Auxiliary Accessories Guide

by DK on November 6, 2018
Auxiliary Accessories Guide
November 7, 2018

The Auxiliary Accessories feature is available after reaching level 150. It further strengthens and provides 30% of its total effects to your character, however, cannot be equipped using the same type of accessory as the one in the main slot.

Accessories and its effects is a huge factor on your character’s play style. For example, Black Ore, Moonstone and Phoenix sets are optimal choices for tanks, while Nassen, Elven and Arbol are good for utility and damage dealers. Now with Auxiliary Accessory, you can even go beyond the standard playstyle and build your hero with a distinct role. So here’s a quick tour on how to set-up your Auxiliary set.

Table of Contents

  • Stats in Auxiliary Accessories
  • Recommendation for Each Class
  • Attribute Table
  • How To Equip

Auxiliary Accessory Stats

30% of:

Lineage 2 Revolution Auxiliary Accessories

Recommendations for Each Class

HumanPaladinBlack Ore / Moonstone / Elven / Phoenix
WarlordElven / Arbol / Nassen / Black Ore
Treasure HunterElven / Black Ore / Arbol / Nassen
HawkeyeElven / Nassen / Arbol
SorcererElven / Nassen / Black Ore
BishopBlack Ore / Moonstone / Elven / Phoenix / Nassen
ElfTemple KnightBlack Ore / Moonstone / Elven / Phoenix / Nassen
SwordsingerElven / Black Ore / Nassen / Arbol
Plains WalkerElven / Nassen / Arbol
Silver RangerElven / Nassen / Arbol
SpellsingerElven / Black Ore / Nassen / Phoenix
ElderElven / Black Ore / Nassen / Phoenix / Moonstone
Dark ElfShillien KnightElven / Phoenix / Black Ore / Arbol
BladedancerElven / Black Ore / Nassen / Arbol
Abyss WalkerElven / Nassen / Arbol
Phantom RangerElven / Nassen / Arbol
SpellhowlerElven / Nassen / Black Ore
Shillien ElderElven / Black Ore / Nassen / Phoenix / Moonstone
DwarfGuardianBlack Ore / Moonstone / Elven / Phoenix
SlayerElven / Black Ore / Nassen / Arbol
ScavengerElven / Black Ore / Nassen / Moonstone / Phoenix
War RangerElven / Phoenix / Black Ore / Nassen
Battle MageArbol / Elven / Nassen
SagePhoenix / Black Ore / Moonstone / Elven /
OrcRaiderElven / Moonstone / Black Ore / Nassen
MonkElven / Nassen / Arbol
ShamanElven / Nassen / Black Ore / Moonstone / Phoenix

* Halloween Witch set is recommended to all classes PvP wise.
* Dynasty set is recommended for damage dealers.

Attribute Table

AccessoryAttributeStatsMax Auxiliary Value per accessory
ElvenTenacityStun Resist & Accuracy4.5% Stun Resist0.66% Accuracy
MoonstoneMeditationM. Def150 M. Def1.2% M. Def
PhoenixLivelinessSlow Resist & Max HP5.1% Slow Resist0.51% Max HP
Black OreSternCrit Resist & Decrease dmg from monsters5.7% Crit Resist0.9% Decrease dmg from monsters
NassenRapidSpeed & Evasion1.5% Speed1.02% Evasion
ArbolCalmCombo duration & Normal attack damage0.18 sec Combo duration0.9% Normal attack damage
DynastyAgilityAttack speed & Normal skill damage1.2% Attack speed1.2% Normal Skill damage
Halloween WitchBattlefield HeroAttack speed on Battlefield, Rare Skill dmg decrease ignore & Crit Resist amp1.8% Attack speed600 Rare Skill damage decrease ignore / 6% Crit Resist amp

How To

Lineage 2 Revolution Auxiliary Accessories

You can attach the Auxiliary Accessories through the icon located at the top of your main Accessories.

Lineage 2 Revolution Auxiliary Accessories

When you tap on the icon, a window for setting the Auxiliary Accessories will appear.
You can select your desired accessories and set it as an Auxiliary Accessory.
① You can check the effects, stats, and attributes applied to Auxiliary Accessory.
② You can select the desired item and apply it to the Auxiliary Accessories

※ Different kinds of accessories can be set, you cannot set the same accessories attached to the main accessories slot.

Lineage 2 Revolution Auxiliary Accessories

After setting, you can see that the Auxiliary Accessory effect is applied to the battle deck.
① You can check the effects and applied items in the Auxiliary Accessories
② When equipping an Auxiliary Accessory, a “+” will appear on top of the main accessories.

※ You can set each accessory individually.

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