Monster Codex Guide: The Best Cores! – Updated to lvl 260

by DK on May 9, 2018
Monster Codex Guide: The Best Cores! – Updated to lvl 260
December 14, 2018

The Monster Codex is your collection of Monster Cores. Each core provides a certain stat and increases them permanently; bonuses vary depending on the Monster Grade.

The stats applied upon completing the Monster Codex can be reviewed in detail in the Codex Window. Once filled, the Monster Codex is activated. Players can then review detailed information about the monsters.

Players can acquire Monster Cores by hunting monsters in each region, from Summon Boxes, and by completing Hard Clan Dungeons. There is a higher chance to acquire Monster Cores from hunting named monsters.


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Why Are Monster Cores Important?

Monster Cores add permanent stats to your Character, just like Runes and Elixirs. Their stat additions are essential in giving you a much-needed edge as an individual, and the capability to battle higher level monsters/bosses/players. This is what separates good from great: with complete sets of cores, you have the confidence to win in battles. Unlike Equipment stats, Monster Core stats are HIDDEN, which means cores are essentially your secret arsenal. Since they are hardly filled and requires hardcore farming, you can expect that, in PvP, enemies you meet will have a different core prioritization. Make sure to first fill up the cores that bring out the best of your Character type.

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Respawn Timers

Bosses in the field have specific respawn timers. The duration depends on the Grade of the monster. There are a total of 5 grade types for Bosses: C, B, A, S, R. 

GradeRespawn Time Color
C5 minutesWhite
B10 minutesOrange / Pink
A30 minutesGreen
S4 hoursBlue
RClan Dungeon Raid Boss-
  • Grade-A Bosses only spawns in Elite Dungeons
  • Grade-S Bosses are also known as Field Bosses
  • Grade-R Bosses’ Cores are obtained as rewards for clearing the Hard Mode for the Clan Dungeon Raids.

Joining an active clan is important, since Grade-R cores can only be obtained through Clan Dungeon Raids.

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Core List

The following list is organized according to Stat Type and Bonuses, arranged from lowest to highest. It provides you with the area and monsters to farm, depending on the type of build and Character you play.
Core List:

P. Atk / M. Atk

LocationNameMob DropGradeStat Increase Per LevelTotal Cores Needed
East Talking Island
Black Fang
Swift Black WolfC584
Gludin Highway
MorettiMalevolent Skeleton ArcherC11206
Elven Ruins Catacomb 1
Horror Wing
Drill BatA12236
WastelandPointerMutant Armored AntB26396
Plains of Dion
BulcBreka Orc InfiltratorC27556
Gludio Plains
Silverbeard (Boss)Silverbeard (Boss)S34 22
Cruma Swamp
Swamp KillerC36670
Shrieking Hallow
Tortured MandragoraC42900
Giran DominionThoxLangk Lizardman Elder ShamanB57880
Devil’s Isle
Cave ScorpionB691530
Cruma Tower Floor 2
Master Mordeo
Mordeo's GuardA70740
Haunted Necropolis
GorokkRavine Breka WarchiefB741250
Eternal Lands
Parasite ZombieB843110
Ivory Tower Catacomb Laboratory
EdwinTwisted AssistantA893930
Elven Ruins Catacomb 2
VarkaronClan DungeonR12830
Deathly Fog Shores
Marsha (Boss)Marsha (Boss)S16674

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P. Def / M. Def

LocationNameMob DropGradeStat Increase Per LevelTotal Cores Needed
East Talking Island
SilverhornBighorn AntelopeB8150
Gludin HighwayOlvarOl Mahum CutthroatC11206
Elven Ruins Catacomb 1RyukaonLycanA13236
Windawood ManorShadow WingsVampire BatC18354
WastelandGrinderMutant Armored Ant FighterB23396
Plains of DionBaroqueBreka Orc RangerC32556
Cruma SwampZyrnnaMarsh Stakato SlaveC38670
Shrieking HallowFloraDicor of SorrowC43900
Deathly Fog ShoresLulaniOl Mahum Bandits CommanderC591290
Cruma Tower Floor 2Serbo PrimeSusceptor PrimeA62740
Devil’s IsleRuaDeadly Dark SuccubusC681200
Haunted NecropolisOombaGrandis BoneccrusherB761250
Northwind PlateauBear GrylleGrendelB772800
Eternal LandsShodowDark BrotherhoodB783110
Ivory Tower Catacomb LaboratoryAdolfTwisted SubjectA793930
Ivory Tower Catacomb LaboratoryEnasUnderground BasiliskA803930
Ant Nest Catacomb 2Queen Ant (Boss)Queen Ant (Boss)R12832

