Forge Guide: A Quick-Start To Item Optimization

by DK on February 17, 2020
Forge Guide: A Quick-Start To Item Optimization
February 17, 2020

The Forge is the best tool to use in Lineage 2: Revolution to expanding your Power and Influence!

As discussed on our Character Guide, items are your main source and the biggest contributor of Combat Power (CP). There are many ways to power-up your Equipment: Level-up, Upgrade, Combine, Enhance, Substat change and Limit Break.

Table of Contents

I. Level-up

II. Upgrade

III. Combine

IV. Enhance

V. Attribute Enhancement

VI. Substat Change

VII. Limit Break

VIII. Craft


Reviewing the Basic Stats

Stats are factors that determine a character’s abilities in battle, such as how strong an attack is or how well a character can defend. There are abilities connected to each stat, and those abilities increase along with the relevant stat.

Stat Types

① P. Atk.: The most basic value for calculating P. Atk dealt.
② M. Atk.: The most basic value for calculating M. Atk dealt.
③ P. Def.: The most basic value for calculating P. Atk taken.
④ M. Def.: The most basic value for calculating M. Atk taken.
⑤ HP: How much damage a character can take before falling in battle.
⑥ MP: A resource expended to use skills.
⑦ Crit. Rate: Chance of landing a critical hit when attacking.
⑧ Critical Resistance: Reduces the chance of an enemy landing a critical hit.
⑨ Critical Damage: Greatly increases Attack Damage.
⑩ Penetration: Decreases the Def. of enemy being hit.
⑪ Resilience: Decreases the Atk. of attacker.
⑫ Accuracy: Probability value for attacks and skills to hit enemy.
⑬ Evasion: Probability value to evade enemy attacks and skills.
⑭ HP Regen: Increases value of HP Regeneration per tick.
⑮ MP Regen: Increases value of MP Regeneration per tick.

After knowing the basic stats that factors your Character’s power, lets proceed.


I. Level-up

L2R Level-up item overview

Leveling up your equipment is one of the most important things you must do in order to obtain higher Combat Power and better gear. In general, you want to upgrade all gear pieces to Level 30, whenever possible.

Max Equipment Level: 30

  • SR Grade and higher can be limit broken and raise to Level 40 (discussed in detail on Limit Break section)

Level up materials:

  1. Varnishes
  2. Extra equipment
    • The EXP. gained changes depending on the grade of the material equipment.

Pro Tips:

  • Level-up the Rare Items specific to your character type (Ex: Bladedancer: Dunamiss Dualsword).
  • DO NOT focus too much on leveling non-rare armor. INSTEAD give priority to your weapon, as it is more valuable to progress. Non-rare armor is usually used for level up materials (Ex: Blue Wolf Armor, Avadon Gloves, etc.). The recommended maximum grade in using non-rare armors is R. Until then, just wait until you get rare armor.
  • DO focus on leveling up the best Accessory set that will benefit your Character.
  • Carefully plan what item set you wish to equip to avoid leveling up expendable items in the future (Ex. Rogue Subclass usually go for Reggios Armor Set).
  • For full item guides, visit our Character Guide to know which equipment fits your character.

How to:

L2R Level-up item how to

① Select the items you want to increase the levels of.
② Select the items you want to use as material for leveling up your equipment.
③ See the Exp. offered through material items and the Exp. remaining to reach the next level.
④ You can see the current item’s stats and substats and also the projected new stats and substats.
⑤ Players can check this box to use only unbound items.
⑥ Shows the Adena required for leveling up equipment. Players can tap this to level up equipment.

1. A player’s basic stats increase depending on equipment levels.
2. Using tradeable and untradeable equipment makes the resulting equipment untradeable.
3. If bound equipment is used as material to level up an unbound equipment, the resulting equipment will be bound.
4. Equipment gets varying amounts of Exp. depending on material equipment grades and Varnish levels.
5. Items used as a material for leveling up equipment disappear afterward.
Upgrading your Equipment to the next grade requires it to be at max level.

