The 10 Agathions and their Charms to Increase CP

by DK on December 13, 2018
The 10 Agathions and their Charms to Increase CP
December 18, 2018

In this article, we will discuss the cost-efficient approach in upgrading your Agathion!

Adena and Diamonds are scarce resources in Lineage 2: Revolution, and on many occasions, we are faced with a dilemma: “Where should I spend these resources to benefit the most out of it?”

What makes L2R interesting is that there are numerous ways to strengthen your character. It does not revolve around one or two features to tweak your stats because there are a handful of factors that affect it; Equipment, Core, Mount, Talisman, Runes, just to name a few. In the latest patch update, they introduced Agathion – a spirit that grants power and boosts your stats. Similar to Mount, Agathions do not assist or attack in battle, but functions as a companion.

Agathion Souls and Charms

Lineage 2 Revolution Agathion

Agathions are sealed in different types of grade and you can summon them using Agathion Souls. Of course, the higher the grade the better the stats. High-grade Agathion Souls can be acquired via Summon Boxes and through Combining lower grade souls. Grade SR (Rare) is the highest Grade and has 2x more maximum stat value than a normal Grade SR.

Agathions also have their own equipment system called Charms and there are 6 unique charms slots for each Agathion. Like Agathion Souls, you can get Charms from Summon Boxes or Combining similar charm slots. The stat values for each Charm is determined randomly upon acquisition. Also, Charms cannot be unequipped once equipped. If a Charm is already equipped and a new charm is selected, the existing charm will be overwritten by the new charm.

There are a total of 10 Agathions that can either be Attack or Defense Type. Take note that you can own multiple Agathions and still apply 100% of its stats to your character, which means summoning all 10 high-grade Agathions is the key to gain enormous stats.

When to use my resources for these Agathions?

We all start with 0 Agathion Souls and Charms, which means there is a huge CP gain that awaits in buying your first few Agathion Boxes. Think of it as an empty equipment slot waiting to be filled – summoning just about anything will fill up that empty slot and immediately give you a good amount of CP boost. We recommend you to prioritize your diamonds on these Agathion Boxes until you have all 10 Agathion Souls above Grade S and have filled at least half of the Charm slots for each Agathion. Just a rough estimation, you will surely get around 50k CP from 4k Diamonds which is absolutely worth considering the guarantee of a boost. Unlike spending diamonds for Material Boxes, you need to heavily rely on luck to get at least a valuable piece.

3 Key Points

1) Currently, the only way to acquire new Agathion Souls and Charms is to spend Diamonds and buy Agathion Summon Boxes. You also need to spend more Diamonds so you can collect all charms and upgrade Agathions to SR. Nonetheless, we will be able to acquire all of these from Fortress Siege and Elite Dungeon rewards in the future patch update.

2) You can later Combine duplicates for a new piece.

  • For Agathion Souls, you can combine 3 similar grade of any soul for 1 random higher grade soul.
    • 3 Grade C Agathion Souls -> 1 random Grade B Agathion Soul
  • For Charms, similar slot pieces can be combined for a new random Agathion Charm of the same slot number.
    • 3 Agathion Charms (Slot 1) -> 1 random Agathion Charm (Slot 1)

3) You can spend Adena or Diamonds to Strengthen your Agathions.

  • Important: For cost efficiency due to stat growth, strengthen Grade R and above Agathions only. At Grade R, start with a few strengthening (about 3 times) using Adena then stop once a substat reaches 10%, later do extensive strengthening using Adena and Diamonds once Agathion Souls reach Grade SR.

Combining Agathions and Charms

Agathion Summon Boxes may give us duplicate Agathion Souls or Charms. Instead of keeping it as junk, the Combine System allows us to combine 3 Agathion Souls of the same grade to obtain a newly increased grade of Agathion Souls. Likewise, for Charms, combine 3 Charms of the same slot number to acquire a Charm with a similar slot as the one combined. Combining fee is free as long as you have the materials.

The combined results are Randomly selected from the 10 Agathions, with the exception of:

  • Combining Agathion Souls with the same type of soulstones – There is an increased chance that the combine will not retain and give you a different Agathion from the combined materials.
  • Combining Grade SR (Rare) Agathion Souls will give you a 100% chance to acquire a newly Grade SR (Rare) Agathion Souls.

Other important information about the Combine system:

  • Combining Grade SR Agathion Souls will give you a chance to acquire a Grade SR (Rare) Agathion Soul.
  • Agathion Souls can be sold or purchased in the Trading Post but you cannot sell it from your Inventory.

The 10 Agathions

<Attack Type>

Substats: Max MP, Penetration, M. Atk, P. Atk
Priority for: Offensive and Support Mage classes

Substats: Crit Rate, Max MP, M. Atk, P. Atk
Priority for: Offensive and Support Mage classes

Little Demon
Substats: Crit Rate, Penetration, M. Atk, P. Atk
Priority for: Damage focus classes

Substats: Accuracy, Penetration, M. Atk, P. Atk
Priority for: Utility and Offensive classes

Son Wukong
Substats: Accuracy, Max MP, M. Atk, P. Atk
Priority for: Utility Mage Classes

<Defense Type>

Little Angel
Substats: Resilience, Crit Resist, P. Def, M. Def
Priority for: Tank Classes

Rainbow Clan Hall
Substats: Evasion, Resilience, P. Def, M. Def
Priority for: Rogue Classes

Substats: Resilience, Max HP, P. Def, M. Def
Priority for: Tank and HP scaling Support Classes

Panda Cub
Substats: Max HP, Crit Resist, P. Def, M. Def
Priority for: Tank and HP scaling Support Classes

Substats: Evasion, Max HP, Crit Resist, P. Def, M. Def
Priority for: Rogue Classes

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