other four classes, the Noble Orcs have a different class structure.

Class Tree

Basic Class1st Class Transfer2nd Class Transfer

Orc also starts with 3 kinds of classes: Warrior, Rogue, and Mystic. This time, 1st class and 2nd class transfer do not branch out.

To allow us to enjoy a different playing style, Noble Orcs are equipped with a different weapon system. Orc Warrior uses dual swords (high attack power), Orc Rogue uses claws (high speed) and Orc Mystic uses staff wand and shield (ranged attack with good defense).

Warrior – Raider/Destroyer

Long stun duration and counterattacks with debuffs

This class has active skills that decrease the enemies’ defense and attack speed, with one having a long stun duration. Another active skill gives you a buff that increases crit rate and attack speed. One of its passive skills decreases the enemies’ defense and crit resistance while you are being attacked. Another passive skill allows you to amplify your accessory’s effect, which goes extremely well with a Black Ore set (crit resist bonus).

The awakening skill after finishing your 2nd class transfer imbues you with a very strong buff for 10 seconds that allows you to inflict tons of damage onto enemies.

Rogue – Monk/Tyrant

Becomes stronger while being attacked

This class can stun enemies off multi-hit attacks and decrease the target’s defense. In addition to being rogues, the upgraded Monks/Tyrants become faster and stronger as you receive attacks from enemies. The class’s active buff further amplifies your stats, including the bonuses you receive from passives and equipped item bonuses.

The Tyrant’s awakening skill makes both of you and your surrounding enemies silenced for a certain duration, but drastically increases your basic attack damage and range that gives you the advantage. This will force you and your enemies to hit with normal attacks, prolonging the skill usage for both parties.

Mystic – Shaman/Warcryer

Buff provider and higher survivability compared to other Mystic classes

This class has two active AoE skills that deal massive damage surrounding the player. One active skill stuns the enemies while the other burns nearby enemies, inflicting continuous damage and decreasing the enemies’ defense.

The Shaman/Warcryer’s 3rd active skill generates a buff that imbues you and the party with increased Magic Attack, damage reflect, and shield buff. Upon reaching a certain level, using this skill will additionally give you a chance to auto-distribute a healing buff to the whole party, including the caster.

The awakening skill after finishing the 2nd class transfer will allow you to inflict massive damage and cause Fear upon nearby enemies.

Benefits of playing the Noble Orc class

  1. A newly created Noble Orc class character will start from level 180 and already have completed the 1st class transfer (yes, this includes the new server). This reduces the burden of strengthening your character, and also gives you a chance to try out playing this race to see if you enjoy it.
  2. Plenty of rewards can be claimed upon finishing the Main Quest that reduce the difficulty of increasing your combat power. To be fair, the game has applied benefits to other races that can increase their combat power really fast in lower levels, so that the balance will not be too weighted toward Orcs.
  3. Another benefit of playing the Noble Orc class is that once you start with a new character, you will have a Grade SR full set with +20 enhancement (aside from the pre-registration rewards). As you start, you will have to proceed with the first main quest directly to receive the weapon and armor set that you can equip right away as a reward. The accessory set will be available as a reward after completing the second main quest. So, after completing the first and second parts of Noble Orc’s main quest 15-1, you will now be able to play the game with the full set of equipment. If you create a new character in another race for the first time, you can still earn the full set reward after reaching level 2.

New / Merged Servers

New Server Added

A new server “Schuttgart” was added for those who want to play in a new environment. Please note that you can not move your character from one server to another — you’ll only be able to make a new character. This can be a big help to strengthen the new “Orc” race. It is your chance to become the strongest in this fresh new server!

Server Merge

The game merged the previous servers to add excitement, make all players meet and challenge one another. All five servers were combined into one server as follows:

Previous ServerServer after Merge
New Server AddedSchuttgart

Characters and Clans after the merge

The character retention effect only reflects the top 5 characters. The 5 highest-level characters will appear on the first screen and you can check your other characters on the other tab. Other characters aside from the Top 5 characters will be able to be deleted later on.

A duplicate character name or clan name is differentiated through an added special character after the duplicate name, and will also be provided with a Name Exchange ticket. Existing name users that are tagged as a duplicate can select their new name first and use the Name Exchange ticket until November 1 (other players will also be able to use it). If each server has time remaining on their purchased product, the duration of other product will be extended by adding them on the basis of long-term items.

The status of Fortresses and Castles will be reset on the date of server merge and compensation will be provided. 10th week conquer rewards will be distributed based on clan grade to those clans who have Fortresses a week before the server merge.

Red Diamonds will be distributed for 3 weeks to the clan inventory, which is equivalent to Castle of Darkness’ Castle Tax for those who have a castle.

300 Blessed Scroll Event

To celebrate the update, the game has prepared an event starting on the release date (September 12) wherein you can obtain a total of 300 Blessed scrolls. This event is composed of two parts which is designed for those who plays and works hard in this game.

  • Part 1 of the event is a 14-day check-in. You can obtain up to a maximum of 30 Blessed Scrolls.
  • Part 2 of the event is an event shop. You can earn points depending on your play time and you can exchange the points for Blessed Scrolls.

Other Improvements

Sub-Accessory slot added

5 Sub-Accessory Slots now open when your character reaches lvl 150. This improvement was made in line with the stagnant combat power to make opportunities for new metas by equipping various accessories. You can equip 1 Necklace, 2 Rings, and 2 Earrings in the Sub-Accessory slot, same with the current accessory slots, and when equipped, 30% of the sub-accessory’s stats will be added to the character’s combat power.

There’s also a limit for the sub-accessory slot. You cannot equip the same kind of accessory as the one equipped to your main accessory slot. For example, If you are equipped with 1 Elven Ring to your Main slot, you cannot equip Elven Necklace, Earrings, and Ring to your sub-slot.

New Rare Skill

The new Rare Skill “Impact Barrier” has also been added. It is a defensive buff skill with 100 seconds of cooldown time, which creates a shield that guards the caster. Attack power will increase while the shield is on-going.

Costume Substat Improvements

Previously, you could only benefit from existing costumes’ stats once equipped. To show and emphasize individuality, you can now change the stats into substats, like how Mount Pet stats and Cloaks work.

Reward Claim Improvements

It is now possible to get rewards from the previous day if you weren’t able to play by using the Reward Claim feature.

It was voiced by many that the efficiency of Reward Claim is not that good; thus, the developer renewed it and made major improvements to it.

Academy Clan

If you play the game for the first time, you will not be able to enjoy the Clan contents even if you join a Clan. Instead, the game has decided to make it easy for new players that just started playing the game to enjoy the contents of the clan through Academy Clan automatically.

Rare Skill obtaining improvements

Rare skills that heroes have not been able to strengthen or obtain in the past can now be purchased at the Clan Shop. Additionally, the chances of getting them from Field Boss and World Boss Rewards have also been increased to make them easier to obtain and use.

All Server Matching and Party Making Improvements

All server matching applies to Equipment Dungeon, Summoning Dungeon, Honorable Battlefield, and Temporal Rifts. Once applied, matching will occur within the servers that exist within each language.

Main Quests and Tower of Insolence Auto-proceed

An auto-proceed feature has been added to the Main Quest and the Tower of Insolence. A checkbox can be clicked to toggle auto-progression after a successful clear.

Power Saving Mode

To improve everyone’s gaming experience while auto-hunting in fields and in dungeons, the game has added a Power Saving mode to increase the longevity of your gaming device. The rewards obtained during the power-saving mode will neatly be displayed upon exiting it and returning back to active mode.

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