The Sniper of Windawood04 – PublicEnemy’s Japchaee (Hawkeye)

by DK on February 21, 2018
The Sniper of Windawood04 – PublicEnemy’s Japchaee (Hawkeye)
December 14, 2018

IGN: Japchaee
Class: Hawkeye
Clan: PublicEnemy
Server: Windawood04

Japchaee is currently the highest ranked Hawkeye of Windawood04, and a marksman who knows how to unlock the full potential of Hawkeye in any game scenario, be it PvE or PvP. In this article, PlayL2R features video highlights of Japchaee’s Arena and Extraction Pit battles, Marsha Core Hunt, Clan Raids, and Fortress Siege. A sneak peek of his equipment is also shown to guide Hawkeye users on what to prioritize and what sub-stats to aim for. Let’s dive into  Japchaee’s insights into the game!


Player Interview

Q: How do you prioritize the skill upgrade of Hawkeye?

PvE : Arrow Rain and Snipe are best for leveling and farming.

PvP : Snipe, Multiple Shot, and Arrow Rain are best for Siege, War, and 1v1.

Q: What about the stats and sub-stats prioritization?

PvE : Attack Speed / Critical Rate. It is vital to get that combo bonus damage of 10% ASAP for max DPS.

PvP : Critical Rate / Critical Damage. Every hit counts. When you fight in PvP, you won’t be standing still, and will need to kite them.

Q: What is your edge over other players?

I use an upgraded Akat Long Bow (Boss weapon) that helps me kill the Field Boss, giving me a higher chance for loot drops to sell for diamonds. Everyone else [tends to be] focused on PvP weapons [which means that they won’t necessarily be able to kill the Field Boss as easily].

I use Akat Bow for the boss due to the percentage damage it provides me against the Field Boss. This helps me make easy diamonds early in the game, while other players are blood thirsty on buying Healing Strike pages and Absolute Shield.

The first two months at 120, I was bringing in over 50k diamonds per week, just from selling Enhance Scroll Pages/Cores/Blessed scrolls.  Then, 180 came, and now instead of making easy diamonds, it became easy Blessed /Normal enhance scrolls.

With so many diamonds early on, I was able to buy a lot of Elixirs to max [my Elixirs] out to S, and also [bought] Mount bundles with the 800 Diamond pack to get all max equipment for pet. At 180, it helps me enhance a lot to sell Blessed if sellable. Also, having a  Boss weapon helps me gain a lot of Adena, as it is very important in this game. I pretty much win all clan dungeon bosses for the Double Adena, which helps my Daily Adena quite a bit.

Q: What is your advice for starters?

Use Adena or diamonds on things that will help you gain CP 100%, not on enchantments that can fail. You can focus on Elixirs, Runes, or Cores, or even Limit Break or Attributes as it gives you a % increase on success even if you fail. Combining and upgrading Equipment always helps.

99% of the people go for PVP upgrades, as its important for them to kill each other. To be successful in the game as an F2P player, the best thing you can do is to find what will help you make easy Adena and easy diamonds. That’s the reason why I went for the boss weapon, knowing that the boss weapon will help me get loot I can sell to make diamonds and Adena easily.

The next weapon I would work on is the Elite weapon. This weapon is needed to help farm for the clan and help you level fast and kill faster to make that Adena.

At 180, it’s already hard to kill elite monsters; when 260 comes out, without Elite weapons, you can’t farm for Red Starstones or Adena in the new Elite Dungeons.

At 260 heading to 320 is when you want to work on PVP, as that is end game, and at that time, you want to be able to kill people in 3v3 or Castle Siege

[Editor’s Note:  Read our Fast Leveling Guide to see what you else can do to gain guaranteed CP as a beginner!]

Q: What is your advice for competitive players?

Get lucky with Enchanting, and find the right clan to help each other grow. Being in the right clan lets you potentially hold a Tower, which gives you access to the Conquer Shop, where you can get daily Upgrade Stones and Elixirs. It makes a big difference. Also, focus on getting Limit Break and Attribute up to max.

On AFK Farming:

If you can access IT3, make sure to just go solo or with 1 other clan member to farm for Red Starstones. At present, max party is not good at all currently [for drops]. Instead of killing the highest monsters, go for the 172 monsters [to get more drops]. You get a lot more drops faster, by killing [monsters] faster, and it’s less crowded.

People who want to enjoy the game by farming and not worrying too much about PVP should focus on elite gear and use this method.

On Core Buffs:

If you’re in a good clan, you should run Core Buffs. Core Buff is really good for a clan, as it gives a big CP boost to everyone, and helps all members reach end game status. The best thing you can do during Core Buffs is to split the group up, by putting 1 member to the left top corner of the monster spawn, 1 member to left bottom corner of monster spawn, 1 member to the right bottom corner of spawn, and 1 in the middle; the extra guy can help a corner that is slow.

Q: What is your advice for similar Hawkeye users?

Keep distance while in Siege to prevent getting melted. Hawkeye is best for Siege due to its skill snipe giving us distance to hit players from far range. The AOE skill it has also helps do a lot of damage, while a lot of players are grouped up in Siege.

They can take out towers fast from far range.

About Japchaee:

I first saw the game via Facebook Ads and it looked interesting. I’ve been playing L2R since the first day of release and became the Leader of my clan, PublicEnemy. I love to have fun and enjoy talking in Discord with friends and clan members. I love leading this clan and helping us become number one 🙂

Character Spotlight

Road to top 1 in Arena

Hawkeyes are resilient archer classes that can fight head on against melee and ranged opponents. Check out Japchaee’s skill set-up and his strategy in 1v1 Arena as he coasts to reach the top 1 spot!