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Max HP

LocationNameMob DropGradeStat Increase Per LevelTotal Cores Needed
East Talking Island
Queen SylopGiant Hermit SpiderB10150
Gludin HighwayAlleOl Mahum ShooterC16206
Elven Ruins Catacomb 1ArachneSubterranean PincherA20236
Windawood ManorRuins WandererSoul SlasherB25436
WastelandSand LurkerGiant LeechB37396
Plains of DionMokeBreka Orc TrooperC45556
Shrieking HallowJonadanDoom servantC52900
Cruma SwampArcaneShadow Choir PrimaB54526
Deathly Fog ShoresAlfonsoShipwrecked Pirate ZombieC711010
Devil’s IsleAlbertZaken Pirates BoatswainB841200
Cruma Tower Floor 3GreezoValidus GuardA101900
Ivory Tower Catacomb LaboratoryGenosUncontrollable GolemA1153930
Temporal RiftRamogRamogS1752100
Ivory Tower Catacomb 3SkullchaserSkeleton TrooperA1771620
Ivory Tower Catacomb TerritoryMortaTimak Orc Tribal ChiefC1143600

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Max MP

LocationNameMob DropGradeStat Increase Per LevelTotal Cores Needed
East Talking IslandUrcaOrc Master MarksmanC1084
Elven Ruins Catacomb 2ManiskullSpartoi BerserkerA20406
Windawood ManorSabretoothFallen SnipeB30436
Gludin HighwayZodiac (Boss)Zodiac (Boss)S3122
WastelandStone HaftzGray Stone GolemB39396
Plains of DionThrushLeto LizardmanB39466
Shrieking HallowShrieking TreantOminous WillowB61730
Deathly Fog ShoresHolstDismal ShoutB721010
Devil’s IsleJeffZaken Pirates HelmsmanB851200
Cruma Tower Floor 3JuliusMefordeA103900
Haunted NecropolisAgarezDustwind GargolyteB1051250
Cruma SwampSina (Boss)Sina (Boss)S10722
Northwind PlateauKarixKazan Slave ForemanC1072800
Ivory Tower Catacomb TerritoryAritaVoid HoundB1103450
Ivory Tower Catacomb LaboratoryAlexanderBound SubjectA1193930

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LocationNameMob DropGradeStat Increase Per LevelTotal Cores Needed
East Talking IslandKobakaOrc FootmanC584
Gludio PlainsBig HandVicious Red BearB10290
Elven Ruins Catacomb 2FelixSpartoi HunterA11406
Windawood ManorHuccaTurek Orc ShooterC19354
WastelandSand HaftzSahara of the DesertB21396
Plains of DionKrushLeto Lizardman GuardB29466
Summit of DissonanceSummit AttackerBlack LeopardC34810
Shrieking HallowCowboyResurrected SpecterC39900
Deathly Fog ShoresMedesDegenerated Lesser GiantB521010
Cruma Tower Floor 3MagnusRorkaA55900
Haunted NecropolisVerockRavine Breaka ShamanC611250
Northwind PlateauXenoLeto Lizardman ShamanB702800
Ivory Tower Catacomb TerritoryDefenderIvory Tower Guardian GolemB713450
Ivory Tower Catacomb LaboratoryTrasosMalfunctioning GuardianA733930
Ivory Tower Catacomb 3CreatusDark generalA1011620
Cruma Tower Floor 3Cruma CoreCruma CoreR17650
Haunted NecropolisMarlox (Boss)Marlox (Boss)SUnstable230

