Elite Dungeon PoB/RSS Chart

by DK on June 6, 2018
Elite Dungeon PoB/RSS Chart
June 20, 2018

Welcome to our clan resource farming guide!

Elite Dungeons contain Elite-grade monsters that drop a good amount of equipment and soul crystals necessary for character progression. Likewise, certain Elite Monsters with “Evil of Blood” tags drop clan resources (Proofs of Blood and Red Starstones) to support the clan.

Below is a chart that serves as a guide to where to farm these resources based on the character’s level. Information includes effective level range, monster level/type/HP, and if the specified monster drops cores or not.

Pro Tips:

  1. Following the chart, always keep your character advancement to at least Rank A (see Character Basic Info under Character tab). This will be your standard to farm efficiently and to stay away from potential risks. Of course, the higher rank the better.
  2. For optimum drop rate:
    • Join or create a party of 5 players and camp in the enemy spawn area.
    • Battle radius should be close (10m).
    • One party member (usually the lowest CP) should lure the enemies toward the 4 other members.
    • Stay away from other parties to reduce loot sharing.
    • Your character’s level must be no more than 5 levels higher than the enemy, but you can stretch it out up to 7 levels’ difference for an adequate drop rate. There is no minimum level requirement in acquiring the optimum resource drop as long as you can kill and survive against enemy waves.
  3. Certain Elite monsters are Magical Creatures that give bonus damage/mitigation to characters wielding Rare (Magical / Red) equipment.
  4. Players get 8x Exp and 4x Drop rate during Hot Time. You can extend the duration for up to 90 minutes per day using diamonds. We recommend adding 30 minutes of farming on top of your Bonus Hot Time for 200 Red Diamonds.
  5. Elite Dungeon is also a good source of experience to gain levels. Make use of your Hot Time (30 minutes) daily by solo-killing monsters using your Elite attribute equipment.
    • Resource/Core farming – Party up during Hot Time
    • Level farming – Solo during Hot Time
  6. Elite Dungeons don’t have a daily entry count, so you may enter freely anytime. Quests are available in each dungeon and give out Adena, Exp, and PoB as rewards upon completion. Finish 5 Elite quests to receive a Reward Box.
  7. Elite Dungeon quests and hot time resets daily at 00:00 PST.


