Tips To Building Your Combat Power (CP)

by DK on October 28, 2019
Tips To Building Your Combat Power (CP)
October 28, 2019

So, you want to know how to how to increase your Combat Power? You’ve come to the right place.

Combat Power (CP) means a lot in this game and determines the potential strength of your character. It includes all stats from your equipped items, soul crystals, set bonuses, level bonuses, and even your base stats and more.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the top contributors of CP and how you can increase your CP. Read on if you’d like to learn more.

Below are the top contributors of CP:

Top Contributors of CP:

  • Equipped Items (Individual stats / Level / Grade / Enhancements / Set Bonus)
  • Monster Cores
  • Rune Imprinting
  • Soul Crystals
  • Mounts
  • Elixirs
  • Cloaks
  • Equipment Collection
  • Talismans (KR/SEA servers only)
  • Costumes (SEA servers only)
  • Hero Level
  • Achievement Level
  • Honor Rank / Titles


If you are having trouble killing monsters or surviving in PvP, take a look at your CP in the Advancement Info panel. Are you at the suggested CP for your level? Or do you need to work on increasing your CP? If your CP is lower than average, then that probably means you need to work on your Equipment, or on other stats.

Equipped Items are your main source of CP. In order to get the best Equipment, you will need to spend a lot of time grinding in the Field and in Dungeons, as well as leveling your Hero to be able to upgrade and enhance your items. You’ll also need to collect stats from other sources in order to progress.

In addition to Equipment, Monster Cores, Rune Imprints, and Elixirs all play a vital role in increasing your base stats, and can really help with buffing your character.

Let’s take a look at all the various CP Contributors to gain a better understanding of what you should do in order to progress.


MissSolo’s Video Guide on How to Boost your CP


I. Equipped Items

Equipped Items can and absolutely should be leveled up, upgraded, and enhanced.

Level-up – Max equipment level is 30. SR Grade and higher can be limit broken to level 40.

Upgrade – Equipment basic stats increase depending on the equipment grade. For every upgrade, it gains an additional substat and soul crystal slot. Maximum grade is currently UR.

Enhance – Successful enhancements raise base stats. The maximum enhancement level is currently +30. Attributes can also be enhanced up to level 10. You gain set item effects by equipping 2 or more armor items of the same type. Set effects improve as the item grades increase.

Tip: Since this is a fundamental topic, check out the in-depth Forge Guide for more information about upgrading and enhancing your equipment effectively.


II. Monster Cores

Players can acquire Monster Cores by hunting monsters in each region and from Summon Boxes.  Registering Monster Cores in the Codex provides bonus stats based on grade. The stats applied upon completing the Monster Codex can be reviewed in detail in the Codex window.

L2R Monster Codex overview

III. Rune Imprinting

Rune Imprinting permanently increases a character’s stats by imprinting Rune Fragments that can be acquired from various methods such as quest rewards and the Tower of Insolence. You can also buy Runes daily via your Clan Shop. Runes are categorized into basic runes and core runes.

Each basic rune correlates to a stat type. When all basic runes on a rune page are imprinted to the same tier, the core rune’s level increases. Each time a core rune levels up, various stats will increase in value.

L2R Rune Imprinting overviewRunes are categorized by rune stats and imprinting completed stats. There are a total of 15 pages for Rune List.


IV. Soul Crystals

Different grades of equipment have differing numbers of slots that you can socket Soul Crystals into. Bonus stats are given based on the equipped Soul Crystals’ types and grades. Each equipment type has a set of soul crystals it can hold. Soul Crystals can level up to Lvl. 5 and material Soul Crystals aren’t affected by the type. The grades of Soul Crystals range from C to SR, and max level Soul Crystals under SR-grade can be upgraded to become higher-grade Soul Crystals.

Tip: To know more about your character’s Soul Crystal priority tiers, check out ourSoul Crystal Guide to unleash your full potential.

