Fast Leveling Tips: Setting the Right Pace

by DK on February 16, 2020
Fast Leveling Tips: Setting the Right Pace
February 16, 2020

So, you’ve just started Lineage 2: Revolution. Congratulations, and welcome to the lands of Aden!

Perhaps, you might be wondering how you can level your character quickly to maximize your gameplay.

This guide will help provide you with essential tips on how to level quickly, so that you can progress further in the game, unlock more content and raise your Combat Power (CP). It is specifically relevant to players from level 1- 140.

For some players, you might think that slow leveling to farm for monster cores and gear materials is the better route for building CP.

However, Hero Level is as essential as your Equipment, Core and Forge upgrades. It plays a huge role in raising your Combat Power quickly, and effectively.

Your levels unlock higher tier dungeons that give out high grade rewards such as Equipment, Cores, Resources and more. Leveling up also adds a good amount of CP to pave your way in areas worth the time farming.

While there are other important ways to beef up your CP, such as core hunting, gear grinding, and rune upgrades, leveling up opens a lot of opportunities to progress.

Table of Contents

I. Why You Should Level Quickly?

II. Getting Started: Top Contributors of Exp

  • Clan Fireplace
  • Exp. Dungeon / Trials of Experience
  • Elite Dungeon
  • Weekly Quests
  • Sub Quests (Scroll Quests)
  • Extraction Dungeon / Extraction Pit
  • Same Level Monster Grind
  • Main Quests
  • Daily Quests
  • Tower of Insolence
  • Recess Rewards

III. More Progression Tips

  • Daily Dungeon
  • Equipment Dungeon / Temple Guardian
  • Adena Dungeon / Adena Vault
  • Summoning Stone Dungeon / Summoning Circle
  • Mercenary’s Journey
  • Event Rewards
  • Cloak
  • Daily Activities

I. Speed is King: Why You Should Level Quickly?

For beginners and competitive players between levels 1 and 140, leveling quickly is the best way to play the game.

Combat Power is all about upgrading and enhancing your equipment, which comes easily after getting to max level. You don’t need to stay low level just to increase CP — just achieve the standard CP shown in your Basic Character Info, and you’re good to go. When your level passes the standard CP, you can easily fight monsters similar to or within the range of your level. Always keep in mind that leveling faster gives you more upgrade materials from dungeons and more resources.

Fast leveling can be helpful, because harder dungeons have certain level requirements that can bar you from entry at lower levels. For example, Cruma 3 requires you to be at least level 90 to enter. Also, at higher levels, field monsters drop more valuable resources, items and cores.

You don’t want to level slowly, when you can increase CP and enhance/upgrade equipment easily when you’re already max level. This saves a lot of time! Talking about efficiency.

II. Getting Started

There are a lot of ways to gain EXP such as farming field monsters, doing main quests, side quests and daily quests. Of course, there is also the Trials of Experience dungeon. So, what is the fastest and most effective way to make the most of your available time? See below for the complete list and pointers:

Tip: With Equipment as your main source of Combat Points, check out our Forge Guide article. This will help you keep up with the CP requirements as you face tougher monsters at high levels.

Top contributors of Exp. Points:

Make this a habit during your daily grind routine. Don’t miss any dungeon before it resets. After your daily tasks are completed, you can simply leave your character on with Auto Attack and you are good to go. Enjoy leveling!

Before all this, enjoy MissSolo‘s fast leveling guide in this 5-minute video:


Clan Fireplace

Inside the Clan Hall, where players can perform various tasks such as clan quests, feast, checking in for reward or simply gathering with friends, you can arrange and set up a fireplace with your clanmates to relax and chat while earning experience points. Clan members from allied clans can also benefit from the fireplace in the clan hall.

L2R Clan Fireplace

How To:

① The Clan Leader uses Clan Kindling to light the Fireplace.
② Clan members and allied clan members in the Clan Hall get Exp.
③ Clan members get 100% bonus Exp. while Allied Clan members get 75% Exp.
④ Fireplace Duration: 10min.
⑤ Bonus increases with the number of clan members and allied clan members in the Clan Hall.

*Note: Collect Clan Kindling through Clan Hall quests.

Are you currently looking for an active clan? Join our Discord group and head to our clan recruitment channel!