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LocationNameMob DropGradeStat Increase Per LevelTotal Cores Needed
West Talking IslandStingForest WaspC6132
Gludio PlainsDoom SkullDark WeaverB12290
Elven Ruins Catacomb 2Death GazerSpotterA13406
Windawood ManorGnasherFierce Turek War HoundC18354
Plains of DionVarashLeto Lizardman ArcherB32466
Shrieking HallowSeamstressRelentless SpecterC36900
Summit of DissonanceTartanTanor SentinelB37610
Giran DominionVirWyrm wardenB46880
WastelandKazir (Boss)Kazir (Boss)S5222
Deathly Fog ShoresLukaAnguished Lesser GiantB561010
Haunted NecropolisJasonWandering Fettered SoulC661750
Eternal LandsLarvaVile Pan LuemB733110
Ivory Tower Catacomb TerritoryMarataTimak Orc SeekerB743450
Ivory Tower Catacomb LaboratoryBarbaraRestless ApprenticeA783930
Forest of Secrets CanopyArgosForest GrendelA773420
Ivory Tower Catacomb 3SandstormCave SaharaA1081620

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Crit. Rate

LocationNameMob DropGradeStat Increase Per LevelTotal Cores Needed
West Talking IslandRed RouseRed Fox Spirit KeeperC4132
Elven Ruins Catacomb 2NecrossShaperA13406
Gludio PlainsKactooseMaille Lizardman ManhunterB14290
Windawood ManorTrokaTurek Orc TrooperC22354
Plains of DionScreashLeto Lizardman ShamanB33466
Summit of DissonanceThaartanKakoon's Elite SoldierB33610
Ant Nest Catacomb 1ReaverAnt Soldier LarvaA42484
Shrieking HallowBalthazarNerkas NecromancerC43960
Giran DominionTessLangk Lizardman RecruitB48880
Deathly Fog ShoresHectorCreation of the Lesser GiantB591010
Haunted NecropolisRavolasDeath Headless KnightB751250
Ivory Tower Catacomb LaboratoryAmosRestless WizardA983930
Forest of Secrets CanopyHelissaNymph FleurA863600
Ivory Tower Catacomb 2VultureStakato SoldierA1021330
Ivory Tower Catacomb TerritoryMitaTimak Orc ArcherC1143600
Temporal RiftTrishaTrishaS1882400
Shrieking HallowGuillotine of Death (Boss)Guillotine of Death (Boss)R20853

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Crit. Resist

LocationNameMob DropGradeStat Increase Per LevelTotal Cores Needed
West Talking IslandTaarkaOrc BerserkerC4132
Gludin HighwayCanineCougarC12206
Gludio PlainsCotusMaile Lizardman ScoutC22246
Ant Nest Catacomb 1Ant Nest ForemanAnt CaptainA47484
Summit of DissonanceTutanTanor PriestB50610
Giran DominionEllenMedusaC561080
Windawood ManorVapar (Boss)Vapar (Boss)S5922
Giran DominionRashkosLangk Lizardman SoldierB63880
Plains of DionFlagon (Boss)Flagon (Boss)S8522
Northwind PlateauToruqTanor Trabal Chief Royal GuardC932800
Eternal LandsRebaOel Mahum ShamanB943110
Ivory Tower Catacomb TerritoryKretaTimka Orc White CaptainB953450
Forest of Secrets CanopySlingToxic AtroxA1073420
Ivory Tower Catacomb LaboratoryEnclemaDark Brotherhood InvestigatorA1083930
Ivory Tower Catacomb 1MesheempTainted Walking FungusA1151030
Ivory Tower Catacomb 2GarguEnhanced GargoyleA1341330

