Learn About the Newest Companion: Agathion Patch Update

by DK on November 9, 2018
Learn About the Newest Companion: Agathion Patch Update
November 9, 2018

Lineage 2: Revolution welcomes Agathion! — your character’s companion that gives awesome stats to support you on your journey in the land of Aden. The update also includes new dungeon difficulty levels, summoning stone dungeon and arena system improvements, and user interface (UI) improvements.

With Magnadin top players who are above 4 million CP, we will finally see them reach 5 million CP very soon. Of course, you will also feel the strengthening effect because these Agathions and their charms give amazing stat values! Let’s take a look.

Table of Contents

  • Agathion
    • 10 kinds of Agathion
    • Grade
    • Charm
    • Strengthening
  • New Dungeon Level Difficulty Added
  • Arena System Improvements
  • Consecutive Monster Summoning Stone Improvement
  • UI and Other Improvements


They are spirits that hold incredible power and can be summoned by your side to boost your stats. You can summon an Agathion after reaching level 15 and can currently be acquired via Summon Shop (soon on Fortress Siege and Elite Dungeons).

Agathions have their own unique actions and emotions for every situation or when your character perform social actions. You can also change the name of your Agathion once for free and using red diamonds for renaming it multiple times.

Lineage 2 Revolution Agathion

10 kinds of Agathion

Little AngelDefenseResilience, Crit Resist, Def
Rainbow Clan HallDefenseEvasion, Resilience, Atk
CowAttackMax MP, Penetration, Atk
PegasusAttackCrit Rate, Max MP, Atk
Little DemonAttackCrit Rate, Penetration, Atk
ValakasDefenseResilience, Max HP, Def
LindviorAttackAccuracy, Penetration, Atk
Panda CubDefenseMax HP, Crit Resist, Def
Son WukongAttackAccuracy, Max MP, Atk
JiangshiDefenseEvasion, Max HP, Def

Lineage 2 Revolution Agathion

Agathion Grade

Like mounts, Agathions are sealed in different types of grade and you can summon them using Agathion Souls. Of course, the higher the grade the better the stats.

Lineage 2 Revolution Agathion

Agathion Charm

Lineage 2 Revolution Agathion

Charms are Agathion exclusive equipment that can be equipped to the specific Agathion. There are six charm slots that can be equipped to each Agathion.

Example: Valakas’ Scale Charm can only be equipped to Valakas.

Each Agathion Charm has unique stats. You can equip charms using the auto-equip or manually select the charm and equip.

Note: Charms cannot be unequipped once equipped. If a charm is already equipped and a new charm is selected the existing charm will be overwritten by the new charm.

※ The stat values are determined randomly.

※ When an Agathion Charm is equipped, it will not show in the Agathion Inventory.

※ Agathion Charms cannot be sold.

Strengthening Agathion

Lineage 2 Revolution Agathion

It is important to strengthen you Agathion to increase their current substat values.

A random increase of substats will be applied when you strengthen your Agathion and there are two ways to strengthen it.

Normal Strengthening: 30,000 Adena will be consumed using normal strengthening and a random increase of substats will be applied. Take note that substats value may decrease when using normal strengthening

High-grade Strengthening: a 300 Red Diamond is charged for high-grade strengthening. The value of substats will not decrease and it will continue to increase when using high-grade strengthening.

New Dungeon Level Difficulty Added

New Levels of difficulty added for:

  • Daily Dungeon (Legendary)
  • Equipment Dungeon (Legendary)
  • Summoning Stone Dungeon (Heroic)

Daily Dungeon

Additional Rewards for Legendary Difficulty has been added as shown on the table below:

Lineage 2 Revolution Agathion

Equipment Dungeon

Can be accessed at level 331 and participation/clear rewards are added as shown on the table below:

Lineage 2 Revolution Agathion

Lineage 2 Revolution Agathion

Summon Stone Dungeon

Can be accessed at level 338 and clear rewards are added as shown on the table below:

Lineage 2 Revolution Agathion Lineage 2 Revolution Agathion

Arena System Improvements

In this update, maximum arena honor grade has been increased from 50 to 70!

The number of basic free entry has been changed from five times to three times and the number of playable plays using red diamonds has been changed to five times to two times (50 and 100 diamonds will be used for additional entries). Therefore, you can play a maximum of five times a day.

You can acquire a minimum of 20 points and a maximum of 120 honor points depending on your opponents honor grade.

Consecutive Monster Summoning Stone System

Similar to Global servers, Monster Summoning Stone Dungeon can now be summoned consecutively for the party’s convenience.

Now all members don’t have to give attention after each summon stone. You can reserve consecutive monster summoning stone summon up to 20 times after entering the dungeon and after opening the summoning stone dungeon.

Also, you can enter your wanted monster summoning stone party through monster summoning stone party searching in dungeon menu → monster summoning stone menu.

UI and Other Improvements

Clan Leader’s System Convenience Improved

  • Clan Dungeon Bulk Reset System added.
  • You can set the Clan Hall Fireplace activation time and the number of Pixie summon by selecting the time and number that you want.
  • Clan Hall Clan Relic can now be claimed by other clan members aside from the Clan Leader and claimed Mystical Relic can be checked at Clan Storage.
  • You can check the quest separately which your Clan Leader completed immediately from [Clan Hall Clan Quest Completion Status].
  • Clan member’s contribution point ranking and information from the previous week can now be checked through Clan → Clan Member Menu.
  • List of clan members who have not “Check In” on the previous day can now be checked through Clan Attendance detailed information.
  • Clan members’ previous location and clan withdraw penalty can now be checked at Clan → Clan Member Menu.
  • Clan Leaders can send a push message to clan members for each situation through message clan in Clan Information.
  • Warning push and transferring announcement push message will be sent before Clan Leadership transfer due to the long absence of Clan Leader.
  • Warning push and disbandment announcement push message will be sent to selected clan members if the clan is into clan auto-disbandment standby period.
  • The command used in Fortress Siege, Castle Siege, and Clan Dungeon can now be used in normal situations.
  • Clan members can now request the rewards that they want by clicking the Request Reward Button to Clan Leader Button.
  • If you do support request after being defeated by other users, that information will be recorded in clan chat.

Other Important Improvements

  • Open Fortress Siege Force Leave Alarm Pop-up: “Do nothing during 4 mins” to “Do nothing during 1 min and 30 secs.”
  • Open Fortress Siege Force Leave Condition: from do nothing during 5 mins to do nothing during 2 mins.
  • Camera Angle will be the same for Team Red and Team Blue when playing Fortress Siege and Open Fortress Siege.
  • Field Boss Appearance alarm system improved.
  • Elite Dungeon Rewards claiming and Auto-clear price adjusted.
  • The number of Daily Dungeon Mount Pet Enhancement Scroll Rewards will be increased.
  • You can now check the distance of hunting range of your character through the mini-map upon setting the Auto-Battle Distance Settings.
  • You can now pre-purchase the Daily Benefit Items when re-purchasing them 3 days before the subscription ends.
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