Exp. Dungeon / Trials of Experience

Another fast way to level up is running Exp dungeons or Trials of Experience (unlocked at lvl. 38 & Episode 5-1 of the main quest). Exp. Dungeons are daily dungeons where players can earn large amounts of Exp. by defeating many monsters. Monsters appear in waves while the dungeon is in progress. Players can defeat more monsters to reach higher grades.

  • 2 free daily entries
  • Can spend Diamonds for additional entries (up to 6x)

L2R Exp. Dungeon overview

Pro Tips:

  • Use Soulshots in the Exp. Dungeon do maximize Experience.
  • Choose the highest Exp. dungeon you can clear with SSS rating.

How To:

L2R Exp. Dungeon how to

① Check the difficulty and level requirements for the Exp. Dungeon.
② Check the monsters in each dungeon and amount of clear reward Exp. available upon dungeon completion.
③ Tap Enter to enter the dungeon and check your number of available entries.

1. Item rewards aren’t given in Exp. Dungeons.
2. Buffs are randomly available in the dungeon.
3. Players will fail to complete the dungeon if they die during battle.


Elite Dungeon

Players can enter Elite Dungeons freely. Elite Dungeons are crucial for strengthening characters as well as acquiring currency and equipment. (unlocked at Lvl. 16. Each territory has one Elite Dungeon.)

  • The Exp. and item drop rates increase greatly during Bonus/Hot Time, which lasts 30 minutes per day for each character.
  • Complete Elite Dungeon quests to get rewards. Already-completed quests can be repeated using Auto-Clear
  • Players can spend Diamonds to recharge Bonus Time in 15-minute increments up to 6x per day. Each recharge costs more than the previous one.

L2R Elite Dungeon overview L2R Elite Dungeon overview

Pro Tips:

  • Always aim to join a party that can clear the area fast, especially when your Bonus Time is active. This gives the fastest boost in Exp. when grinding.
  • Joining a party with more members gives additional Adena and Exp (20% for a 5 member party).
  • When you are with a strong party and gaining tons of exp boost, spend Diamonds for additional Bonus Time (30 mins for 200 Diamonds). It is worth it!
  • Do not use Einhasad’s Blessing in Elite Dungeon. The bonus won’t take effect. You will also get a watered down Exp. in Elite Dungeon from killing monsters with other parties.

How to:

L2R Elite Dungeon how to

① Review the available Elite Dungeons and the level requirements for each.
② Compare the selected Elite Dungeon’s recommended stats and your current stats.
③ Review the details and rewards for Elite Dungeon quests.
④ Once completed, players can use Auto-Clear or Diamonds to complete dungeon quests repeatedly.
⑤ View or recharge remaining Bonus Time.
⑥ Review Mastery Point progress.
– Acquire 1 point for each dungeon quest completed.
– When the gauge is full, the button will unlock and the reward can be claimed.
⑦ Enter the selected Elite Dungeon.

1. Elite Dungeon Quests reset daily at 4am.
2. PvP is always available in Elite Dungeons, but PK penalties apply.
3. Players can recharge the buff time up to 90 minutes each day with ‘Recharge Bonus Time’.


Weekly Quests

Weekly Quests are quests that are active in weekly increments. There are 15 quests assigned daily, and once all 15 are complete, no more quests can be undertaken. 15 weekly quests must occur each day. Only one quest can be done at a time.

Weekly Quests reward a lot of exp but cost less time. Doing Weekly Quests gives you huge EXP rewards and Adena too. Most of the Weekly Quests would require you to kill monsters or bosses, which would sometimes be part of your Daily Quest. Hitting two birds with one stone.

Pro Tips:

  • SEA server: To level up fast, 15 weekly quests must be completed each day for a total of 7 days. (15 * 7 = 105)
  • NA/EU server: To level up fast, 10 weekly quests must be completed each day for a total of 7 days. (10 * 7 = 70)
  • Weekly quests would sometimes be part of the Daily Quest which is efficient.
  • Daily Quests reset at 4am each day and weekly quests reset at 4am every Monday.
  • Activate Einhasad’s Blessing for extra bonus % in the field

How to:

L2R Weekly Quest how to

① Here, players can see the weekly quest details and rewards for each quest.
② Here, players can see the progress of weekly quests.
③ Tap to go to the weekly quest location.
④ Tap to spend Diamonds to instantly complete eligible quests.
⑤ Here, players can check the progress of weekly quests and acquire rewards based on that progress.


Sub Quests (Scroll Quests)

Sub Quests can be obtained via grinding field monsters (C to A scrolls). It can be done 5 times a day no matter what grade you are doing.

