Mount Guide

by DK on July 5, 2018
Mount Guide
July 19, 2018

Welcome to PlayL2R’s Mount Guide!

A few key points before we begin…

Key point 1: Mounts can be classified as Offensive or Defensive Mounts.

Key point 2: Mount selection/choosing the best Mount depends on your class and playstyle.

Key point 3: Just owning a mount (without even using it) will still apply 30% of its stats to your CP. Of course, the main mount gives 100%. Therefore, maxing your main mount is not the end of your mount journey; improve other owned mounts to refine your power, as every bit of CP is important, especially in the endgame!

Mounts are not only used for transportation but also helps improve your character’s Combat Power (CP) as you level/upgrade it up. To add CP, Level Up, Upgrade, and Enhance a Mount / Mount Equipment.

In the course of the game, you might wonder, “What’s the best Mount?” The answer is: It depends on your class and playstyle, as they provide different stats (move speed will also be a factor in your selection).

Offensive-type mounts are recommended for:

Defensive-type mounts are recommended for:


First, let’s discuss the common items in a mount. These are Mount Equipment/Gear, its substats, and enhancement.

Mount Equipment

Mount Equipment is composed of 4 items:

  1. Visor (Offensive stats, increases P./M. Atk and Max MP)
  2. Saddle (Defensive stats, increases P./M. Def and Max HP)
  3. Armor (Offensive stats, increases P./M. Attack and Max HP)
  4. Boots (Defensive stats, increases P./M. Def and Resilience)

Each piece of Mount Equipment has 1 substat. You can re-roll randomly to a desired substat from the list using 150 Red or Blue Diamonds.

Offensive (Visor, Armor)
  1. P. Atk
  2. M. Atk
  3. Max MP
  4. HP Regen
  5. Penetration
  6. Crit Rate – Recommended
  7. Accuracy
  8. Ignore Def. Dmg.
Defensive (Saddle, Boots)
  1. P. Def
  2. M. Def
  3. Max HP
  4. MP Regen Rate
  5. Resilience
  6. Critical Resistance – Recommended
  7. Evasion
  8. Fixed Damage Decrease

All Mount Equipment can be leveled up to 20 using the same equipment type as material. When maxed, its Grade can be upgraded from C to SR using Adena.

Likewise, you can enhance the Mount Equipment using Mount Enhancement Scrolls. The highest enhancement level is 30. You can obtain Scrolls from Field Battle Loot, Daily Dungeon (Hell), Summon Shop, Arena Box, Enhancement Scroll Box, and events.



Best Offensive Mounts
  1. Maned Lion
  2. Kukurin
  3. Eggcellency
  4. Black Bear
MountSummon Requirements
SpeedStatGrade (@ Max Level)
Maned Lion
Reach Char Lvl 50
1 Maned Lion Summoning Stone
1 Maned Lion Binding Horn Flute
750P. Atk / M. Atk110339705118317452399
Max MP139429895150222173048
HP Regen8626655392713671878
Crit Rate316815257015263420
Reach Char Lvl 50
1 Kukurin Summoning Stone
1 Kukurin Binding Horn Flute
700P. Atk / M. Atk100310645108315982196
Max MP124382795133419692706
HP Regen7623448781712061657
MP Regen7623448781712061657
Reach Char Lvl 50
1 Eggcellency Summoning Stone
1 Eggcellency Binding Horn Flute
680P. Atk / M. Atk---101615982088
Max MP---133419692706
HP Regen---81712061577
Crit Resist---333416938
Black Bear
Reach Char Lvl 50
Complete the Mount Story and Turorial
640P. Atk / M. Atk96295614102915192088
Max MP124382795133419692706
MP Regen7222346477811481577



Best Defensive Mounts
  1. Camelot
  2. Steam Beetle
  3. Silver Saint
MountSummon Requirements
SpeedStatGrade (@ Max Level)
Camelot (Semi offensive / Hybrid)

Reach Char Lvl 50
1 Camelot Summoning Stone
1 Camelot Binding Horn Flute
750P. Def / M. Def-----2814
Max HP-----2636
HP Regen-----1690
Crit Rate-----3078
Steam Beetle
Reach Char Lvl 50
1 Steam Beetle Summoning Stone
1 Steam Beetle Binding Horn Flute
750P. Def / M. Def124382795133419692706
Max HP139429895150222173048
HP Regen8626655392713671878
Crit Resist316815257015263420
Silver Saint
Reach Char Lvl 50
1 Silver Saint Summoning Stone
1 Silver Saint Binding Horn Flute
670P. Atk / M. Atk115356741124318352522
Max HP124382795133419692706
HP Regen7623448781712061657



Important Note: Higher-ranked mounts, when compared to others, use summoning stones to upgrade that are harder to get. For players on a budget, including F2P players, we recommend prioritizing Black Bear (offensive focus) or Steam Beetle (defensive focus) as their main mount.

In fact, Black Bear is the easiest mount to upgrade and max out, allowing you to progress quickly as you focus more on PvE (Fields and Dungeons), perfect for players who are not yet maxed in character level.

Another great defensive mount that is easy to upgrade and max out is the Steam Beetle. Although this requires you to participate in the Open Siege to collect the upgrade materials, the time and trouble spent for collection is worth it, especially for defense-oriented classes. Silver Saint is another good option if you can’t keep up and participate during the Open Siege schedule.

You will never go wrong in upgrading these mounts, but of course, premium(rare) mounts always have the edge in overall stats.


Leveling up and Upgrading your Mount

You need Advancement Stones to level up your Mount. It can be leveled up to 20. Clear the Summoning Circle to acquire Advancement Stones. Of course, higher dungeon difficulties give more stones. Other sources are the Summon Shop, Salvaging Summoning Stones, and scheduled events.

You can Upgrade your Mount when it reaches level 20, then use Summoning Stones and Adena to Upgrade it from C to SR. Clear the Summoning Circle to acquire Summoning Stone Fragments and bind 100 of it in the workshop to acquire 1 Summoning Stone of that specific mount. Other sources include the Summon Shop and scheduled events.

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