Western Leaderboard – Top Clans by CP (New Servers)

by DK on September 6, 2018
Western Leaderboard – Top Clans by CP (New Servers)
September 11, 2018

Updated as of September 4, 2018

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Top Clans by CP

As expected from the clan with the most members included in the individual top 50 CP, Yggdrasil from Dekkan N1 reigns with over 67M CP, taking a leap forward from Dekkan N2’s Paragon and Dekkan N3’s Valhalla, who both have 62M CP.

Unlike the old servers where EU clans are mostly on top, the new server ranking of clans is dominated by the America I region, represented by 35 clans out of 50 from the list below. Will Zillian (EU) or Gran Kain (America II) catch up in the near future? We’ll have to find out soon on the next leaderboard updates.

1Dekkan N1Yggdrasil67,527,099
2Dekkan N3Paragon62,128,276
3Dekkan N2Valhalla62,089,700
4Dekkan N1VelhaGuarda60,772,908
8Dekkan N4BrazukasTop55,687,708
9Dekkan N1Genesis55,142,545
10Dekkan N3Eternity54,766,371
11Dekkan N2TrueDamage53,016,507
12Gran KainSaiyan51,703,299
13Dekkan N1Rejects51,382,794
14Dekkan N1KirinTor50,220,837
16Dekkan N4InsanosBR49,167,264
17Dekkan N1WarLords48,999,018
18Dekkan N2SinnersParadise48,987,318
19Dekkan N1BrasilDestroyers48,890,952
21Dekkan N4Nukens48,421,447
22Dekkan N3NEMESIS48,282,926
23Dekkan N1OmegaSquad48,040,307
25Dekkan N4AnonimousGaming47,235,854
26Dekkan N4Obscure47,052,802
27Dekkan N3Gallow§46,651,101
28Dekkan N2Olympus46,232,337
29Dekkan N1Cervejaria45,137,357
30Dekkan N1TeaMBrasil43,970,999
31Gran KainPioneers43,875,185
32Dekkan N3BRs43,402,284
33Dekkan N2Exodus43,341,924
36Dekkan N2FearFactory42,731,170
37Dekkan N1i9Team42,423,787
38Dekkan N4NoMercyBR41,997,973
40Dekkan N2BigDamage40,230,556
41Dekkan N2LEGION40,067,124
42Gran KainRare39,284,001
44Gran KainInvictus37,125,633
45Dekkan N3Midgard36,724,975
46Dekkan N3纽约复仇者36,212,168
47Dekkan N4BRASILTOP135,907,520
48Gran KainProdigium35,598,666
49Dekkan N4Zaun35,182,599
50Dekkan N1IMMORTALZ34,715,971
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  • DieselRanger-Paragon
    September 7, 2018 at 8:37 pm

    Typo up top. Dekkan N2’s Paragon should be Dekkan N3’s Paragon, and Valhalla should be Dekkan N2.

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