  • You can reset your scroll quest with red diamonds 3 times a day. It will reset your daily quests back to 5/5.
  • You can get S scrolls from treasure boxes found in all areas of the map.

L2R Sub Quests overview and how to

Pro Tips:

  • Do not throw away low level scrolls. Bind them in your workshop to upgrade them to A-Grade scrolls closest to your level. A-Grade scrolls are the highest you can create using bind.
  • Aside from S scrolls which are rare, always do A-grade sub quests. They give you the higher Exp and Adena.
  • After finishing dailies (Exp. Dungeon, Weekly quests, Extraction and Elite Dungeon, Sub quests),  farm the field to collect scrolls and bind them. Then, reset using 50 diamonds so you can run another 5 sub quests. You can refresh up to 3 times, which makes a total of 20 sub quests a day. So much Exp!

How To:

L2R Sub Quests bind

① Check for scrolls in Potions tab of your inventory.
② Click on the highest grade you have and the closest to your level. This is to maximize the Exp and Adena that can be gained.
③ Bind low level scrolls to upgrade.
④ Click fulfill request to perform the quest.

1. You can also purchase extra scrolls at your Shop under “Scrolls” tab.
2. Dungeon monsters don’t drop scrolls.


Extraction Dungeon / Extraction Pit

Unlocked at lvl. 24 and completing Episode 3-10 of the main quest, players can acquire up to 20 Herbs of 4 different colors per day in the Extraction Dungeon. Herbs can be used to craft Elixirs. Extracting herbs give huge Exp in return.

  • Normal and Large Herbs form randomly in the Extraction Dungeon.
  • Both small and large monsters appear in the Extraction Dungeon. Hunting each of these monsters results in a different reward and effect.
  • The Garden Sentry is a giant monster that appears periodically and walks around the Extraction Dungeon. Extract the Herbs around the Garden Sentry for 2x Extraction Amount. Buffs stack with Ratel buffs.

L2R Extraction Dungeon overview

Pro Tips:

  • Use Einhasad’s Blessing in your inventory to gain +200% Exp when you are extracting herbs. The blessing gives you 60 minutes of Exp buff.
  • Try to stay and focus on 2 closest herbs. Extract as fast as you can and spend the remaining exp bonus time grinding the monster field.
  • Each herb gives you 2k+ Exp normally, and having Einhasad’s Blessing would give you 6k+ Each. 20 extractions per day gives you a total of 120k+ Exp.

How To:

L2R Extraction Dungeon how to

1. Multiple players can attempt to extract the same Herb, but only the first player to succeed will receive the Herb.
2. Being attacked while extracting cancels the action.
3. PvP is permitted inside the Extraction Dungeon, so players must always be alert to their surroundings! There is no PK penalty enforced.
4. Players cannot collect any more herbs after reaching the extraction limit.
5. The extraction count resets daily.


Same Level Monster Grind

After Extraction Dungeon, since you still have a lot of time left from Einhasad’s Blessing, go out on the field and grind same level monsters (or a little bit higher). This will maximize your Exp gained from the potion’s effects. The best way is to use the time against normal mobs that you can easily kill but also gives you a good amount of Exp.

L2R Field Farming Overview

Pro Tips:

  • Go around the field and find same level monsters. Use auto-battle system (with skills) and deactivate the use of Soulshots.
  • If you are confident with your stats, you can try farming higher level monsters on the same field.
  • As much as possible, farm non-Core dropping monsters (check monster codex) because they drop Sub Quest scrolls more frequently. You can then bind these scrolls for High-Grade Sub Quests.
  • Don’t waste time killing one mob to get a huge Exp. The idea is to kill monsters fast to maximize the 200% Exp. buff.


Main Quests

The Main Quest is available the moment you start the game. Each main quest starts by interacting with an NPC. They can be completed once, and their basic rewards are Exp. and Adena. The item rewards do not change, so all players who complete the same quest will acquire the same reward.

These quests give a ton of Exp. so it is important to follow them when available. You can conveniently follow the main quest until you reach around lvl. 45. From there, you need to further increase your lvl. to proceed to the next quest. That’s where Sub Quests, Elite Dungeons, Exp. Dungeons, and Field hunting plays a very important role.

Pro Tips:

  • Don’t use Soulshots while doing Main/Sub/Weekly Quests unless you are fighting a boss. They consume a lot of resources; instead, save Adena for needed power-ups on your Forge.
  • Main quests give awesome rewards, claim the completion rewards and use them to your advantage.

