PlayL2R Leveling Guide: 321-360 (Schuttgart Territory)

by DK on December 20, 2018
PlayL2R Leveling Guide: 321-360 (Schuttgart Territory)
December 17, 2018

Welcome to the PlayL2R Leveling Guide Series: Level 321-360 Edition!

Finally, the gates of Schuttgart and the Cave of Trials have opened where monsters up to level 360 can be found. Along the ever-changing terrain of areas around the map, this territory is dwelled in by diverse monster types with vicious Dragons and Magical monsters. Needless to say, leveling from 321-360 is a grueling task without proper equipment on your character. The purpose of this guide is to run through all the required items, stats, and locate the farming areas that matches your character level for a smooth progression.

By this time, you should already know that attribute advantage is a huge factor towards the effectiveness of your attacks and defenses. Since this area is crowded with Magical and Dragon mobs, we expect you to use at least a Pierce or Dragonfang attribute weapon! Hunt attribute (Elite) weapons/armor are still viable in the Elite Dungeon but not as effective and fast-paced as Pierce or Dragonfang.

Expectations and things to look forward

Elite Dungeon experience farming zones based on level range

Areas include Dragon’s Cave Catacomb 2, Cave of Trials B1F and B2F

Using Magical Weapon and Magical/Elite Armor

Levels 328-345 is a challenge for Heroes with a Magical weapon since there are no magical monsters in this area. You can either use your existing UR Elite Weapon for a high base damage or commit to using a Magical Weapon equipped with a Dragon Attribute Talisman for bonus damage against Dragon-type monsters).

  • Leveling focus: (Solo HT to maximize experience gain)
    • Lvl 320-327: Bloody Espada
    • Lvl 328-334: Mutant Salamander (Note: Use Elite Weapon or Equip a Dragon Attribute Talisman)
    • Lvl 335-342: Sensitive Mutant Salamander (Note: Use Elite Weapon or Equip a Dragon Attribute Talisman)
    • Lvl 343-345: Dragon Warrior (Note: Use Elite Weapon or Equip a Dragon Attribute Talisman)
    • Lvl 346-350: Crystal Digger
    • Lvl 351-358: Test Watcher
    • Lvl 359-360: Rock Digger
  • PoB / RSS focus: (Evil of Blood monsters)
    • Lvl 320-329: Bloody Espada
    • Lvl 330-334: Mutant Salamander
    • Lvl 335-345: Sensitive Mutant Salamander
    • Lvl 346-350: Crystal Digger
    • Lvl 351-358: Test Watcher
    • Lvl 359-360: Rock Digger

Using Draconic Weapon and Draconic/Elite Armor:

Owning a Draconic Weapon/Set is highly advantageous to use in Schuttgart Territory. As you can see below, the progression is constantly moving from Levels 322-360 without adjustments from your equipment set. Even a +21 Enhanced Grade SR Draconic weapon would suffice as long as its attribute level is at maximum. Pair it with a Draconic Talisman and you will surely keep up with monsters near your level range.

  • Leveling focus: (Solo HT to maximize experience gain)
    • Lvl 320-321: Bloody Espada (Note: Use Elite Weapon or Equip a Magical Attribute Talisman)
    • Lvl 322-326: Wandering Dragon
    • Lvl 327-334: Mutant Salamander
    • Lvl 335-342: Sensitive Mutant Salamander
    • Lvl 343-345: Dragon Warrior
    • Lvl 346-350: Dust Dragon
    • Lvl 351-358: Gust Dragon
    • Lvl 359-360: White Eater Dragon
  • PoB / RSS focus: (Evil of Blood monsters)
    • Lvl 320-321: Bloody Espada (Note: Use Elite Weapon or Equip a Magical Attribute Talisman)
    • Lvl 322-334: Mutant Salamander
    • Lvl 335-345: Sensitive Mutant Salamander
    • Lvl 346-350: Dust Dragon
    • Lvl 351-358: Gust Dragon
    • Lvl 359-360: White Eater Dragon
AreaMonsterMonster lvlTypeHPEvil of Blood
Dragon’s Cave Catacomb 2Bloody Karique322Demon8,572,440Y
Blood Queen322Demon8,572,440Y
Bloody Espada322Magical8,572,440Y
Cave of Trials B1FWandering Hero322Undead8,643,465N
Maddened Foreman322Human8,643,465N
Wandering Dragon322Dragon8,643,465N
Vindicative Agent330Undead8,760,844N
Maneating Guard Dog330Animal8,760,844Y
Mutant Salamander330Dragon8,760,844Y
Egg Guard Dog338Animal8,978,083Y
Possessed Challenger338Human8,978,083Y
Sensitive Mutant Salamander338Dragon8,978,083Y
Cave of Trials B2FTest Monster346Animal9,195,322N
Crystal Digger346Magical9,195,322N
Dust Dragon346Dragon9,195,322N
Test Watcher354Magical9,667,408N
High-ranked Orc Examiner354Human9,667,408Y
Gust Dragon354Dragon9,667,408Y
Rock Digger362Magical10,164,845Y
Orc Gravedigger362Human10,164,845Y
White Eater Dragon362Dragon10,164,845Y
Dragon's Cave DepthsDevil Eyes322Magical13,518,079Y
Maluk Assassin332Undead14,170,745Y
Dragon Warrior342Dragon14,824,386Y
Able to AFK farm in the Elite Dungeon with Soulshots “ON”

Elite monsters from Cave of Trials give tons of Adena from killing monsters and selling Old Relics. It also means you can freely use Soulshots while AFK farming in the designated area without a negative Adena income. It is a must since you need to kill monsters fast to maximize the experience gain. Also, set your normal skills to activate automatically and use rare skills that ensure your survivability (Healing Strike, Absolute Shield)

Able to Solo during Hot Time (HT)

Solo farming gives the whole amount of experience to yourself for every monster killed while parties share experience when they are close to each other (within ~30m radius). You can still be in a party to acquire passive bonuses (additional CP) but make sure to seclude yourself from any member while doing HT alone. If you can handle the monsters by yourself, it is strongly advised to go solo during HT.