Auto Select

  • Use the Auto-Select to select material items quickly. Use B and C grades as immediate level-up materials.


II. Upgrade

Once you’ve leveled up a piece of equipment to max, you can now choose to upgrade it. You will need the appropriate upgrade stones to use on max level equipment below SR-grade to raise the gear piece one grade higher.

An equipment’s basic stats increases depending on the new equipment grade. It also gains substats, attributes and Soul Crystals Slots.

L2R Upgrade item overview

Players can get Equipment Upgrade Stones from Daily Dungeons, Material Summons, Events, etc. The amount of Upgrade Stones needed increases as Equipment Grade increases.

Upgrade Stone Types

  • The number of Upgrade Stones required vary depending on the item grade.
Item TypeRequired Upgrade Stone
WeaponWeapon Upgrade Stone
ArmorArmor Upgrade Stone
AccessoryAccessory Upgrade Stone

Pro Tips:

  • A random substat is formed after upgrade. Only adjust to your desired substats when your equipment is already in highest grade (SR, UR). Don’t waste crystals re-rolling substats when your equipment is R-Grade and below.
  • Only upgrade items worth investing such as Rare types that give a set bonus, or Accessories. Use upgrade on items that are S-Grade and above. Warning: don’t use Combine, if your goal is to keep the same piece of equipment, as Combine can sometimes lead to a new piece of equipment that you didn’t want.

How to:

L2R Upgrade item how to

① Tap Upgrade to view the equipment upgrade window.
② Items available for upgrade are conveniently highlighted.
③ Select the items to upgrade.
④ Check the type of upgrade Stone required for the item and also check the number of specific upgrade Stones you possess.
⑤ Compare the item’s current stats and its projected new stats.
⑥ Check box to use only upgrade material items that are tradable.
⑦ Check the required amount of Adena and tap to upgrade.

1. The level of upgraded equipment resets to Lvl. 1 and equipment used as material disappears.
2. Equipment is always upgraded with a 100% success rate.
All enhancement, Soul Crystals, random substats and attributes will remain when the equipment is upgraded.
4. Using tradable and untradable equipment together makes the resulting equipment untradable.


III. Combine

Combining an equipment has the same purpose as Upgrading it, but it resets your item details. The requirement is also different than that of Upgrade. Additionally, Combining is the only way that you can potentially obtain a Rare Weapon, so make sure to Combine and Combine often until you have a full Rare Set.


Upgrade: Uses upgrade stones.
Combine: Uses another max level equipment of the same grade and type (Weapon + Weapon, Armor + Armor).

L2R Combine item overview

Pro Tips:

  • Don’t use Combine on Rare equipment, instead use Upgrade on items descriptions you want to keep.
  • Only use Combine on A-grade equipment and below to try and get better items, such as rare gear.

How to:

L2R Combine item how to
① Tap Combine to view the Combine window.
② Items available to Combine are conveniently highlighted.
③ Select the main combine items. (Combine to get the same type of item.)
④ Select the items to use as material for combining. (Must be the same type of item as the main item and also at max level.)
⑤ Check the resulting item’s type and grade.
⑥ See the number of new slots and substats to be added on the combined item.
⑦ Check out the required Adena and tap to Combine the equipment.

1. The main equipment’s Enhancement level and Soul Crystals are kept.
2. Important: the resulting equipment is a random equipment piece of the same type as the main item. It may change from non-rare to rare and vice versa!
3. Using the tradable and untradable equipment together makes the resulting equipment untradable.
4. Items used as material for combining equipment disappear afterwards.
5. The level of item resulting from combining equipment is reset.
6. The amount of Adena required to combine changes based on the equipment grade.


IV. Enhance

Use Enhancement Scrolls specific to the equipment type to further raise the enhancement levels of equipment. Successful enhancements raise basic stats and weapons gain auras depending on their enhancement levels. The number of required Enhancement Scrolls changes depending on the enhancement level.