How To:

L2R Main Quest how to

① This window shows main quest progress and where the quests take place.
② This list shows the main quests and the content that unlocks when they are complete.
③ This bar shows what rewards are obtainable based on main quest progress.


Daily Quests

Players can run 12 daily quests each day and can run 3 quests simultaneously. No more than 12 quests can be done daily. Daily quests are selected at random and can be refreshed. Quests can only be refreshed before they are started. Once quests are started or completed, they cannot be refreshed.

There are 3 conditions for completing quests:

Ways to Complete QuestsExplanation
CountdownCompletes once the specified amount of time passes.
Fulfill Mission ConditionsCompletes when the mission parameters are fulfilled.
Complete NowPay to complete the quest instantly.

Quest Grades: These grades determine the quality of the quest reward. Higher-grade quests take longer, but have better rewards.
Quests can be refreshed for free or by paying.

GradeRequired Time
Tier R5 hours
Tier S4 hours
Tier A3 hours
Tier B2 hours
Tier C1 hours


Pro Tips:

  • Every time you log into the game, make sure that you click on all your Daily Quests. Try to get above grade A as they give higher Exp. and Adena rewards.
  • If you are not given a good deck, quests can be refreshed for free 3x. Do not use Adena or Diamonds to refresh grades unless you have a high budget for the game.
  • After you click the highest grade possible, leave it alone. It doesn’t really matter if you are going to do whats listed, this will automatically finish after the required amount of time passes.
  • Sometimes while doing other quests, the mission is part of your Daily Quest, which results to completing multiple tasks in one go.
  • Do not forget to always check your Daily Quest and look at its progress so that you can move on the next one.

How To:

L2R Daily Quests how to

① Review the details and rewards of each daily quest.
② Players can tap ‘Start Quest’ to begin working on quests, and can also spend Adena to instantly complete quests.
③ Reward icons are activated based on how many quests are completed and allow players to claim additional rewards.
④ Quests can be refreshed up to 3 times for free each day. After that, refreshing costs Adena.
Players can spend Diamonds to make quests maximum-grade.

1. Quests can be refreshed up to 3 times for free each day. After that, refreshing costs Adena. Players can spend Diamonds to make quests maximum-grade.
2. Daily Quests reset daily at 4am.
3. Daily Quest rewards are sent to the Mailbox. Red Diamonds are spent first when changing quest grades, and if there are not enough, Blue Diamonds are consumed.


Tower of Insolence

The Tower of Insolence is a dungeon where players start on the 1st Floor and fight their way up, defeating monsters and earning rewards for clearing floors. This dungeon gives a valuable amount of Exp daily.

Pro Tips:

  • Do not click on Auto Clear immediately, enter and clear the dungeon manually, first. If the next floor is too hard to clear, then click Auto clear to get the rewards.

How To:

L2R Tower of Insolence how to

① View the floors currently available to your character.
② Compare each floor’s recommended stats with your character’s current stats.
③ View the Auto-Clear and Clear rewards for each floor.
④ Players can use Auto-Clear once a day to instantly complete all previously-cleared floors.
⑤ Players can enter the Tower of Insolence 3 times per day. Each attempt counts as an entry, regardless of result.
Successfully clear a floor to challenge the next floor.

L2R Tower of Insolence how to

① Upon clearing a Tower of Insolence floor, players can view that floor’s reward along with the basic clear rewards.
② Players can tap ‘OK’ to return to the Tower of Insolence lobby.
③ Players can tap ‘To the Next Floor’ to challenge the next floor.

1. Players can find Rune Fragments in this dungeon, which can be imprinted to permanently increase character stats.
2. Players can enter the Tower of Insolence after completing the Tower of Insolence quest. There are no level requirements within the Tower of Insolence.
3. Players have 3 free daily entries into the Tower of Insolence.
4. Only one Auto-Clear is available each day.


Recess Rewards

You can obtain Recess Points when you are stopped, in a town, or when you are not logged in.
You can spend your Recess Points to obtain Exp., Rune Fragments, or Feather of Peace. It is better to use the points for Exp. bonus.
L2R Recess Reward

III. More Progression Tips

After finishing your daily Exp grind, you can now choose which dungeons you would want to do. Make sure you finish each one daily. Below are additional tips to maximize your gain in these dungeons:


Daily Dungeon

Daily Dungeons are available after completing Episode 1 – 3 (Sealed Sanctuary of Memories). Enter and once a day to get Upgrade Stones and Enhancement Scrolls.