Soul Crystal Grade


Soul Crystal Types and Parts

Soul Crystal Types & Parts

NameSoul Crystal of Attack
Equipment PartWeapon, Gloves
NameSoul Crystal of Defense
Equipment PartHeadgear, Armor
NameSoul Crystal of HP
Equipment PartHeadgear, Armor
NameSoul Crystal of Penetration
Equipment PartRing
NameSoul Crystal of Accuracy
Equipment PartBoots, Necklace
NameSoul Crystal of Evasion
Equipment PartBoots, Necklace
NameSoul Crystal of Resilience
Equipment PartEarrings
NameSoul Crystal of Critical Rate
Equipment PartWeapon, Gloves
NameSoul Crystal of Critical Resistance
Equipment PartEarrings

Get Soul Crystals through means such as hunting in elite dungeons and participating in events. You can equip Soul Crystals without any cost. However, you need to spend a certain amount of Adena to unequip Soul Crystals.


V. Mounts

The character’s stats increases when they get on a mount and the type of mount determines which stats are affected. Mount pets are useful when you are far from where you want to be or when you are doing quests. Do note that there are restrictions on using skills or items when you are on a mount.

① Simply owning a mount pet will boost your Combat Power!

– Owning, even without using, a mount pet will apply 30% of its stats to your character’s Combat Power.

② Reason to improve your mount pet and mount pet-exclusive equipment!

– Doing so boosts your Combat Power and also gives your mount pet gradually cooler appearances.

Any Mount Pet of Lvl. 50 or higher is displayed in the Main Menu UI. Tap each icon to start a mount pet story quest.

You can mount your pets during the Mount Pet Tutorial as a part of the Story Quests. You will summon a Black Bear for the first time during the Mount Pet Tutorial. The player can freely mount/dismount from your mount pet in fields, Elite Dungeons, and Clan Halls.

L2R Pet or Mount overviewTip: Since this is an important topic, check out the recommended Mount set-up in each Character/Class guide.


VI. Elixirs

Elixirs comes in 4 varieties:

  • HP Elixirs
  • MP Elixirs
  • Atk. Elixirs
  • Def. Elixirs

L2R Elixirs overview

Upon use, Elixirs permanently increase character stats. You can craft Elixirs by using Elixir Herbs and Elixir Essences.

Acquire craft materials from the Extraction Pit, Daily Activities and Material Summons. You can also buy Elixir Essences via the Clan Conquer shop if your Clan owns a Fortress/Castle.

Elixirs can be used immediately after being crafted. The Effectiveness of Elixirs increases based on the Elixir’s craft grade.


VII. Cloaks

Wearable upon reaching level 75, cloaks have the capability to add a significant amount of CP from stats, but also imbue special effects, depending on the type of cloak equipped. Like equipment, cloaks can be also be levelled up to increase substats and equip effect.

Types of Cloaks

ItemCloak NameAdvantages
PlayL2R adventurer's cloakAdventurer's Cloak- High experience gain in Field and Extraction Dungeon. Good pair with Einhasad's blessing.
- Can also be used in codex farming located in the field. Gain a huge chunk of exp while killing monsters within 5 levels range.
- Perfect for beginners to catch up and boost character levels.
- Free item and a good investment. Just finish the cloak tutorial quest upon reaching level 75.
PlayL2R blood ranger's cloakBlood Ranger's Cloak- A great alternative source of Red Star Stones, Proof of Bloods, and Scraps.
- For a drop limit of 2000 blood scraps per day, it will contain at least 300 RSS on a bad day (400 to 500 if you are lucky). It is commonly prioritized by competitive gamers who are active in clans to help them with clan donation requirements.
- Highly favors mid-end game players who farm and stack clan resources by farming in the Elite Dungeon.
L2R garden cloakGarden Cloak- Has 4 substats which convert to a higher CP increase compared to Adventurer's Cloak and Blood Ranger's Cloak (3 substats).
- Rewards you with bonus garden gifts on a fixed chance (need to be high level to maximize drop rate from a limit of 20 extractions a day).
PlayL2R hero's cloakHero's Cloak- Arguably the best PvP cloak which is a must have for competitive players. Refresh chance and interval rate increases per level.
- Highly favorable item for end-game and high ranking players.
PlayL2R cloak of redCloak of Red Destruction- 5 Substat addition to increase significant damage/survivability.
- Good for players who usually farms AFK, it creates a defensive spell to protect the user in case healing potions and heal skills are on cooldown
L2R cloak of virtuous bloodCloak of Virtuous Blood- End-game item which is favorable to use in PvP especially in defensive situations.
PlayL2R hagios' cloakHagios' CloakA good offensive cloak which can be used in all areas of the game (Mostly for PvE flash clearing and Clan Wars).
PlayL2R resolution cloakResolution CloakThere are no equip effect bonuses in clan cloaks but they give additional 3 substats
PlayL2R dissonance cloakDissonance CloakThere are no equip effect bonuses in clan cloaks but they give additional 4 substats
PlayL2R revolution cloakRevolution CloakThere are no equip effect bonuses in clan cloaks but they give additional 5 substats