Marsha stampede

In this video, the Deathly Fog Shore’s field boss Marsha took a beating from a large crowd. Despite the numbers, Japchaee’s party still managed to get the highest accumulated damage from all the attackers.

Operation Decimation at the Extraction Pit

Take note youngbloods! This is how you properly use a Hawkeye. The video shows how to position yourself and utilize the game mechanics to your favor. Knowing your advantages and disadvantages adds up to your tenacity in fighting against certain classes. This hones your Clan War capabilities as you become an expert in killing enemies since this pit won’t raise your Chaotic Value.

Stomping the Clan Boss on Raids

Hawkeyes can be a reliable damage contributor in the Clan Raids. Check out how Japchaee squares out against Varkaron and Queen Ant and fights like a boss!

Hawkeyes: Everyone’s favorite class in Sieges!

Ever wonder why a lot of players use Hawkeyes in Open Siege? Well here you go! Snipe skill is extremely overpowered that allows you to attack from a maximum range. Position yourself to a vantage point and become the sniper that everyone fears!

Weapon – Akat Long Bow (Boss Hunt)
  • SR-Grade
  • Upgrade level +40
  • Enhancement level MAX
  • Attribute level MAX
  • Substats Recommended: P. Atk, Crit Rate, Atk. Spd. Increase Rate

Weapon – Upitear (PvP)
  • SR-Grade
  • Upgrade level +30
  • Enhancement level +20
  • Attribute level 4
  • Substats Recommended: P. Atk, Crit Rate, Crit Damage

Reggios Armor Set

  • SR-Grade Headgear, Armor, Gloves, and Boots
  • Headgear: Upgrade level +36, Enhancement level +12, Attribute level 1
    • Substats: P. Def, M. Def, Penetration
  • Armor: Upgrade level +30, Enhancement level +21, Attribute level 1
    • Substats: P. Def, M. Def, Speed Increase Rate
  • Gloves: Upgrade level +34, Enhancement level +21, Attribute level 1
    • Substats: P. Atk, M. Atk, Max MP
  • Boots: Upgrade level +30, Enhancement level +11, Attribute level 1
    • Substats: P. Atk, Atk Spd Increase Rate, Exp. Gain Increase Rate

Nassen Accessory Set
  • SR-Grade Necklace, Earrings, and Ring
  • Necklace: Upgrade level +30, Enhancement level +17, Attribute level 2
    • Substats: Atk Spd Increase Rate, HP Drain, Critical Resistance
  • Earring 1: Upgrade level +30, Enhancement level +13, Attribute level 1
    • Substats: Speed Increase Rate, HP Regen, Critical Resistance
  • Earring 2: Upgrade level +30, Enhancement level +17, Attribute level 1
    • Substats: Speed Increase Rate, HP Regen, Exp. Gain Increase Rate
  • Ring 1: Upgrade level +36, Enhancement level +17, Attribute level 1
    • Substats: Crit Rate, Critical Damage Increase Rate, Adena Gain Increase Rate
  • Ring 2: Upgrade level +30, Enhancement level +21, Attribute level 1
    • Substats: Crit Rate, HP Drain, Max MP

  • R-Grade Steam Beetle
  • Level 12: Combat Power 50,012
  • SR Grade Helmet, Armor, Saddle, Boots
  • Helmet: Upgrade level +16, Enhancement level +17
  • Armor: Upgrade level +12, Enhancement level +19
  • Saddle: Upgrade level +20, Enhancement level +17
  • Boots: Upgrade level +20, Enhancement level +16


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  • Fellow WW4 Player
    February 25, 2018 at 7:33 am

    Thank you for the spotlight, good to hear from one of the top players on our server! Although I guess we are just leaving out the part about how Japchaee used to openly sell boss runs on his profile page…

  • Fellow Player
    May 19, 2018 at 10:27 pm

    Yeah having killed this player a lot, it is very clear that he bots as well, not really someone to look up to. Also he is very wrong that pvp is only in the late stages of the game and is definitely feeling it right now.

    • Japchaee
      June 19, 2018 at 3:49 pm

      lvl 260 and still not worried about PVP and never bot, don’t assume stuff thanks 🙂

  • CoRVuS
    June 29, 2018 at 3:54 am

    Hello. Can you say skills level? active and passive please. Thanks a lot 😀

  • WhizzKid
    July 17, 2018 at 10:06 am

    hello, can you show me which bow is for elite? and how to made it?

    • DK
      July 17, 2018 at 5:48 pm

      Elite Bows are “Light Crossbow”. You can get it easily from monster drops, summon boxes, temple guardian, and combining weapons. I recommend to combine until Grade you get R-grade light crossbow, then upgrade from R to SR. 🙂

  • Seraphicas
    August 2, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    Lets just cut the BS here. Japchae got on top early spending a shit ton of money to gear up full SR while everyone was lvls 1-30. He was not worth a shit in pvp solo or mass. He got rolled regularly by much lower cp players. Seen him 20-40 lvls minimum ahead of everyone for a loooong time. While most people were still working toward R grade this guy in full sr everything with +12 or better enchants and multiple items attribute enhanced/limit broke. Not to mention his toxic personality and clan hopping. I constantly argued against him joining Dauntless due to his bullshit. Mind you, this was all at the time 120 was cap..maybe he changed.

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