2 Kinds of Enhancement Scrolls:

Blessed Scrolls: When successful, randomly increase the enhancement levels of items between levels 1-3.
Enhance Scrolls: When successful, increases enhancement level by 1.

L2R Enhance item overview

Enhance Limits per Grade

Equipment GradeMax Enhancement Level
Attribute Type:
*UR-Grade Max Enhance Limit is also +30


Enhancing Unsuccessfully

Unsuccessful enhancements reduce the enhancement level of equipment.

  • Enhancements can fail from enhancement level 3 or higher and unsuccessful attempts reduce enhancement levels.
  • Using Maphr’s Protection doesn’t reduce enhancement levels on equipment.
  • The number of required Maphr’s Protections changes depends on the enhancement grade.

L2R Enhance Decrease


Enhanced Set

Players can get bonus stats depending on the enhancement levels of equipped equipment. Players equipped with 7 or more equipment pieces with an enhancement level at 8 or higher get Enhanced Set effects that increase when the enhancement level increases.

L2R Enhanced Set Effect

① Check the effect of an Enhanced Set in detail. When applied, the icon’s color changes.
② Check out the current Enhanced Set effect and stats as well as the new projected Enhanced Set effect and stats.

Pro Tips:

  • Only enhance Weapons you will use long term, or Rare weapons ideal to your character (Ex. Upitear for Rogue class)
  • Only enhance Rare Armors (Optimus, Dominus, Reggios).
  • For starters, aim to enhance up to +8 then stop until you reach higher character levels (180+). Control the urge to enhance, especially if you lack the resources.
  • Save Blessed Scrolls and only use them starting at +14 Enhancement levels and above. Use regular Enhance Scrolls for lower levels.
  • Only use Maphr’s Protection starting at +14 Enhancement level.
  • On specific levels (+7, +10, and +20), levels won’t go down even if the enhancement fails.
    • Ex. +20 Cerberus. Enhance using Blessed Scrolls. Don’t use Maphr’s Protection because failing won’t decrease the enhancement level.

How To:

L2R Enhance item how to

① Tap Enhance to view the enhance equipment window.
② Select item to enhance and check the number of required Enhancement Scrolls.
③ Select the Enhancement Scrolls appropriate to the item being enhanced.
④ Check out the item’s current stats and projected new stats after being enhanced successfully.
⑤ Check the success probability of enhancing and the penalty for unsuccessful enhancements.
⑥ Click/Unlick box to use only equipment enhance material items that can be traded.
⑦ Check box to use “Maphr’s Protection“.
⑧ Check the required Adena and tap to enhancement equipment.

1. Using tradable and untradable equipment together makes the resulting equipment untradable.
2. If an untradable scroll is used on tradable equipment, the resulting equipment becomes untradable.


V. Attribute Enhancement

S-grade or higher equipment gets additional attributes and players can use equipment with the same attribute to raise the attribute level. The success rate of attribute enhancements changes depending on the grade of the material equipment. 

L2R Attribute enhancement overview

Players get an increased chance for the next attempt to succeed if an attribute enhancement fails. Check the bonus rate on the unsuccessful attribute enhancement window.

L2R Attribute enhancement fail

How To:

L2R Attribute enhancement how to
① Tap Enhance Attribute to view the Enhance Attribute window.
② Items available for Enhance Attribute are conveniently highlighted.
③ Select the items with attributes to enhance.
④ Select the items to use as material for enhancing attributes.
⑤ Check the current item’s attributes and the projected new attributes.
⑥ Look at the success rate and bonus rate of enhancing attributes.
⑦ Check the required Adena and tap to enhance attributes.

1. Upgrading equipment doesn’t change its attributes, but they do change when equipment is combined.
2. Using tradable and untradable equipment together makes the resulting equipment untradable.
3. The level increases by 1 regardless of a material’s equipment level, enhancement level, Soul Crystal, and attribute level.


Attribute Type:

Players can use attributes efficiently in dungeons and raids to complete them in more diverse ways.

