Fortress Siege Strategy from Top Ranked Clans (feat. SainT)

by ckihm on December 19, 2017
Fortress Siege Strategy from Top Ranked Clans (feat. SainT)
December 14, 2018

With the biggest update yet on the NA / EU servers, Netmarble Neo presented us with an early holiday gift for the PvP junkies of Lineage 2 Revolution: The Fortress Siege. While there is considerable interest amongst players and clan leaders, the battlefield and siege strategy is still unknown to most players. As such, brings you an in-depth Fortress Siege Strategy Guide featuring one of the top clans in the world, SainT.

Ranked second in Clan Combat Power on Aden Server, SainT’s stellar reputation is largely due to their significant experience on the Southeast Asian version of the game. The Fortress Siege update in their region was released earlier this July, which provided SainT with the know-how to win Fortress Siege battles.

Luckily for, SainT agreed to share their strategy with us. As Sun Tzu says, “People should not be unfamiliar with strategy; those who understand it will survive, those who do not understand it will perish”.

Learn from the best and dominate the playing field! Keep reading to check out the breakdown and analysis of SainT’s past Fortress Siege versus xPROxxSGx.


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Fortress Siege Details

SainT vs. xPROxxSGx
Far more than a battle for fortress benefits, this was a battle of pride between the top two clans of Aden server.


Pre-battle Preparations

  • Activate and use all buffs.
  • Form a party with each class for a better overall buff.
  • Use high-grade HP potions & activate Soul Shots.
  • Eat Food from your Clan Hall.
  • Teamwork and communication are key components: use voice chat on Discord or Line App for easier commands and faster response during battle.
  • If you are experiencing lag during the preparation stage, adjust your game settings to the lowest graphic setting.


Quick Battle Tips

  • Use Silver Ranger move speed and other class move speed buffs to reach and activate the altar first and to keep control of middle HP Well.
  • After gaining map control of the midfield, try to take the other team’s altar.
  • When you have both altars under your control, try to attack the enemy’s tower and gate.  The Altar resets every 3 minutes, so make sure to re-capture it.
  • Dying leads to longer respawn times, so try not to die.


Fortress Siege Strategy Breakdown

This is a strategic breakdown and play-by-play of what happens in the video below.

  1. The clan splits into 3 teams:
    • Defense Team – Key role is to protect the Imprinting team so that they can easily imprint altars during the siege.
    • Assault Team – Attack and penetrate the fortress of the enemy, including the destruction of their defense towers.
    • Imprinting Team – To imprint and roam around,  giving the leader vision of any sneak attacks on the gates.
  2. The Defense Team will use speed potions to reach the enemy altar first.
  3. After capturing both altars, all teams will then hold the altar and attack to push through enemy gates.
  4. If the enemy is making a counter push and slowly taking down the lead, use diamonds to revive instantly. Controlling the midfield battle is important. Gaining control of both altars gives a massive bonus of 30% attack to the entire team!
  5. The Assault Team will immediately go after the gates once the midfield is secured.
  6. Deciding factors: As a Temple Knight and Imprinting leader, use Resist potions, Aegis Stance, and Absolute Shield before imprinting. Also, the party that can revive instantly by using diamonds will have a significant advantage.
  7. The turning point of the game: Counterattack aggressively, while the enemy takes longer to respawn, due to high deaths.
  8. MVP of the game = MooPiCait with high Kill/Death ratio and the team imprinter.

*Note: The member count ratio between the three teams depends on who you are up against. Your clan should study the enemy before the siege starts!


Full Video:

Important time stamps in this video are listed in the Full Analysis and Breakdown section below.

The battle starts at 16:20


Analysis and Breakdown of Highlights


2:47 – Skill setup (Phantom Ranger)



4:40 – Clan Feast, Buffs, Rune imprinting



15:00 – Battle preparations, turn on Soul Shots, Potions, and activate buffs



16:20 – Battle start – teams assemble at East gate (Aka bottom gate)




17:10 – Attacking team moves towards East gate and pushes to destroy the bottom tower



19:20 – The first tower and second tower are captured, followed by a 10 second interval. The Assault Team manages to enter the enemy fortress interior.



20:12 – The Assault Team keeps pushing in the gates to allow the Defense Team and the Imprinting Team to secure both altars.



20:20 – xPROxxSGx manages to destroy a defense tower on the west gate, but due to the alarming rate of SainT’s entry, a few players from the enemy fall back.



20:33 – Both altars are now imprinted in SainT’s favor, giving SainT a 30% bonus attack. There’s a back and forth war imprinting the altars.



21:16 – xPROxxSGx manages to counterattack by destroying both of SainTs towers, making it harder to push even more inside the enemy fortress.



22:54 – Even with xPROxxSGx regaining an altar, the continuous push from SainT leads to the destruction of xPROxxSGx’s Holy Artifact defense tower.



23:30 – Recounter mode. Uses a few instant revives to continually overpower xPROxxSGx’s defense. Both altars are imprinted in SainT’s favor.



25:26 – xPROxxSGx’s first West tower is destroyed. xPROxxSGx is taking longer to respawn due to many deaths.



29:28 – With so many back and forth fights, SainT finally manages to take full control of both altars.



30:48 – xPROxxSGx’s second West tower is destroyed, which opens both sides of the entrance gates.


31:20 – Now, the only task left is to imprint xPROxxSGx’s Holy Artifact.



32:45 – All SainT members are performing a full push to obliterate xPROxxSGx and “spawn kill” them. This secures the safety of the imprinter.



35:24 – SainT leader MooPiCait (MPC) starting to imprint with no signs of resistance from xPROxxSGx. Finally, team SainT wins the battle, thus conquering the Wasteland Fortress.



35:50 – MPC is announced the MVP of the siege, but all glory and honor is shared among all members because of their excellent team coordination.



TLDR; / Summary

Battle preparations were done by each member of SainT clan. These include: adjusting of skill setups, activating clan buffs, serving a clan feast, activating Soul Shots and using Potions for massive healing buffs. The clan then separates into Assault, Defense and Imprinting teams. Each team has a key task to fulfill in order to take control of the midfield battle and slowly push through the gates.

Early in the battle, SainT dominates the Fortress Siege with nice coordination from the Assault Team, destroying the first tower of the east gate just 3 minutes in. As the Assault Team keeps pushing in the gates, this allows the Defense Team and the Imprinting Team to secure both altars. Although xPROxxSGx manages to destroy a defense tower, this does not hinder SainT’s pushing capability, because both altars give all SainT members a 30% attack buff. Even with xPROxxSGx regaining an altar midway, the continuous push from SainT leads to the destruction of xPROxxSGx’s Holy Artifact defense tower, making it impossible for them to bounce back, as all 3 teams conduct a full push towards the enemy Artifact. Being able to “spawn kill” xPROxxSGx allows the imprinter to finally seal the victory.

Huge credits to LCH39 and Sados of SainT clan, IceXgame of ShadowArt clan.


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