The reward type, grade, and amount change depending on the day of the week and dungeon difficulty.

Visit our Forge Guide to utilize your Daily Dungeon rewards effectively.

DayDungeon NameBossReward
MondayTracker's SanctuaryOrbisScroll: Enhance Weapon
TuesdayWarrior's SanctuaryMakkumWeapon Upgrade Stone
WednesdayBeast SanctuaryTrikanScroll: Enhance Armor
ThursdayMonster SanctuaryBlood KingArmor Upgrade Stone
FridaySanctuary of FiendsArchon BauScroll: Enhance Accessory
SaturdaySanctuary of MemoriesBoreasAccessory Upgrade Stone
SundayAncient SanctuaryDark MessengerUpgrade Stone Selection Box

Pro Tips:

  • You can spend Diamonds to re-enter the dungeon once you have used your free entry, and additional entries cost diamonds.
    The cost for additional entries increases each time you re-enter the dungeon that day.
  • When the rewards are Upgrade Stones, I use my Diamonds for re-entries. This is one way to Upgrade your Equipment fast!


Equipment Dungeon / Temple Guardian

Players can cooperate with other players every day to find equipment that will help them grow stronger. You must be in parties of 2 or more to enter the Equipment Dungeon/Temple Guardian. Players have 2 free entries per day.

Pro Tips:

  • Do not AFK in the Equipment Dungeon/Temple Guardian. Try to get an “SSS” clearance reward to get the highest EXP and loot.
  • Use Soulshots to kill monsters faster and stay near the Holy Artifact.
  • Players can spend Diamonds to recharge their entry counts and enter up to 6 additional times per day.


Adena Dungeon / Adena Vault

Players can enter the Adena Dungeon to earn Adena daily and get additional rewards based on the number of Adena Treasure Boxes that are obtained and the boss’s remaining HP. The amount of Adena changes based on the dungeon difficulty. Players can’t revive inside the dungeon and you have 1 free daily entry.

Pro Tips:

  • You can obtain extra Adena with a Treasure Box created based on Kresous’ HP. You can obtain two times (+ a maximum of 30%) extra Adena if you break all 4 Treasure Boxes.
  • Note that you can obtain Treasure Boxes by hitting the sides of Kresous.
  • Try to get an “SSS” clearance reward on the area of your difficulty lvl. to get maximum Adena loot. Use Soulshots when necessary.


Summoning Stone Dungeon / Summoning Circle

Players can cooperate with other players in Summoning Stone Dungeons every day to find material items that will help them summon and improve mount pets. Players have 2 free entries per day. You can enter this dungeon starting Level 54.

DifficultyCombat PowerEntry Level

Rewards for Clearing Dungeons Based on Difficulty

DifficultyAdvancement Stone Box TypeMinimumMaximum

Equipment Boxes given per Rank

Clearance RankEasyNormalHard

Amount of Summoning Stone Fragment Box as Rewards Based on Holy Artifact Activation

Holy Artifact ActivationEasyNormalHard

Pro Tips:

  • Do not AFK in the Summoning Stone Dungeon. Try to get an “SSS” clearance reward to get the highest reward.
  • Players have 2 free dungeon entries and can spend Diamonds enter up to 6 more times.



Mercenary’s Journey

Always take a look at the missions on Mercenary’s Journey in the Challenges tab. They give out awesome rewards such as Red Diamonds, Adena, Varnishes and a lot more that are necessary to fast progression.

L2R Mercenary's Journey overview



Event Rewards

Make sure to participate in all Events. Check out the Events tab for the current list and duration period. It usually gives rare items and valuable resources like Red Diamonds, Adena, Enhancement Scrolls and more.

L2R Event Rewards overview

Tip: Check the Events calendar on our homepage and read the event guides.



Unlocked after reaching lvl. 75 and finishing the Cloak tutorial. Wear your Adventurer’s cloak to gain bonus Exp. for defeating monsters and for extraction (only applies on field and Extraction dungeon).

L2R Cloak overview



Daily Activities

Daily Activities allows players to earn activity points and rewards from playing with in-game features. On a Daily basis, you can claim 10,000 Adena, 30 Red Diamonds, 30 Skill Points, and more essential items.

L2R Daily Activities overview

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