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LocationNameMob DropGradeStat Increase Per LevelTotal Cores Needed
West Talking IslandBane KingForest Venom FangB6150
Gludin HighwayFrekiSadistic WerewolfC7206
Gludio PlainsCoxMaille Lizardman ShamanB11290
WastelandSand EyeMonster Eye TrackerC13324
Cruma SwampLiamSkeleton PursuerC22670
Summit of DissonanceOl B’KhanOl Mahun TrooperC25810
Ant Nest Catacomb 2Ant Nest Royal Guard CaptainAnt Soldier Royal GuardA27650
Giran DominionShakosLangk Lizardman FighterB31880
Cruma Tower Floor 2MystiqueExcuroA36740
Northwind PlateauGaytinRazorwind Bugbear DevourerB462800
Ivory Tower Catacomb 1CorepioTainted ScorpionA571030
Ivory Tower Catacomb LaboratoryKloudDark Brotherhood GuardianA643930
Ivory Tower Catacomb 2MorpheusEnhanced PerumA661330
Giran DominionStenoa (Boss)Stenoa (Boss)S10358

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LocationNameMob DropGradeStat Increase Per LevelTotal Cores Needed
Gludin HighwayMelvilleSkeleton SoldierC8206
Gludio PlainsTurekkaTurek Orc EscortC10246
West Talking IslandSpirit Shepherd (Boss)Spirit Shepherd (Boss)S1122
WastelandRed LockWastelands BasiliskB15396
Cruma SwampRondeSkeleton ScoutC22670
Ant Nest Catacomb 2Spawning Ground KeeperNoble Ant LeaderA28650
Giran DominionLuceLangk Lizardman RangerC391080
Cruma Tower Floor 2StelosPortaA42740
Summit of DissonanceAmadeus (Boss)Amadeus (Boss)S4322
Haunted NecropolisWilhelmRavine WindsusC451750
Northwind PlateauSilenosTanor Tribe GuardianC482800
Eternal LandsHost FungusWalking FungusC493200
Ivory Tower Catacomb TerritoryTarbaBandit FighterB503450
Ivory Tower Catacomb LaboratorySophosDark Brotherhood ResearcherA523930
Ivory Tower Catacomb 1PretaPremo the TaintedA621030

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Core Priority Each Class

RaceBase ClassAdvancementCore Priority
HumanWarriorPaladin / Phoenix KnightMax HP
P. Def
Crit Resist
Warlord / DreadnoughtP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit. Rate
RogueTreasure Hunter / AdventurerP. Atk / M. Atk
Hawkeye / SagittariusP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit. Rate
MysticSorcerer / ArchmageP. Atk / M. Atk
Max MP
Bishop / CardinalP. Def / M. Def
Crit. Resist
Max MP
ElfWarriorTemple Knight / Eva's TemplarEvasion
P. Def / M. Def
P. Atk / M. Atk
Swordsinger / Sword MuseP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit Rate
RoguePlainswalker / WindriderP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit. Rate
Silver Ranger / Moonlight SentinelP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit. Rate
MysticSpellsinger / Mystic MuseP. Atk / M. Atk
P. Def / M. Def
Crit Resist
Elder / Eva's SaintP. Def / M. Def
Crit. Resist
Max HP
Dark ElfWarriorShillien Knight / Shilen TemplarP. Atk / M. Atk
Max HP
Crit. Rate
Bladedancer / Spectral DancerP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit. Rate
RogueAbyss Walker / Ghost HunterP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit. Rate
Phantom Ranger / Ghost SentinelP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit. Rate
MysticSpellhowler / Storm ScreamerP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit. Rate
Max MP
Shillien Elder / Shilen SaintP. Atk / M. Atk
Max HP

DwarfWarriorGuardian / Eternal GuardianMax HP
P. Atk / M. Atk
P. Def / M. Def
Slayer / War SlayerP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit. Rate
P. Def / M. Def
RogueScavenger / Bounty HunterP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit. Rate
War Ranger / WarsmithP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit. Rate
MysticBattle Mage / Eldrich WizardP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit. Rate
Sage / Master SageMax HP
P. Def / M. Def
Crit. Resist

OrcWarriorRaider / DestroyerP. Atk / M. Atk
Crit Rate
Crit Resist
RogueMonk / TyrantP. Atk / M. Atk
P. Atk / M. Atk
Crit Rate
MysticShaman / WarcryerP. Atk / M. Atk
P. Def / M. Def
Crit Resist

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Codex Farm Like a Pro

A great video by Hellacash on Codex farming.

