Western Leaderboard – Top Clans by CP

by DK on September 6, 2018
Western Leaderboard – Top Clans by CP
September 11, 2018

Updated as of September 4, 2018

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Top Clans by CP

NA’s long reign as the top Combat Power (CP) server is now over! ABC clan from Bartz01 (OC) took over the #1 CP ranking with over 82M Clan CP. iCEp0int clan from Cruma N1 came in a close second with 80M CP, while Forsaken#, also from Cruma N1, took third place with 79.2M CP.

Moreover, EU clans are largely present in the rankings with 27 of them from the list. NA clans are still the top heavy rankers though, but which region will take over the top spot on the next leaderboard update? We’ll find out in the next two weeks! For now, take a look at the list of top 50 Clans by CP.

2Cruma N1iCEp0int80,240,140
3Cruma N1Forsaken#79,263,632
5Gludio N1AnarchY78,826,679
6Ken Rauhel N1Eclipse77,844,939
7Valakas N3Omega76,980,464
8Valakas N3VisMaior76,404,308
9Ken Rauhel N1KRW76,380,752
10Ken Rauhel N3Stardust75,462,478
11Oren N1TheGuardians75,356,715
12Valakas N1Yangire74,528,202
13Valakas N2무한74,004,819
14Valakas N3Valkyrie73,736,079
15Ken Rauhel N2ARTofWAR73,714,760
18Dion N1Heaven73,277,983
19Cruma N2战神殿73,013,854
20Valakas N3Brotherhood72,991,273
21Ken Rauhel N2JudgementDay72,950,396
23Ken Rauhel N4Феникс72,700,514
24Valakas N1Ataraxy72,306,868
25Valakas N1Shogunites72,198,844
26Valakas N3FANG72,059,084
27Valakas N1Transcendence72,014,115
28Valakas N2Paragon71,933,277
29Dion N1Invictus71,546,132
30Valakas N2Sky71,401,850
33Ken Rauhel N1Epidemic70,191,593
36Ken Rauhel N2Elite69,743,348
37Ken Rauhel N4Vanguard69,645,693
38Cruma N2Inventors69,552,443
39Ken Rauhel N1HELLAS69,137,872
40Valakas N1DemigodZ68,847,785
41Dion N1UltraRare68,776,066
42Valakas N1StripClub68,758,333
43Dion N1LegatiUmbrae68,620,186
44Cruma N1Outlawz68,532,347
46Oren N1GÖKKURTLAR68,180,289
47Valakas N3Relentless68,078,525
48Ken Rauhel N3Legion67,693,062
49Gludio N1Asgard67,649,134
50Cruma N1KOREA67,168,326
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