WeaponMassacreBonus damage when attacking monsters
HuntBonus damage when attacking elite monsters
BraveryBonus damage when attacking bosses
AnnihilateBonus damage when attacking players
BrillianceBonus damage when using Normal Skill (Attack)
PierceBonus damage when attacking magical monsters
ArmorDefensive ManeuverDecreases damage taken from monsters
PatienceDecreases damage taken from elite monsters
Iron WallDecreases damage taken from other players
AegisDecreases damage taken from magical monsters
AccessoryTenacityIncreases Stun Resistance
MeditationIncreases M. Def.
LivelinessIncreases Slow Resistance
SternIncreases Critical Resistance
RapidSpeed Increase
CalmIncreases Combo Duration

Value per Attribute Level:

The attribute values per attribute level are shown below.

AttributeAttribute LevelAttribute Value
Defensive Maneuver
Iron Wall


VI. Substat Change

1 to 3 equipment substats are applied to A-grade and higher equipment. If you don’t like some of the equipment substats, you can spend a set amount of Diamonds to change them.

The same type of substats don’t repeat and basic substats don’t change.

L2R Substat change overview

Types of Substats:

There are 30 types of equipment substats listed below.


P. Atk.Crit. RatePenetrationHP Regen.
M. Atk.Critical ResistanceResilienceMP Regen.
P. Def.Critical DamageHP DrainCrit. Acc. Rate increase
M. Def.Atk. Spd. IncreaseMP Cost Decrease RateBonus Adena Gain
P. Atk. Increase RateEvasionCooldown DecreaseBonus Exp. Gain
M. Atk. Increase RateAccuracySpeed IncreaseDmg Increase Rate
P. Def. Increase RateAbnormal Status ResistanceMax HPMax MP
Fixed Dmg DecreaseIgnore Def. DmgDmg Decrease Rate

Pro Tips:

  • Only change Substats when you reach SR-Grade Equipment. When you upgrade/combine from R-Grade to SR-Grade, a new random substat is formed, which means that re-rolling desired substats is better when you have unlocked all 3 substats.
  • Each Character has its own preferred/ideal substat (Ex. Bladedancer: Crit Dmg. Increase Rate, Crit Rate, Atk. Speed Increase). More will be discussed in an in-depth guide for each class.

How to:

L2R Substat change how to

① Tap Change Substats to see the Change Substats window.
② Use the Inventory tab to find desired items.
③ Select the items you want to change the substats of.
④ Check the item’s current stats.
⑤ Check the amount of Diamonds required and tap to change substats.
(The amount of Diamonds required to change substats changes depending on equipment grades.)

1. New substats are added when equipment is upgraded. Substats may change when combining equipment.
2. Substats of the same type don’t apply repeatedly.
3. An equipment’s basic substats don’t change and only the random substats can be changed.
4. Red Diamonds are consumed first. Blue Diamonds are consumed if there are no Red Diamonds.


VII. Limit Break

You can only limit break SR-grade equipment and may use identical equipment of the same grade to increase their max levels.
You can increase the max level by 2 for each limit break, up to 5 times. (Max is Lvl. 40.)

L2R Limit Break overview

This content is for end-game players who wish to increase their CP from equipped items.

How To:

L2R Limit Break how to

① Tap Limit Break to view the Limit Break Equipment window.
② Items available for Limit Break are conveniently highlighted
③ Select the items you want to limit break.
④ Select the items to use as material for limit breaking.
⑤ Check the level increase resulting from limit break.
⑥ Check the required amount of Adena for limit breaking and tap to Limit Break.

1. Using tradable and untradable equipment together makes the resulting equipment untradable.
2. If bound equipment is used as material to level up unbound equipment, the resulting equipment is bound.
3. Only SR-grade equipment with the same name can be used as material.
4. Equipment that has gone through limit break can be leveled up to raise its max level.

5. After Limit Break, equipment will increase by 1 to 2 levels by rate. (Max Level: 40)


VIII. Craft

Players can craft Level 30 Grade SR items into Grade UR items.