Tip: Check out the Cloak Guide for more information about cloaks and to help you choose which one fits best for your playstyle.


VIII. Equipment Collection

Equipment Collection allows you to receive additional CP for collecting specific equipment meeting specific Tier levels of Grade, Enhancement, Attribute and Limit Break. The higher your Tier level, the more stat rewards you will receive.

You can achieve certain milestones as you increase the tier levels of collecting equipment. There are 2 categories in Equipment Collection: Weapon and Armor Collection.

Video Guide on Equipment Codex

CP and stats calculator based on Equipment Tier level

This tool helps you foresee the amount of CP and individual stats to gain after inputting your character’s equipment tier levels.

Google Sheets Link:


IX. Talismans (KR/SEA servers only)

Talismans are items that can be equipped to grant you more powerful stats and special effects.

Starting at level 180, the talisman system opens up a slot and on up to 8 slots after reaching level 280. Similar to Monster Codex, Talismans also have a collection codex that gives you additional stats.

Lineage 2 Revolution talisman slots

There are 2 types of Talismans:

Normal Talisman – Talismans imbued with normal stats (Atk, Def, etc.)

Attribute Talisman – Talismans imbued with special attribute effects


Combination Effects

Talismans of different attributes can be matched for a combination effect that also increases stats.

Lineage 2 Revolution talisman combination

X. Costumes (SEA servers only)

Unlike Global and KR servers, where costumes are purely aesthetic, SEA servers give stat bonuses for wearing costumes. Costumes can be bought using blue diamonds.

Each costume gives you a specific stat bonus. For example, wearing a Classic Partyware costumes gives you 1,230 Accuracy, which also converts to 1,230 CP. On the other hand, Knights of Light costumes give you 940 Crit Rate which converts to 1,410 CP.

L2R Costumes


XI. Hero Level

Hero level currently maxes out at 260(Global), 320(SEA), and 360(KR). You also gain CP as you increase your levels. Use these systems to level up your characters quickly:

Tip: Get on the right pace and be time-efficient with our Fast Leveling Tips!


Elite Dungeon Bonus Time and Quests

All Elite Dungeons provide a bonus timed buff, Hot Time, which boosts Exp. and item drop rates by 3 for 30 minutes for all players. It refreshes once a day, and players can recharge the buff time up to 90 minutes each day by hitting the plus sign next to Hot Time. Doing so will cost you Diamonds.

L2R Elite Dungeon hot time

One Elite Dungeon quest can be completed every day in each dungeon.

The quest is different for each dungeon. Players can acquire Proof of Blood, Equipment Drops, Soul Crystals, and Red Starstones from dungeon monsters, as well as a reward for dungeon quests.

L2R Elite Dungeon quests


Combining Quest Scrolls (Sub-Quests)

Players can acquire Quest Scrolls by means such as defeating normal monsters and Treasure Boxes in fields, completing Main Quests, participating in Events, and also purchasing them in the Shop. When obtaining Quest Scrolls organically in the game, Quest Scrolls’ grades and contents are decided randomly. The region and level are decided by each Quest Scroll.

L2R Combine quests

Combine the grade of all Quest Scrolls lower than S-grade to increase their grades.

The grades of Quest Scrolls are [C, B, A] and higher grades are accompanied by changing difficulties and rewards.