Effective at LevelsMonster lvlAreaLocationMonsterTypeGradeHPCore
17-2722Elite DungeonElven Ruins Floor 1Spartoi Archer/WarriorUndeadElite13,598N
20-3025Elite DungeonElven Ruins Floor 1Subterranean PincherAnimalElite17,191Y
26-3631Elite DungeonElven Ruins Floor 2Spartoi Knight/Sniper/SpotterUndeadElite42,101N
30-4035Elite DungeonElven Ruins Floor 2ShaperUndeadElite56,263Y
45-5550Elite DungeonAnt Nest 1Ant CaptainAnimalElite129,821Y
49-5954Elite DungeonAnt Nest 1Ant PatrolAnimalElite146,827N
60-7570Elite DungeonAnt Nest 2Noble AntAnimalElite190,278N
73-8378Elite DungeonAnt Nest 2Ant Soldier Royal GuardAnimalElite213,829Y
79-8984Elite DungeonAnt Nest 2Noble Ant LeaderAnimalElite225,125Y
95-105100Elite DungeonCruma Tower Floor 2Mordeo's Mirror Image / Magical ExcuroMagical CreatureElite262,894N
99-109104Elite DungeonCruma Tower Floor 2Susceptor PrimeMagical CreatureElite276,677Y
103-113108Elite DungeonCruma Tower Floor 2Susceptor PrimeMagical CreatureElite290,317N
115-125120Elite DungeonCruma Tower Floor 3Deranged Meforde / SusceptorMagical CreatureElite330,716N
119-129124Elite DungeonCruma Tower Floor 3Validus Mutant / Deranged MefordeMagical CreatureElite346,045N
123-133128Elite DungeonCruma Tower Floor 3RorkaMagical CreatureElite361,427Y
123-133128Elite DungeonCruma Tower Floor 3Validus MutantMagical CreatureElite361,427N
115-125120Elite DungeonCruma Tower Floor 3Deranged Meforde / SusceptorMagical CreatureElite330,716N
119-129128Elite DungeonCruma Tower Floor 3Validus Mutant / Deranged MefordeMagical CreatureElite361,427N
131-141136Elite DungeonIvory Tower Catacomb 1Tainted ScorpionMagical CreatureElite422,312Y
135-145140Elite DungeonIvory Tower Catacomb 1Tempra ScorpionMagical CreatureElite441,530N
141-151146Elite DungeonIvory Tower Catacomb 1Premo the TaintedMonsterElite461,400Y
145-155150Elite DungeonIvory Tower Catacomb 2Stakato SoldierMagical CreatureElite482,090Y
151-161156Elite DungeonIvory Tower Catacomb 2Enhanced Gargoyle / Stakato TrooperMagical CreatureElite503,795Y
157-167162Elite DungeonIvory Tower Catacomb 2Enhanced PerumMagical CreatureElite526,521Y
157-167162Elite DungeonIvory Tower Catacomb 3Skeleton PursuerUndeadElite526,521N
163-173168Elite DungeonIvory Tower Catacomb 3Skeleton TrooperUndeadElite547,722Y
169-179174Elite DungeonIvory Tower Catacomb 3Dark KnightDemonElite573,383N
174-184179Elite DungeonIvory Tower Catacomb 3Dark GeneralDemonElite573,383Y
177-189182Elite DungeonIvory Tower Catacomb 3Cave SaharaMonsterElite599,313Y
177-189182Elite DungeonIvory Tower Catacomb 3Dark Choir Dark PrimaDemonElite599,313N
190-211206Elite DungeonForest of Secrets CanopyNymph EpeeHumanElite1,115,037N
190-211206Elite DungeonForest of Secrets CanopySecretive GrendelMonsterElite1,115,037N
209-219214Elite DungeonForest of Secrets CanopyNymph SabreHumanElite1,253,181N
209-219214Elite DungeonForest of Secrets CanopyPan DireumMagicalElite1,253,181N
217-229222Elite DungeonForest of Secrets CanopyNymph FleurHumanElite1,402,733Y
217-229222Elite DungeonForest of Secrets CanopyPan DryedMagicalElite1,402,733N
230-253248Elite DungeonForest of Secrets UnderstorySuccubus Night Hag / Tempting Medusa / Succubus Night HagDemonElite2,089,734N
249-259254Elite DungeonForest of Secrets UnderstorySuccubus DemonDemonElite2,293,301N
257-260262Elite DungeonForest of Secrets UnderstoryVenom SerpentDemonElite2,389,850N
257-267262Elite DungeonForest of Secrets UnderstoryCailynDemonElite2,389,850Y
263-273268Elite DungeonForest of Secrets UnderstoryPoison SerpentDemonElite2,485,245Y
263-273268Elite DungeonForest of Secrets Slaughter SiteLost Lizardman / Lost Lizardman FighterDragonElite3,417,212
/ 3,286,044
269-279274Elite DungeonForest of Secrets Slaughter SiteManeater Forest SpiderAnimalElite3,548,810Y
277-287282Elite DungeonForest of Secrets Slaughter SiteFurious Fairy WillowMonsterElite3,699,621Y
277-287282Elite DungeonDragon's Cave Catacomb 1Maluk Princess / Maluk Lady / Maluk BerserkerDemon / UndeadElite3,699,621N
285-295290Elite DungeonDragon's Cave Catacomb 1Rimal Espada Magical CreatureEliteN
285-295290Elite DungeonDragon's Cave Catacomb 1Rimal KarinnisMagical CreatureEliteY
309-319314Elite DungeonDragon's Cave Catacomb 2Bloody LadyDemonEliteN
309-319314Elite DungeonDragon's Cave Catacomb 2Bloody KarinnisMagical CreatureEliteN
317-327322Elite DungeonDragon's Cave Catacomb 2Bloody Karique / Blood QueenDemonEliteY
317-327322Elite DungeonDragon's Cave Catacomb 2Bloody EspadaMagical CreatureEliteN
317-320 (Max)322Elite DungeonDragon's Cave DepthsDevil EyesMagical CreatureEliteY
320 (Max)332Elite DungeonDragon's Cave DepthsMaluk AssassinUndeadEliteY
320 (Max)342Elite DungeonDragon's Cave DepthsDragon WarriorDragonEliteY


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