To craft Grade UR Equipment, you will need to use a Grade SR Level 30 equipment with:

  • Recipe
  • Equipment Material
  • Radiant Upgrade Stones
  • Scraps

L2R Craft UR overview

Materials for Crafting Equipment:

UR Equipment Crafting Material Acquisition Areas

DivisionRequired Quantity (Weapon)Required Quantity (Armor)Required Quantity (Ornaments)Explanation
Target EquipmentSR Equipment higher than level 30
Recipe151010There is a separate recipe by item type
Equipment Material250150150Weapons / Armor / Accessory Category & Material By Class
Radiant Upgrade Stone101010Weapon / Armor / Accessory
Scraps500030003000Weapons / Armor / Accessory

UR-Grade Material Locations:

UR Equipment Crafting Material Acquisition Areas

RecipeEquipment Salvage / Raid
Equipment MaterialEquipment Salvage / Field Boss
Radiant Upgrade StoneHell mode Daily Dungeon / Normal Upgrade Stone bind
Equipment ScrapsField Hunting / Equipment Salvage / Equipment Dungeon

How to Craft and the Crafting Order:

L2R Craft UR how to

① Tap the Forge icon in the menu above.
② Tap Craft to enter the Equipment Crafting menu.
③ Select an item to use for crafting equipment.
④ Add all the required crafting materials and craft to upgrade to Grade UR.
⑤ Players can tap “Locations” to find out where to get certain materials.
⑥ Players can check their equipment’s stats and crafting progress whenever an item has been crafted.

1. Players can craft an item even if they only have 1 out of the 4 required materials. Players can see the boost in Combat Power even if 1 material is used to craft.
2. The level for newly crafted equipment pieces resets to level 1.
3. The enhancement level, Soul Crystals, random substats, and attributes remain when equipment is upgraded.
4. When equipment is upgraded to UR-Grade, the Limit Break grade value expands and the Limit Break level is maintained.
Ex) If you reach level 39 after limit breaking 5 times (max level 40), your equipment piece’s Limit Break grade will remain the same and it will have Exp. equivalent to Limit Break Lv. 9.
5. If the equipment piece is limit broken, the Exp. used to level up beyond level 30 is maintained.
6. Equipment level can increase by 2 ~ 3 levels if you use Grade UR equipment as the Limit Break material.


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  • Celtic
    January 21, 2018 at 4:17 pm

    I’m confused about the UR items after you evolve your SR to it. If the SR is limit broke to say lvl 33, what happens? Does the UR start at lvl 1? Or is it already limit broken to be lvled up to lvl 33 but you have to level it from 1-33? Or what? If this is the case, you should only evolve a SR to a UR if it is max lvl? Please clarify.

    • DK
      January 21, 2018 at 7:24 pm

      If the SR is limit broke to say lvl 33, what happens? Does the UR start at lvl 1?
      – The Exp you gained beyond level 30 from SR will carry over to the UR grade, so if your SR is at lvl 33 then it will become UR lvl 2-3.
      – The maximum level for UR stays at 33. Same Limit Break maximum as your previous SR.
      – If I craft from SR lvl 30, then the result is UR lvl 1.
      – If I craft from SR lvl 40, then the result is UR lvl 6.

      If this is the case, you should only evolve a SR to a UR if it is max lvl?
      – You can only evolve to UR if your SR is lvl 30 and above
      – It is better to go UR first because the CP of UR lvl 1 is higher than SR lvl 30

      • highInquisitor
        July 15, 2018 at 1:48 pm

        What are the UR limit break requirements? Does a UR weapon not expanded need other UR weapons to expand? Or can UR be limit broke by SR grade?

        • DK
          July 17, 2018 at 5:53 pm

          UR equipment can still be limit broken by SR Grade stone.
          Same with attribute enhancement, using SR attribute stone to UR equipment is still 100% success rate.

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    You can now, via the account storage warehouse NPC in Magnadin (free teleport from anywhere, click on the minimap), but only tradeable/unbound items.

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