At least 30 minutes of additional HT (200 Red Diamonds) per day

Level boosters make use of this opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Elite dungeon is even more valuable when Hot Time is active, you earn 8x experience and 4x item drop rate boost. Since this is only activated for a limited time on a daily basis, you should know how to maximize and make use of the given time, and of course, extend the duration using Red Diamonds. From level 300 onwards, you would normally level up two times per day if you extend HT at least 30 mins per day.

Use Clan Buffs and Buff Scrolls during HT

Heroes should join an active clan that has high clan buff levels and use it during HT for an efficient farm. In addition, use Elite/Magical buff scrolls (Temporal Rift loot) and Personal Potions (clan hall crafting) for maximum efficiency during HT.

Clan Buff usage priority: ATK > Crit. Dmg > Crit. Rate > DEF > HP > Evasion > SPD > Accuracy > MP

Attribute Talisman

Attribute talisman imbues additional attribute effects to your weapon with draconic/magical/elite bonus damage. Make sure to equip a talisman with a high % innate effect that matches the monsters you are attacking. Higher Talisman grade means higher maximum value of the bonus effect. Check our Talisman Guide for more information about Talismans.

Draconic – Dragon Hunter’s Crown / Dragon Claw
Magical – Demon’s Trace / Ancient Bone Shard
Elite – Golden Gargoyle Scale /  Eternal Honor / Fairy Wing Fragment

Red Magical / Draconic (Rare) PvE weapon

Schuttgart Territory has a lot of Magical and Dragon-type monsters especially in the Elite Dungeon where players spend their Hot Time bonus to gain fast experience. Owning a magical or draconic weapon would fast-track your leveling starting from Dragon’s Cave Catacomb until the Cave of Trials (Levels 268-360). Most importantly, Red weapons deal +325% final damage at max attribute compared to an Elite weapon with only +112%. This is the reason why a grade SR Red weapon is still superior compared to a UR Elite weapon. The difference in final damage largely affects the monster kill rate which is an important factor during Hot Time. More kills, more exp, more levels!

Stats and basic requirements

HP drain is essential in PvE, so we highly recommend having at least 2% HP drain on equipment substats. Similarly, Soulshots are necessary for faster monster kills. Equip Blood Ranger’s Cloak to get a fixed chance of acquiring Scraps of Blood (for each scrap of blood, it can be opened and give you UR material scraps, Proof of Blood or Red Starstone).

Most of the time, you will be bouncing in these two areas while leveling:

  • Monsters ±4 of your current level is the ideal range to get a good amount of exp and loot ratio (including scrolls).
  • Farming the field should come with Einhasad’s blessing to maximize exp gain. Efficiently use it after completing the extraction dungeon.
  • Adventurer’s Cloak should be equipped while farming in the Field (+30% bonus exp. at max. See cloak guide for more details).
  • Likewise, gear with exp. increase rate substats are also helpful (~5.5% for weapon, ~1.8% for armors and accessories, up to +22% bonus exp. in total)
  • One of the main sources of Experience and Adena are subquest scrolls. Quest Scrolls in Schuttgart Territory are levels 320, 338, and 346.
  • There are magical creatures in the fields of Avento (see table below). Use a red weapon to gain the killing advantage.
Elite Dungeon
  • Areas: Dragon’s Cave Catacomb 2, Dragon’s Cave Depths, Cave of Trials B1F, B2F and B3F
  • Follow ±4 of your current level to avoid huge penalty on exp. gain
  • Monsters should be at least 7 levels lower than your current level to still be able to get sufficient amount of Proofs of Blood (PoB) and Red Starstones (RSS) from Evil of Blood (EoB) monsters.
  • Blood Ranger’s cloak should be equipped to get scraps of blood to help you with the daily clan donations. Unfortunately, Adventurer’s cloak does not work in Elite Dungeons.
  • Monsters in the Elite dungeons are a huge source of experience if you can run the Hot Time in solo.
    • You can leech CP and join a party then farm on areas where you can solo kill monsters to gain the full exp.
    • Filled with Elite-type monsters; using an elite weapon is advantageous
    • Similarly, Magical Creatures are located in some areas, use a red magical weapon to clear waves faster than elite weapons.

Daily Checklist:

  1. Trials of Experience
  2. Clan Fireplace (Check clan schedule)
  3. Reward Claim
  4. 20 sub-quests (500 C-Grade scrolls/day)
    • 320, 338, 346.
  5. Elite Dungeon (Hot Time) Solo
  6. Einhasad’s Blessing
    • Field
    • Extraction Pit
  7. Tower of Insolence
  8. Main Quest
  9. Weekly Quests
  10. Daily Quests
  11. AFK farm in Elite Dungeon
    • 0m setting (if your toon can’t tank simultaneous enemy attacks)
    • 10m setting (standard AFK setting)
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