Western Leaderboard – Top Players by CP

by DK on September 6, 2018
Western Leaderboard – Top Players by CP
September 11, 2018

Updated as of September 4, 2018

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Top Players by CP

The race to 3M Combat Power is close. Our rank 1 for this week is none other than Impact’s SkeLeToNJacK from Valakas N2 server! His current CP is 2.63M, just a tiny lead over Inventor’s Rayvn from Cruma N2 with his 2.60M Bladedancer.

Bladedancers are indeed the most famous class in Lineage 2: Revolution consisting of 13 players from the top 50, followed by Abyss Walkers with 9, then Phantom Rangers and Spellhowlers with 4 each.

The clan with the most members in the top 50 is Yangire represented by Camus, Sadpotato, 帅呆了, and Hungsta. And so far, America I is dominating the leaderboard with 27 players in the top 50. Will this trend continue, or will EU reclaim the top spot as the most competitive region? Stay tuned for our bi-monthly leaderboard updates!

1Valakas N2SkeLeToNJacKBladedancerImpact2,626,732
2Cruma N2RayvnBladedancerInventors2,600,231
3Valakas N2DEATHWISHBladedancer무한2,545,923
4Valakas N3rakesElderBrotherhood2,523,265
6Deforge04MegioNSorcererNot in a Clan2,497,730
7Valakas N1CamusBladedancerYangire2,490,330
8Deforge04ДЕДсРЕМНЁМAbyss WalkerLEGION2,477,105
9Valakas N3DesertFalconSwordsingerBrotherhood2,474,783
10Valakas N2TorthosAbyss WalkerNot in a Clan2,472,677
12Cruma N2whitegiantHawkeyeLegendary2,438,109
13Bartz01DarksydePhantom RangerABC2,437,015
14Valakas N2PenguinSilver RangerParagon2,435,850
15Cruma N2燃燒吧火鳥Bladedancer战神殿2,427,539
16Valakas N1DaevienBladedancerDemigodZ2,422,256
18Valakas N1JAROSBladedancer선천적얼간이들2,392,489
19Gracia N1ZahTreasure HunterNemesi2,387,689
20Ken Rauhel N1ZepitronAbyss WalkerHELLAS2,384,812
21Valakas N1LifeburnSpellhowlerDemigodZ2,382,775
23Valakas N3ZorbelBladedancerOmega2,382,399
24Valakas N2MoopBladedancerImpact2,381,390
25Valakas N2ArigonPhantom RangerWhiskey2,376,976
26Valakas N1SpiderAbyss WalkerShogunites2,375,059
27Ken Rauhel N3MadridistawyWarlordStardust2,374,281
28Cruma N1GdamnTreasure HunterForsaken#2,372,419
29Valakas N3WarTexPaladinRelentless2,368,849
30Gracia N1GuapaElderNot in a Clan2,363,562
31Valakas N2MrYashBladedancerNot in a Clan2,356,798
32Valakas N1SadpotatoSilver RangerYangire2,356,019
33Cruma N1NarutSpellsingerNot in a Clan2,351,050
34Valakas N2soezAbyss WalkerNot in a Clan2,345,722
35Valakas N2HeroPaladin무한2,345,148
36Cruma N2SCJinBladedancer战神殿2,342,443
37Valakas N2FlaushSilver RangerAscension2,339,416
38Valakas N1帅呆了Abyss WalkerYangire2,335,134
39Deforge01RipperAbyss WalkerRedRise2,330,414
40Cruma N1EllieLovelyScavengeriCEP0int2,319,948
41Valakas N2VoidPhantom RangerNot in a Clan2,317,560
42Valakas N2o0little0oBladedancerStarCity2,315,037
43Valakas N1ImRetiredAbyss WalkerDeadlys7ns2,314,133
45Valakas N3wlfkf0Treasure HunterKoreanLegacy2,309,109
46Valakas N2EspaAbyss WalkerParagon2,302,793
48Ken Rauhel N1MeAboveAllSpellhowler4UsOnly2,297,962
49Valakas N1HungstaPhantom RangerYangire2,292,964
50Cruma N2MayumiSpellsingerInventors2,290,895
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  • BlueRose
    February 21, 2018 at 1:17 am

    This is EU o NA Server? I can’t see the names of people from SEA Server here. So don’t caption this as Global Leaderboard unless you put all the names and their details here.

    • DK
      February 21, 2018 at 8:10 am

      Hi BlueRose!

      SEA server is not part of the Global version of the game, it only consists of NA, EU and Oceania. Yes they are both English translated versions but SEA level cap is 260 while Global is 180, which is why they cannot coexist in rankings. We might create a separate leaderboard for SEA though. 🙂

  • Foksey
    March 20, 2018 at 4:45 pm

    Can you do a separate leaderboard for NA and EU?

  • Gimli
    March 31, 2018 at 5:37 am

    Rank 1 and rank 2 are same person deathangels i kaymzee alt! Lol crazy

  • Gimli
    March 31, 2018 at 5:40 am

    May i add also that our clan judgement day is the revolution in kenrauhel 03 ! We have defeated the top rank 1 and 2 in fortress siege by team effort so dont be discouraged bt whales ! This game is team and coordination can take down anything !

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