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  • Chad
    November 26, 2017 at 11:02 pm

    So should I just focus on grade A monsters then?

    • DK
      November 27, 2017 at 3:39 pm

      hi Chad!

      No. Monster grades are categorized based on respawn rate and not the core quality. Some Grade C cores are harder than Grade A cores due to level differences and territory.

      Grade A Noble Ant Leader Lvl 84
      Grade C Langk Lizardman Ranger Lvl 132

      Similarly, the Grade C core above provides a higher stat bonus.

      For core hunters, they usually look at the monsters they can easily kill at the same time dropping the cores they need (be it on field or elite dungeon). This allows them to AFK farm and grind with party.

      Hope this helps 🙂 Enjoy the grind.

      • ckihm
        November 27, 2017 at 7:15 pm

        I think I could use some more guidance on which cores to start farming first then. How do you recommend I think about that?

        • DK
          November 29, 2017 at 5:05 am

          An in-depth Character guide is in the works and will be published next week. It includes the cores you need to farm at your current level. Please look forward to it! 🙂

  • ChangaChanga
    December 13, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    Does the core drop rate go down the bigger the difference in level between me and the mob?

    • DK
      December 14, 2017 at 6:57 pm

      Not much of an effect on core drops but for others, yes (quest scrolls, equipment, etc.). Example: I’m currently level 120 and decided to farm level 50 monsters, I still get a good amount of cores except for lvl 50 quest scrolls. 🙂

  • NastyOh
    January 2, 2018 at 11:16 pm

    I been reading that the Elite Dungeon monsters don’t drop CODEX if you outlevel them, is this true at 120?

  • Podikaras
    February 14, 2018 at 5:00 am

    hello and thank you for the guide!can you add the after patch codex please?(120-180 lvl codex)
    that will be awesome!!!!

    • DK
      February 14, 2018 at 6:37 am

      Actually this already includes up to 180 patch but some have incomplete details. We will complete and update this guide with more information so stay tuned 🙂 Thanks a lot

  • Podikaras
    February 17, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    thank you m8 keep up the good work!!!

  • Jean-Baptiste Collinet
    February 22, 2018 at 6:02 am

    Very well done. This is a really thorough work!

    I just disagree with “these things take ages to farm” (written in the email that brought me here)… here’s why: you can find summon battles in the “public” chat tab and join them. If you’re in luck, the party leader will do more than 1 summon, rather 3-4 in a row. Sometimes the drop rate is so high that cores drop without fighting… but also adena and soul crystals (usually A-grade).

    Personally, there’s no other way to farm successfully, and without caring about respawn time.

    • DK
      February 22, 2018 at 1:18 pm

      Summon Stones and Core Potions are game changer! It will still need your effort but not as tedious as before 🙂

  • LMP
    March 24, 2018 at 12:47 pm

    Try having clan leader pop a core buff and using your personal core potion. You will be collecting in excess of 300 cores per stone.

  • DamagePS
    June 4, 2018 at 12:17 am

    Guillotine of Death give crit rate stat not crit resist

  • Styx
    July 10, 2018 at 9:49 am

    These mobs are missing from Understory, any chance you can add them?


  • Jynks
    August 3, 2018 at 1:25 pm

    I am curious – why do you feel Accuracy and Resilience as two of the most important stats for Treasure Hunter? Wouldn’t Crit Rate, for example, be more important than either of those? Why isn’t PDEF/MDEF more important than Resilience?

    Thank you for all the great guides!

  • Elona
    September 4, 2018 at 8:17 pm

    Is this list and the bot ever going to get updated with Slaughter, Emperor Roc, and Keep of Catastrophe cores?

  • Tyler
    October 9, 2018 at 4:51 pm

    Question: when can we expect an update to the bot? Is there some way for the community to help out with this?

  • December 24, 2018 at 8:35 pm

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