Western Leaderboard – Top Players by CP (New Servers)

by DK on September 6, 2018
Western Leaderboard – Top Players by CP (New Servers)
September 11, 2018

Updated as of September 4, 2018

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Top Players by CP

All hail the maven and top CP player Vallhala’s Tea from Dekkan N2! Tea built an insurmountable lead with a staggering 2.48M CP, creating a solid lead over competitors like Allfheim and Odin1, also from Dekkan servers, who have 2.22M and 1.88M CP respectively. Take note that this is a new server launched last May 2018 and Tea’s Silver Ranger is already on par against the top players from older servers. To be exact, Tea would rank 8th in the old server leaderboard and has the highest CP overall for Silver Rangers. There are 10 Silver Rangers that are ranked in the top 50.

The clan with the most members in the top 50 is Yggdrasil constituted by their leader Freyja and her members Opie, Bleet, Rion, Bird, 名宇太长躲在树后会被发现, TryHardForever, and Lauren. Furthermore, most top rankers (38/50) are from America I region where Yggdrasil is.

Will the crankings revert to another clan’s favor? Or will Tea find a rival for the top spot on our next leaderboard update? Only time can tell!

1Dekkan N2TeaSilver RangerValhalla2,479,964
2Dekkan N1AllfheimPhantom RangerVelhaGuarda2,224,825
3Dekkan N2Odin1WarlordValhalla1,883,479
4Zillian N1RefleXSilver RangerWhisky1,820,325
5Dekkan N4ClacinoWarriorBladedancerBrazukasTop1,812,169
6Dekkan N3마군성Plains WalkerParagon1,802,252
7Dekkan N1iDNMESilver RangerOmegaSquad1,730,062
8Dekkan N1OpieBladedancerYggdrasil1,722,422
9Dekkan N1FreyjaSlayerYggdrasil1,714,013
10Dekkan N1BleetBishopYggdrasil1,706,377
11Dekkan N2DarshaHawkeyeSinnersParadise1,703,682
12Dekkan N2ArdeciaSlayerValhalla1,693,246
13Dekkan N3TH0RNWarlordParagon1,679,258
14Dekkan N2GuppySilver RangerTrueDamage1,662,647
15Dekkan N1RionAbyss WalkerYggdrasil1,657,232
16Gran KainPoKeYSilver RangerSaiyan1,644,676
17Dekkan N2SylvanaPlains WalkerValhalla1,624,968
18Dekkan N3F1r3ShoTAbyss WalkerEternity1,623,290
19Dekkan N1xCARBONxBishopOmegaSquad1,619,124
20Dekkan N1BirdBattle MageYggdrasil1,618,811
21Dekkan N1TyraelWarlordOmegaSquad1,616,762
22Dekkan N1名宇太长躲在树后会被发现ScavengerYggdrasil1,603,136
23Zillian N1GovedoPhantom RangerRequiem1,585,201
24Dekkan N4TrisBarbaroWarlordInsanosBR1,578,665
25Dekkan N3青衫依旧Silver RangerParagon1,570,981
26Dekkan N3HoffSilver RangerParagon1,570,981
27Dekkan N1SparkinSpellsingerVelhaGuarda1,565,825
28Dekkan N3WWAARRBladedancerParagon1,563,171
29Dekkan N3WoahBladedancerParagon1,563,171
30Zillian N1pvemonsterSpellhowlerRedRise1,544,697
31Zillian N1RawrusSilver RangerRequiem1,537,806
32Dekkan N1SrSartoriOAbyss WalkerVelhaGuarda1,537,449
33Dekkan N1MavelluzBladedancerVelhaGuarda1,532,194
34Zillian N1HandsomeSpellhowlerInstinct1,530,660
35Dekkan N1TryHardForeverSpellhowlerYggdrasil1,515,069
36Zillian N1I3770Abyss WalkerRedRise1,513,767
37Dekkan N3g0suSlayerGallow§1,512,641
38Zillian N1ArandorShillien ElderSaphir1,510,824
39Dekkan N1ChopaBattle MageGenesis1,508,406
40Dekkan N4GamadenAbyss WalkerBrazukasTop1,506,020
41Dekkan N1LaurenSilver RangerYggdrasil1,504,532
42Dekkan N1barizonaSilver RangerBrasilDestroyers1,504,262
43Dekkan N3xXChaosXxBrSpellsingerEternity1,503,993
44Gran KainElaynaScavengerSaiyan1,499,272
45Dekkan N2quritaElderValhalla1,496,262
46Zillian N1GambitHawkeyeRedRise1,493,153
47Dekkan N4DolfoPhantom RangerBrazukasTop1,490,515
48Zillian N1WysPhantom RangerRequiem1,488,851
49Gran KainMegiddoHawkeyeSaiyan1,485,954
50Dekkan N1LoUdElderOmegaSquad1,485,230
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