L2R Combine quests


Daily Quests

Players can run 12 daily quests each day. Players can run 3 quests simultaneously. Upon completing 12 quests, players won’t be able to run any more quests.

L2R Daily quests overview

① Review the details and reward for each daily quest.

② Players can tap ‘Start Quest’ to begin a quest, and can also spend Adena to instantly complete quests.

③ The reward icons activate based on how many quests have been completed and allow players to claim additional rewards.

Quests can be refreshed for free, or by using Diamonds. Quests are divided into grades. These grades determine the quality of the quest reward. Higher-grade quests take longer, but have better rewards.

There are a total of 5 grades: C, B, A, S, and R.

GradeRequired Time
Tier R5 hours
Tier S4 hours
Tier A3 hours
Tier B2 hours
Tier C1 hours

Daily quests are assigned at random and can be refreshed. Quests can only be refreshed before they are started.

Once quests are started or completed, they cannot be refreshed.


Weekly Quests

Weekly Quests are quests that are active in weekly increments. There are 15 quests assigned daily, and once all 15 are complete, no more quests can be undertaken (10 quests/day for NA and EU servers). As characters level up, the available quests and rewards improve. Weekly quests resets every Monday.

L2R weekly quests overview

① Here, players can see the weekly quest details and rewards for each quest.

② Here, players can see the progress of weekly quests.

③ Tap to go to the weekly quest location.

④ Tap to spend Diamonds to instantly complete eligible quests.

⑤ Here, players can check the progress of weekly quests and acquire rewards based on that progress.


Exp. Dungeon / Trials of Experience

Players can acquire basic Exp. rewards and bonus Exp. based on the grade of the dungeon cleared.

L2R Exp Dungeon overview


Tower of Insolence

The Tower of Insolence ‘Clear Reward’ and ‘Auto-Clear Reward’ are available on which mode was selected.

– Clear Reward: This reward is available for manually playing and clearing the floor.

– Auto-Clear Reward: This reward is available for using Auto-Clear to automatically clear floors.

L2R Tower of Insolence overview

① Upon clearing a Tower of Insolence floor, players can review the reward of that floor, as well as the basic rewards.

② Players can tap ‘OK’ to return to the Tower of Insolence lobby.

③ Players can tap ‘To the Next Floor’ to challenge the next floor.

(Note: Try and play every dungeon level until you can no longer progress before using “Auto Clear”)

Tip: Since Hero leveling is a highly sought-after topic, check out theFast Leveling Guide for more in-depth strategies on how to level up quickly.


XII. Achievement Level

As mentioned in Character Advancement, Achievement Tiers give additional stats to boost your CP.

L2R Achievement Level

Complete achievements and get Achievement Exp. Your hero achievement level will increase based on Achievement Exp., and you’ll get a stat bonus based on your hero achievement level.


XIII. Honor Rank / Titles

Titles are given out based on standards such as achievements accomplished. Once acquired, titles increase character stats.

Title Types

Title TypeExplanationRelated Criteria
Normal TitleGained by completing designated achievements.
Cannot be stolen and are permanently owned.
Special TitlesGained by achieving designated criteria.
Becomes disabled if that criteria is no longer met.
Various Rankings
Conqueing Fortresses / Castles

Title Effects

  • Claiming a normal title permanently increases certain stats.
  • Characters receive stat bonuses for every title they own.
  • Keep in mind that when the special conditions for special titles are no longer satisfied, the titles will deactivate. The bonus effects of the deactivated titles are also removed.

The Titles Menu button is available in the Challenge menu and activates when the Achievements UI activates.

L2R Title overview

① Displays a list of titles of a certain grade.

② Shows title names.

③ Displays the conditions necessary to claim a title.

④ Displays the effect that comes with a title.

⑤ Tap to equip a title.

⑥ Displayed on special titles that conditions have not been met.[Move to Achievements] button is displayed here for normal titles.

⑦ Tap to claim a title that conditions have been met.

⑧ Displays the title that is currently equipped.

⑨ Displays the new Combat Power after the effects of titles claimed.

⑩ Tap to see the total individual bonus stats from titles claimed.

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