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The Thunderous Bladedancer of Aden – OMFG’s CASTILLO

by DK on January 8, 2018
The Thunderous Bladedancer of Aden – OMFG’s CASTILLO
December 14, 2018

Class: Bladedancer
Clan: OMFG
Server: Aden

Castillo is a Dual Blades virtuoso rated as one of the best Bladedancers in the global English version of L2R. He is OMFG’s top strategist, and an expert about the overall mechanics of the game. In this article, PlayL2R features video highlights of his Arena fights and PvP battles in the recently opened Castle Siege in SEA server. A sneak peek of his equipment is also shown as he explains the importance of his gear’s substats and uses. Let’s head on further in an exclusive interview where he shares his insights about the game!


Player Interview

Q: How do you prioritize the skill upgrade of Bladedancer?

1st priority: Passive skills – Permanent increase in stats, especially “Attack” stat, improves your overall productivity. Most of the time, you will be using normal attacks while fighting in Field and Dungeons. On the other hand, Skills have long cooldowns, so upgrading it over passives provide minimal benefits.

2nd priority: Buffs – The effects are prominent because the scaling of buff increase is high. Having this will be advantageous; not only for yourself, but also for your allies.

3rd priority: Active skills – After you’re done with Passive skills and Buffs, upgrade your Spinning Slasher and Hurricane Storm. These two are your best active skills.

Q: What about the stats and sub-stats prioritization?

Prioritize Crit Rate, Crit Damage, P. Atk, Atk speed and Move speed. Since you are a Bladedancer, and your class is mainly for Crowd Control (CC), what you need to do in the battlefield is kill as many enemies as fast as possible or disable the enemy team. You need to hit hard and fast.

Q: What is the Bladedancer’s edge over other characters?

Bladedancer’s skills are all AoE and have an attack speed buff, which is very important in PvP, especially in parties. They are capable of killing many enemies with one skill rotation/combo.

Q: What is your advice for starters?

Find the balance between leveling and doing cores at the same time. Also get rare gears ASAP.

Q: What is your advice for competitive players?

Buy the right bundles, especially the ones that guarantee character progression (an example would be the UR weapon bundles). Always aim for a better investment — not just relying on luck like the material and equipment draws. In short, be wise with spending your diamonds. For example, you need 4 weapon upgrade stones to upgrade your weapon. It will be wise to wait for the Daily Dungeon rewards, instead of rushing to buy the upgrade stones in Shop. Just wait until tomorrow or the next day if you have to.

You can spend blue diamonds buying ATK and DEF elixirs, or buy several Scrolls of Alchemy and hope that it gives you ATK and DEF Alchemy Scrolls. This only applies if the elixirs on the trading post are kinda pricey. For example, 1 ATK elixir is 83 blue diamonds and 1 alchemy scroll is 10 blue diamonds. You could buy 8 alchemy scroll and hope it gives you 2 ATK Elixir Alchemy Scrolls.

Q: What is your advice for similar Bladedancer users?

I know it’s hard [for Bladedancer users] at first for PvE and PvE, because you are [a melee character]. Just hang in there, raise your CP and you’ll be 1-2 hitting monsters in no time (except for the boss of course). [Editor’s note: Killing monsters in 1-2 hits.] Our class shines most in PvP, just remember that. Also, we look cool [as f***].


I’ve been playing L2R since day 1 of SEA server. Before the game was released, I was looking for a decent MMORPG in mobile and I stumbled on this L2R video trailer on Youtube. I liked what I saw and at that point, I was already hyped. About my clan role: I am the recruiter and one of the strategists. I just aim to be strong in the game and be a good asset to the clan. My clan mates are a fun bunch, which compensates for the frustrations of [failed] enhancements.

Character Spotlight

1v1 Arena – From Rank #99 to #1 in Record Time!

Here, we can see the undeniable flair of this guy! Take a look and learn the right skill execution of a Bladedancer against all classes. From Rank #99 to #1 in record speed!


Party Killing in the Extraction Pit for Butcher Quest

Warning: NSFW content for bullying. This video showcases a lot of the Nassen Accessories’ chasing capabilities. The Warrior class is usually slow, but in this situation, the Bladedancer is even able to pin down Elves, who have naturally high mobility. With his already-high damage, one disable is all it takes, and the victor is decided.


The very first Castle Siege in Aden! OMFG winning the battle

The entire battlefield was a bloodbath. OMFG and their allies finally emerged victorious after outnumbering and pushing out the enemy team from competition. Castillo was ranked 2nd in points just behind the MVP, DevilViolet.

Weapon – Dunamiss Dualsword
  • UR-Grade
  • Upgrade level + Limit Break MAX
  • Enhancement level MAX
  • Attribute level MAX
  • Substats Recommended: Atk. Spd. Increase Rate, Crit Rate & P. Atk

L2R weapon_castillo

Dominus Armor Set
  • UR-Grade Headgear, Armor, Gloves, and Boots
  • Upgrade level + Limit Break MAX
  • Enhancement level +24
  • Attribute level MAX
  • Substats Recommended:
    • Headgear – P. Def, M. Def, Evasion
    • Armor – P. Def, M. Def, Speed Increase Rate
    • Gloves – P. Atk, Penetration, Evasion
    • Boots – Evasion, Speed Increase Rate, Atk Speed Increase Rate

L2R headgear_castillo L2R armor_castillo L2R gloves_castillo L2R boots_castillo

Nassen Accessory Set
  • SR-Grade Necklace, Earrings, and Ring
  • Upgrade level + Limit Break MAX
  • Enhancement level +24
  • Attribute level MAX
  • Substats Recommended:
    • Necklace – P. Def, M. Def, Atk. Speed Increase Rate
    • Earrings – Speed Increase Rate, Crit Resist, Penetration
    • Ring – P. Atk, Crit Rate, Crit Resist

L2R necklace_castillo L2R earrings_castillo L2R earrings2_castillo L2R ring_castillo L2R ring2_castillo


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